How To Update Samsung Galaxy S2 GT I9100 to XWKH4 Gingerbread 2.3.4 Firmware

Samsung Galaxy S2 LogoSo, after the Galaxy S which recently got a fresh new update of Gingerbread 2.3.5 you too might have expected a 2.3.5 Gingerbread release for your Samsung Galaxy S2 but you will need to wait further more. But before that an all new firmware update in the form of XWKH4 has arrived which is basically a Gingerbread 2.3.4 leak. Though we don’t have an exact change log on what’s changed and what’s not, we can only guide you on how you can update the same on your Galaxy S2 Phone. So, in the due course of this update we will check out the same.

Please note that anyone with their Samsung Galaxy S2 GT I9100 can proceed with this article to update their phones with this Gingerbread XWKH4 release as it’s a global beta release. It’s not recommended to update this firmware on the network locked phones as this may unlock or do damage to the phones which may or may not be a reversible process.

Note: Strictly all the mentioned instructions needs to be followed which are mentioned in the due course of this article or else you may end up bricking up the phone.

Of late it has been found that users select different options like the “Re – partition” etc. which should not be done until and unless mentioned in the article. Many users brick their phones by not following the instructions.


  1. I am trying to root my sprint samsung galaxy s2 running 2.3.4 i just bought it how do I root it

  2. i check my galaxy 2 ,there is no IMEI Number ,no network also how to fix this problem please help me
    PDA : I9100JPKG2
    CSC : I9100OJPKG1

  3. Hello NeaL,


    Please tell me which Firmware file i need to update to 2.3.4.

    If the file you name is updated via odin, will Kies show me future updates

    Many Thanks,

  4. Hi Neal Pradeep!

    I hope you could possibly give me some advice. I have put the info on the forum here:

    I appreciate it if you could assist me. Thanks!

  5. PLZZZZ PPL … just question about this stock ROM .. not any other thing like “give me a link to lastest kies” and …///

    there isnt just one forum to answer fro neal ..there are many of pages like this in this site . he has a life ..HAVE SOME RESPECT AND just question about this ISSUE GUYS!!!!!!

  6. i open odin and the put my s2 into download mode, no drivers are loaded but i get an option on phone saying ” if u want to download a custom rom then press vol up key or press vol down key to restart the phone.. what do i do?

  7. i have firmware version 2.2.1 it sucks i am new to this can u please help it says back everything up how do i do that thanks in advance

  8. Hi..
    i am from india, i have 2.3.3 in my phone (SGS2) when will the official 2.3.4 or 2.3.5 be available over the kies?

  9. m from india. will it root the phone?also it is a beta release that means it is not fully stable. its not official in india yet. whats the diff b/w 2.3.3 & 2.3.4.

  10. i meant the latest official firmware that Samsung given through kies or any older one but it must be official
    which is given through kies (so i can up date the same through kies to a newer one)
    you will be having a link for that

  11. regarding the update as i’m new to all of this i have Android verion 2.3.3, Build .xwkF4 CAN I USE THIS UPDATE? :)

  12. You have not replied to my post about “change log”

    and secondly, get a better hosting, website doesnt open most of the time. I could help here, I have VPS myself.

    Let me know if you need any help.


  13. I have upgraded successful.

    Thanks :D

  14. How could I get my previous baseband
    xxkf3. Now it’s xxkh3.

  15. Hi ,
    I bought a samsung galaxy s2 from china yesterday.
    My firmware is
    Android version: 2.3.4
    Baseband version I9100ZNKG5
    Kernel Version:
    Build number: GINGERBREAD.ZNKG5

    I am finding it very difficult to use this phone in chinese. I wanted to change this to english version.
    Please suggest what i am supposed to do?
    Please help.

  16. HI Neal

    Do you think that the 2.3.5, is gonna have cool looking firmware or the same ugly design that we have now?
    and is there any major changers (additional apps, improve the market apps, support the Arabic language ) or only minor changes?

  17. after root to 2.3.4, baseband cis unknown. cannot use sim card. how to solve it? need to change board? please help me…

  18. Change log would be great :-)

  19. I do’nt know if this problem is unique to my phone or is general,once or twice a day when a calls comes the “accept”icon does not respond however “the reject” icon remains fully responsive.I thought the “liitening” rom is producing problem so I updated it with this update and even now the problem is same.Any help.I am from India and now my version is-

  20. I am facing one problem with my galaxy s2. It getting off by automatically and after it is not getting on after pushing the on buttton also. And the battery empty signal is showing even if it is charged. Any body can advise me what to do?

  21. Hi Neal,

    Can you please give me a link for any latest kies release or any kies release firmware for SGS2.

  22. Which one should I choose:
    XXKH3 or XWKH4 …?
    Which one is newer, more stable…?

  23. Cannot open 2nd and 3rd page. Am I the only one who have this problem?

  24. hi after i update this can i update it to lightning fast rom?

  25. can I apply liitening rom after this and if yes what will be the procedure?

  26. How can i root samsung galaxy s2 with this android 2.3.4 XWKH4 ??

  27. Hey Neal,

    When to you expect the 2.3.5 update for S2 to be available ?

  28. May I use this firmware update in my sgs2

  29. Hi neal
    ive got a uk o2 branded phone payg sgs2 which has been unlocked ( code from o2 )
    i am trying to debrand it so was wodering if i could apply this fw
    my phone stats are
    pda: I9100XWKE2
    phone: I9100XXKDJ
    csc: I9100O2UKE1
    sorry in advance as im a noob and have never flashed fw before
    thanks in advance for any help

  30. Hi Neal,

    Thanks, Can you direct me towards reinstalling the stock ROM that came with the phone?
    I did use a software ‘Odin recovery’ I think that copied my entire flash and backed it up. is that the only way?

  31. Hi Neal.

    is this version of firmware is better than the lite’ning ROM v6.1 xxkh3 or No?

    plz don’t answer me by saying “Yes u can update this one”, i know that i can update to anything.

    plz if ur answer is yes for this version of firmware if it is better than the lite’ning ROM v6.1 xxkh3 , just tell me y is it better

    thank you.

  32. sorry i forgot to mention i need firmware for regular kies Indian version….

    Thank you …

  33. hi Neal

    can u pls give a link to change back SGS 2 to the regular kies version…..

    PLS its urgent…

    • as of now kies version of fw is not released!

      • thank u for the reply

        i meant the latest official firmware that Samsung given through kies or any older one but it must be official
        which is given through kies (so i can up date the same through kies to a newer one)
        you will be having a link for that…..

  34. Is this a version above the XXKJ6 update?
    Can you also confirm that Google Video and voice chat got re-enabled? I lost it on the XXKJ6 update.

  35. Hi Pradeep,

    Can this update work without the rest of the files for the PIT, PHONE and CSC?

  36. The article above doesn’t look cool.

    Hi Neal. Am waiting for ur suggestion.