How to Update Samsung Galaxy S2 GT I9100 with Latest XXLP6 ICS Android 4.0.3 Firmware

Samsung Galaxy S2 New LogoAfter Three successive ICS Android 4.0 series of updates, here comes one more for your rescue as this all new update of Ice Cream Sandwich XXLP6 Android 4.0.3. This update  ropes in various enhancements which are not major though there are many performance fixes which makes this firmware stable than all other previous builds. Please note that this is not an Official firmware version released by Samsung Electronics and also we don’t have an exact ETA on by when there will be an official update of ICS Android 4.0 for Galaxy S2 GT I9100.

Note: This update is not for the users of I9100G, the model number should be I9100 only which you can find by dialing *#1234# in your Samsung Galaxy S2 GT I9100.

Disclaimer: Please note that this process of firmware update is not recommended for the basic users and is only recommended for the advanced users. Also, we should not be held responsible for any damage happened to your device in any manner after applying this update.

Rooting Information:

  • For updating with this firmware, there is no compulsion that you need to root your Samsung Galaxy S2 GT I9100,
  • Applying this firmware then it doesn’t mean that the phone is rooted,
  • Just in case if your S2 is already rooted, then after applying with this update the rooting access will be revoked,

We will soon be coming up with an article wherein it will help you to root your Samsung Galaxy S2 GT I9100 on XXLP6 Android 4.0.3 firmware version.

Before proceeding, you need to first go through the List of Pre Update Instructions so as to ensure that the update is applied. Assuming that you have followed all the instructions mentioned above, you are now ready to proceed to the next page where we have summed up the instructions.


  1. thanks i need’t to

  2. this is the worst update my phone starts freezing applications close internet explorer does not work and when i leave it on charge over night it wont turn on or anything for like 10-15 mins help me please

  3. Hi there, I tried to update my phone, i pressed start but I didn’t uncheck re-partitioned, my phone is stuck in updating. How do I go back.. I can’t on it again and I left it the whole night, but its morning already and Its still freeze. Please help!!

    • There’s a notification on my screen
      “Firmware upgrade encountered an issue.Please select recovery mode in Kies & try again.”
      But my Kies is not even connecting with my phone, you know how Kies sometimes works :-/

  4. Thanks, working fine for me so far, only when i press unlock button the screen appears with a 1-2 seconds delay.

    Pradeep any idea of the official indian ics launch(through kies)

  5. I downloaded this version to my mobile galaxy s 2, but internet browsing not functioning, some of my email accounts have been deleted, i want to revesed to its original version, does any one know how to do it?

  6. Hi Pradeep,

    I am currently using the S2 GT-I9100. Have rooted my handset and am on the official ICS 4.0.3(India).
    I need your guidance on which customer ROM can i install & FROM WHERE AND HOW??

    Details as below #
    Baseband Version # I9100DDLP8
    Kernel # 3.0.15-I9100XXLPQ-CL223505 se.infra@Sep-94 #3
    Build #IML 74K.XXLPQ.


  7. Hi Neela, can you give a link to the official gingerbread 2.3.4 download please i cant downgrade

  8. Neela
    After update internet is not working , please help me

  9. For those who have issues on their samsung account on Galaxy S2 – ICS that says “processing failed”.
    The solution is to run/open your ‘Samsung Apps’ application just like Google Play Store, it will request for an update and update the program. after that, your problem is solved when logging in to your samsung account inside Galaxy S2.

  10. A quick FIX for PROCESS FAILED UPDATING. go into applications, and disable the updating app in ALL tab. that will get rid of the notifications on the top

  11. installed fast but only problem is that it eats my battery i got a 2000mah and it is 30 left of charge from night before and i havent touched it???
    pls fix the andriod from using so much power ….
    my wifes gs2 used 16% over night big difference
    and my gps is working and my data love your work cant wait for next release…

  12. hi,

    Thanks for the info and the update, quick question, can this be rooted as i had root access but since the update i havent.
    i tried to re root using superroot but it says i need an insecure kernel.
    Any help would be greatly appreciated.

    many thanks


  13. Dears,
    I’m still unable to fix GPS.

    The 1st time I use it, GPS icon blinks, then remains black.

    Still black from 2nd use, no lock at all.

    Tried all GPS test softwares in the Market, resetted AGPS a lot of time, nothing to do.

    I tried to install the old GPSfix, no changes.

    What to do ?

    Can anybody help?

    Thanks a lot!

