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How To Update Samsung Galaxy S2 GT I9100 with Superfast Litening ROM Firmware

Litening ROM LogoEveryone knows on how Lightning fast the Samsung Galaxy S2 is, so on the similar lines let’s check out on how you can taste your Lightning fast Galaxy S2 GT I9100 phone with the custom ROM which is named as the Litening which is basically an amalgamation of Light + Lightening which means that it’s not only lite on system but also is Lightening fast. So, in the due course of this article we will see on how you can install this custom ROM in your Samsung Galaxy S2 GT I9100. This article is the first ever article covered by us and is in line with our strategy to provide you unmatched support for your Android smart phones.

It has been taken due care that all the instructions which are mentioned below are tested on the phone so that you face no issues after applying this custom ROM in your phone. It’s very important to read this whole article which is spread across multiple pages for your convenience so that you can easily go through different sections in different pages which are mentioned in this article.

Note : This update is strictly only for the users of Galaxy S2 GT I9100 and not for the users on other phones which looks similar to this phone like Samsung Galaxy S GT I9000 or even other phones like Mesmerize, Captivate etc. If you still proceed for applying this update for your phone which is other than Galaxy S2 GT I9100 as mentioned above, then there is a high probability that you will end up bricking up the phone.

Litening ROM

Updating with this firmware won’t require you to either root your phone in a separate way.Keeping it simple for you, we have presented whole article in a very simple to understand manner without using any sorts of Jargons so that right from a newbie to the one who is well versed with the procedure can go ahead and can update with this version of custom ROM named Litening. So, in the due course of this article, we will see a step by step schematic procedure which consists of Enhancements in this update, Pre Requisites of updating the firmware and then followed by the instructions to apply the custom ROM on your Galaxy S2.


  1. no error message… the phone freezes alot

  2. hey guys
    i need some help
    i have a gt-19100..my brother recently rooted my phone to -
    android version – 2.3.6..icecream sanwich…omega
    i having problems with this rom..

    can someone tell me how to change this rom to a properly functioning one?

  3. Awesome, awesome, awesome, no problems at all, follow directions people….Just a small question, at the end of your directions you say to enter into download mode to clear the cache. Now I know from flashing my old v845 that when I go into the download mode there is a whole menu and and option to clear cache etc, but after flashing this awesome rom, i go into download mode and it just tunes me to press volume key up if I want to proceed. By the way, none of my original apps are corrupt when entering home screen so I dunno? Does the cache files clear automatically when entering download mode again or do you have to use odin somehow to clear it? Anyways bro, thanks for this awesome and fast rom its truly legendary that I can keep my warranty etc and still change the stupid green gingerbread look as well as boosting speed etc. Any way to update to 2.3.5 using the same method as above? By the way I am in S.A on the MTN network and came from xxki3 to this rom of yours and the network is superfast, as fast as lightning you could say. Thanks again, God Bless ya soul for this. SUPERSTOKED.

    • thanks kyle for your appreciation!

      • No worries bro, you must have worked your ass off to get this rom as perfect as it is. I am currently using the darky ota app on the market to change various things, mostly just the kki4 modem and some visual aspects, working ace bro. If you could tell me, is there any inherent danger with using darky ota app with this rom of yours? I have not noticed anything but read somewhere that blue on the sgs2 screen can cause the burn-inn phenomena. Anyways, thanks a million, is there any way I can donate to say thanks? I know on the xda forums etc I can donate by pressing a few links, does it work the same here? Thanks again Pradeep and, ‘Nameste’.

  4. Hi Neal, boss you rock.
    i did a stupid thing, accidentally i deleted G Talk which came pre installed in my new galaxy s2. can u please guide me to reinstall it.

    thanks in advance

  5. I could not get the ATT Galaxy s2 Skyrocket to accept this ROM. Has anybody else had success?

  6. I mean the sound on the camera… i do like my bells ad whistles

  7. Where?
    Cant find the files in either the standard rom or the litening one
    That folder does not exsist…
    No luck with a full search on OGG either

  8. thanks bro, but iam new here.. what are the instruction i need to follow pls guide me thanks alot

  9. hi
    my current version is
    android version 2.3.6 and.GingerBread. DZKJ2 can i upgrade to lightning rom plus with my current version i cant use my usb mode as well. pls advice me.

  10. The rom works very good. The only issue i notice is that i don’t have a shutter sound on camera app. Is there a fix?

    Thanks and keep up the good work.

  11. Hi, i have a question. My SG2 has 2.3.4 UMKG4 can i update directly or do i need to update to KH3?


  12. Hey Neal.. Does upgrading to Litening ROM requires rooting?? will i be voiding my warranty if i update to this??

  13. hi neal i recently updated my s2 to 2.3.5 from ya other post …now can i install lightnin rom on that…with out any hurdles……

  14. Hi Neal,

    Notice a few lagging/staggering effects on the Lite’ning ROM when I am receiving calls.

    I was hoping to revert back to stock ROM, but have got glued to the:
    1) % Power Meter
    2) CRT Effect

    Have noticed online (Youtube and other forums) that this can be done separately without having to install custom ROM.
    Can you please advise how to achieve this.

    I would be glad if you can share the files, links and instructions (preferably doing via Odin, instead of Clockwork Recovery Methds).

    Do let me know if you can assist.

  15. Hi Neal …

    I have successfully flashed and moved to Litening ROM.
    The effects are really cool … but I miss the swype keyboard.

    Any idea how I can install the same ?!

    Is there a way to check and kill unwanted apps and processes … now that I have rooted …

    Another quick question, where can I get more information on this “Superuser” app … ?!!

  16. mine has been hanging for way longer than 10-15 min.. its stops here..

    Leave CS..
    Odin v.3 engine (ID:3)..
    File analysis..
    Get PIT for mapping..
    Firmware update start..
    NAND Write Start!!

    any solutions?

  17. Hiya Neal Pradeep,

    Coupla questions:

    1) Can I install the Lite’ning ROM over Gingerbread 2.3.5 (i see that this page recommends 2.3.4).

    2) Once I have installed the latest Gingerbread (either 2.3.4 or 2.3.5) I can flash and install Liten’ning ROM, correct? Does this mean the phone is rooted. So my basic question is do I have to do anything else to root my phone in order to make certain APPS (Juice Defender, etc) work more efficiently ??


  18. I what to know the last official software for samsung s2.Thanks!

  19. does up dating to this rom unlock the photo to use other net works,thanks

  20. can i update this rom coz i jz updated mine with kh4?

  21. Hi Neal,

    I have a problem after this update. My dialer gets forced closed when I launch it. Also buddies now gets forced closed. I have successfully updated this ROM and also rooted with the CF root for XXKH3. What should I do?

    • we will come up with an update very soon, as soon as it arrives we will post the same, have you tried clearing and wiping data from the recovery mode?

      • Yes I did clearing and wiping data after the update now I have restored my ROM back to stock XXKH3 update through CWM have no issues. But would like to have this ROM back to phone. please come up with some solution to this. Thanks for the reply

  22. Your a LEGEND!!!

  23. Hey did anyone face any error while moving the apps from phone to sdcard using Apps2sd application? after updating to this ROM when i tried to move the apps using Apps2sd then i get an error “Failed to move” for the first time and if i try again then it will move…but before flashing this ROM it was working fine….

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