  14. ermm i updated to the 4.0.3 and it kept restart and the face lock cant be use and my phone is without the G can u help me to change it bak to the previous version? pls and thx

  15. I installed this firmware 4.03 to my galaxy s2, but it has issues, like mobile data network works slow and crashes all the time, it doesnt react if I shut it down, after that i cant release it unless reboot is made, battery keeps worse, boot time expanded, ram usage is higher. I had android 3.3 version earlier. only graphic seems better…
    does anyone know how to fix mobile data networking, that i can use 3g internet without crashes and wery long wait time to load website?

  16. my data network is not working.

  17. Why no chinese language in the language setting?

  18. Naran Jei

    did anyone try FM radio on this? XXLP6, FM radio doesn’t scan channels. also when you play music or video. after sometime its get stoped or freeze. and many applications doesnt work properly. for example. try NEWS HUNT, which works on all version. except XXLP6 . also samsung software update.never get registered. processing failed.. its not daily usable version! waiting for new..bug fixes..

    thanks Neal

  19. The build date of this ROM is 17th January.A new ROM I9100XXLPB with build date 29th January has already been available on Sammobile and as stated by them I9100XXLPB is so far the stable ROM and good for day to day use.

  20. Hi Pradeep, Im didn’t see any option to switch data to 2G. Please let me know if the same exists anywhere.

  21. ive got samsung gs2 android 2.3.3 XWKF3 i want to root my phine..but i dont know a newbie

  22. How do we roll back to the last official firmware version?

  23. so when its official version is coming??

  24. i cleared the cache still the same. other users also encountered software update processing failed problem. also the restart button is not working and end up power off. solution???

    • you can try applying the firmware update again!

      • i done again but the result still the same problem for software update processing failed and restart button. i believe this are bugs and most of the users encountered this. Although XXLP2 clashes once in a while but no problem with software update processing failed and restart button.

  25. how do i downgrade from this firmware to 2.3.6 gingerbread?

  26. Why it takes so much time to wipe/factory reset and wipre partition. This process took full charge battery to end, and during process it shuts down. Now, i don’t know the process completed or not. Furthermore, I am also facing problem with the software registration. It fails to process. I was also feels some lagging in previous version ICS XXLP2. I am thinking of go back to official version 2.3.6. Please advise, Can I install 2.3.6 or not.


  27. Neel,

    I have successfully upgraded to ICS. Now the problem is, it takes hours for wipe/factory reset and wipe partition cache. The cell become hot when processing and even it drain battery within 1:30 hour. Please give your suggestion in this concern


  28. hi,
    I hv updated with XXLP6 but I found the flwg :

    a. software update always there as I cannot get it updated, it always fail either i used 3G or wifi.

    b. 2G option does not exist anymore. You have to select data and automatically it goes 3G.

    c. background screen moving rather stays if you scroll home page horizontally.

    is there anyway to shorten the selection for 3G. we always have to go to settings > mobile > select data ? Cant this be
    done similar to wifi ?

    thanks anyway for the update.. Great improvement.

  29. the restart button end up power off. it weird. any solution?

  30. Hi Pradeep,

    Thanks for your great work!
    Only the gps is not working on this update.
    I cleared all the cache and restored to factory default. But no gps function :-)
    I had to go back to XXLP2.
    I flashed with Odin Pro. It works fine and keeps the root function.

    Thank you anyway!!!

  31. after install XXLP6, the software update cannot be register due to processing failed. i redo and still the same error
    professing failed. It annoying as the software update icon stay and show in notifications slide bar on the top the same problem with Vivek J. did you get the same error after install XXLP6? Any solution pls. TQ

  32. after install XXLP6, the software update cannot be register due to processing failed. i redo and still the same error
    professing failed. It annoying as the the software icon update stay and show in notifications slide bar on the top the same problem with Vivek J. did you get the same error after install XXLP6? Any solution pls. TQ

  33. Neel,

    Some not working like: GPS and RESTART BUTTON

  34. hey bro i didnt see tht repartition option was selected now i updated my phone is there any problem now please help me

  35. Not working:
    1. Icon “Settings” is from Gingerbread :-)
    2. Automatic update is not working and it is not possible to remove it.
    3. Internet browser plays only short time from movie than stops.
    4. Wallpaper is moving insted of it has been set as static for all screens.
    1. System has less needs to reboot.
    2. Camera takes more photos without “Unknow error by Error Callback

  36. hi everyone. I have sgs II with XXKP8 Firmware on it. If I’ll update it using odin and only pda file with xxlp6 firmware, will i’ll lose all settings and applications? Or it will remain everything like it was before update? please help! THanks!

  37. Hey again, sorry to keep nagging you about this but i have tried wiping cache and partition factory reset and i even went onto an original rom 2.3.6 gingerbread but i still have no signal issue people on other forums have told me to flash radio .img but i have no idea how or where to get it and i dont know if it works for samsung s2 thanks for letting me know if you know anything about it

    • Hi,
      I had almost the same problem,my data network wasn’t working properly,so i flash a modem.bin with clockworkmod, google it and you will find simple and clear instructions on it

  38. after reboot, i update software update on notifications to register but error found “processing failed”. i cleared the cache still the same. i redo it again and still the same error. any solution? HELP

  39. Succesfully updated & rooted to XXLP6 but software update doesn’t register the device. it says “processing failed”. Why?

  40. Yes, for me also same Issue, Software update icon on Top Task siliding bar always, when we choose country and register. its says Registering…then. Processing Failed message. because of this reason. Software update icon always staying on Silidebar top..(I was able to sign in to Samsung account. but not registering software update,. any solution please??

    Thanks Neal

  41. pradeep u havent solved the problem yet. please advice urgently

    • Go to Setting -> Applications -> Manage Applications -> ALL, search for Market and select Market and clear cache and data. Then try launching Market.

  42. Succesfully updated & rooted to XXLP6 but software update doesn’t register the device. it says “processing failed”. pls advise.

  43. Hi

    Currently im on STOCK 2.3.6 if i instal ics rom how to revert back to original stock rom ?

  44. Hi Pradeep,
    Lock is not working and ask to register if i try to register result is processing is failed

  45. Hi subhadip ghosh, I also same problem but cleared now, just enter another gmail ID IT WILL WORK

  46. hi market is not opening says server error. please help

    • just try restarting the device and check with the data connection

      • not working. please suggest.. everything else browsers are well connected … its just the android market. need remedy urgently. re installed and tried same problem

    • same problem with me. What I did now i cleared cache and I use my data package provided by Etisalat then Android market was working…..

    • I had this problem. I cleared the market cache in manage apps and also cleared cache of download manager in manage apps option. Market works now.

  47. Hi Pradeep,

    The gps is not working on this update and the signal is very low comparing whit others updates.

    Any advice?

    Thank you!!!

  48. Can we update this using mobile odin pro?

  49. Nagarajan Mahendran

    Hi pradeep neela,
    Every think is fine in this firmware version except Lock screen issue,Notify that software update (terms and condition agree) on notification bar but if i try to register it is failed otherwise very beautiful. is there any solution for above mentioned problem?
    Anticipating a favourable reply

  50. Hi neal

    thanxs for ur great work i really liked it u r great help full for us

    only one think how to add battery percentage (numeric battery) in this rom i dont want to add widgets from the market
    like other custom rom it has battery percentage builtin on it

    Plz advice how to do that really missing battery peecentage on it


  51. Hi neal

    thanxs for ur great work i really liked it u r great help full for us

    only one think how to add battery percentage (numeric battery) in this rom i dont want to add widgets from the market
    like other custom rom it has battery percentage builtin on it

    Plz advice how to do that really missing battery peecentage on it


  52. Hi pradeep neela,
    Every think is fine in this firmware version except Lock screen issue,Notify that software update (terms and condition agree) on notification bar but if i try to register it is failed otherwise very beautiful. is there any solution for above mentioned problem?
    Anticipating a favourable reply

  53. what r the new in this firmware?
    how is the battery performance ?

  54. do i need to select on repartition as shown in the video ??

  55. do i need to click on the repartition ?? as shown in the video

  56. Wi fi is not always connecting.. connecting and disconnecting..

  57. Zacharias Dyrborg

    Is it possible, to root the phone afterwards, or will it cause problems? if it is possible which program would you recommend to do it?

  58. Browser always crashes, need to use Firefox or another alternative. Alot more stable than earlier builds

  59. still not fixed it any other suggestions please

  60. When can we expect the Official version of ICS4… any idea..?


  61. hey i would liike to know if this update fixes signal problems i keep getting NO SIGNAL or EMERGENcy calls only since i upgraded it to the fist 4.0.3 i cant get my proper signal back i have to use a safety pin to make a call and receive them thanks for ur help

  62. hey i would like to know if this fixes the signal issues please since i downloaded the first 4.0.3 i have not been able to get my proper signal back i have to keep using a safety pin to get signal on it, i really need help on this one thanks neil

  63. Hi pradeep neela,
    I am from India and i am using firmware version 2.3.5 and kernel version is can i download this firmware and use it?

  64. Hello,

    I dont see a kernal update file (separately) for this XXLP6. Just want to check as there was a separate kernal update file for the previous updates.

    Please confirm on the same.


  65. thanks neal to provide latest update of s2, one thing i wanted to know that
    “is adhoc wifi connectivity fixed in this update ?”

  66. thanks neal to provide latest update of s2,one thing i wanted to know that
    is adhoc network connectivity fixed in this update ?

  67. Hi,

    Currently, i am using Samsung Galaxy S2 GT-I9100 with Android 2.3.6 XWKL1. I have not rooted my phone. Can i able to apply this firmware directly without rooting my mobile ?

    Thanks in advance.

  68. Earlier, I have install the ICS but not satisfied so now I am expecting better firmware. The only issue is, this unit hang several time at the time I receive the incoming call’s. Secondly, face unlock issue occurs many time and shutdown instantly. So Mr Pradeep, shall I believe this firmware would help resolve the earlier issue which I have mentioned above?

  69. Hey Pradeep I got updated to the XXLP6 4.0.3 successfully.Everything seems to be functioning great as of now comapred to the previous versions of ICE Cream.
    However i see the battery back up is not that great.
    I will post any bugs if found.

    Thanks again!!!! :)

  70. hi,
    1st thing after update this release, I found that the 2G feature option in the mobile network option is gone. So we cant use 2G to get into the network. There still some issue with updating contact from backup. I cannot get into ‘software update’ option as everytime I try it says ‘failed’.

  71. Hi Folks,

    Looks like I am the first to post review to this firmware update, here is my observations

    1.Initial language shows is not English, so make sure to change the Language while setting up the phone initially itself
    2.Software notification at the top does not go off as device failed to register for software update
    3. If clicked on Contact Icon phone screen hangs and crashes, I guess it was the same issue I find in the previous versions of ICS as well.
    4. Yet not been able to find a way to download all my contacts from the backup file created in the external SD
    5. Kies on PC finally recognized the phone and showing up the contents etc. So hopefully it will work with Kies

    Contacts is one of the most important things in the phone so If it keeps on creating issues will uninstall this and wait for another version till that I am happy with 2.3.6

    I appreciate all the efforts taken up by Androidadvices team and will eagerly wait for more stable version specially atleast contacts works.



  72. Sir,
    I have updated almost all the updates from you. Every thing is fine for this
    But even after Wipe data/factory reset and also you need to select Wipe Cache partition

    My phone is not connecting to Market hence unable to get my applications installed.
    This was the problem with XXLP2 so I was using KPA but the same is with this new one.

    Please help

  73. Hi,

    In Odin when we enter the file for PIT, the check-box for for Re-Partition gets marked automatically. But your screen image above shows it unmarked. I updated from XXLP2 to XXLP6 yesterday but with Re-Partition marked with yes symbol and everything went smoothly.

    I would like to know from you about the differences (if there are any) in flashing with or without Re-Partition option marked.

    K. Sethu

  74. HI Neal,

    How much more stable is this update compared to XXLP2? I had video issues where the in-built video player stops unexpectedly very frequently. Unable to post comments on Facebook via the in-built web browser. Are these common problems and will they manifest themselves in this latest update too? Don;t wanna sound too fussy but just wanna know whats the progress of this update compared to the previous 3. thanks.

  75. i posted earlier but found something now after the install and setup i been re doing my accounts and things and got a notifaction so i pulled done the notifaction area and where it says wifi bluetooth etc and you mobile operator name it was all in a different languagei think it’s polish yet am from the u.k okay it does in noway make my s2 unuseable as everything eles is in English but how do i recover it back to english i can’t find it in settings or can’t you change it back neeal? I really appreciate your help in this an i love the site i am new to android flashing and updateing rooting etc and your site makes it all easy to follow yet i cant install updates from an sd card yet not learned that and mounting sd card etc but keep up the good work.

  76. Hi, I applied this update and it is great but after following each step exactly i cannot open the android market. i have tried clearing the cash in manage apps and also i tried again in recovery screen to clear cache and wipe user data but still no change

  77. i done this update and thank you so much i cant find any problems so far love you guys

  78. Hey neil, i was wondering, since i updated my phone to 4.0.3 the first version since i have terrible signal problems half the time i get emergency calls only or NO SIGnal when i had perfect signal before updating it, does this version fix signal problems?? or would you have another advice to give me because i have to use a safety pin to actually get signal where i live now it’s very annoying , i have tried going back to an original 2.3.5 and 2.3.6 but still have the same problems, waiting for your help please let me know

    • we are working on the article for the new version, stay tuned to

    • hi neil, im interested on updating my i9100 but i read the feedback is it really true that you cannot access the android market if you update to 4.0.3? thanks

    • kanwarjit bhullar

      hey,selena why dont you try nokia 1100 in future you will never get the problem hahahahahahahahahahahaha dont mind plzzzzzzz