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How to Update Samsung Galaxy S2 GT I9100 to XXKG3 Gingerbread 2.3.4 Firmware

Samsung Galaxy S II LogoTo be precise, it was just 4 days prior to which we saw on how you can update your mighty Samsung Galaxy S 2 GT I9100 with the Gingerbread 2.3.4 XXKG2 update and now you will be surprised to know that there’s an all new firmware which has hit the Samsung’s servers which is now dubbed as the XXKG3 version. For some of the users it might be really painful to update again and again but with increasing curiosity you would surely want to keep your device upbeat with the latest beta version of a whole new firmware which is XXKG3 Gingerbread 2.3.4 version of Android. Though there are not many changes which have been done in this version of the firmware but just some minor performance fixes have been done so as to further fine tune the smart phone experience.

So, in the due course of this article we will see on how you can update your powerful Samsung Galaxy S2 GT I9100 with this version of firmware. Before proceeding further, we would like to say that this update is only for the users of Samsung Galaxy S2 GTI9100 and to no other users. If you still proceed with the updation process for any other device then we take no responsibility for the consequences which arise after the update as the phone can even be bricked forever and which is not a reparable thing. If you are a first timer who has recently purchased the Samsung Galaxy S2 GT I9100 and would like to keep your device upbeat with the technology then we will guide you with the same, all you need to do is to simply follow the instructions carefully which are mentioned below for a safe and simple firmware updation for your S II smart phone.

Also, there have been rumors that soon Gingerbread 2.3.5 version will be coming out for the Galaxy S 2 GT I9100, yes you have heard it right. The update of Gingerbread 2.3.5 for Samsung Galaxy S 2 GT I9100 will soon be unveiled in the coming months which we will cover the same on Androidadvices.com though there is no perfect evidence on which date and time this firmware of 2.3.5 will be launched or pushed Officially via KIES.

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  1. Hey Neal, after updating my phone to 2.3.4 my battery is draining very quickly and the battery usage showing display is taking up 48%….and all other are normal what should i do??

  2. Hello Neal,
    my S2 is GT-I9100G
    Android Version 2.3.5
    Baseband version I9100GZCKI1
    Kernel version: se.infra@SEP-76 #2
    Build number: Gingerbread.ZCKI1

    i can change my Firmware to XX version? one this version i don’t have gmail account.
    thanks in advance

  3. Those who want to update their s2 to android 2.3.4 please comment to the following post.

  4. i was tring to update to version 2.3.5 and in my PC i entered all what i have to do… and in odin3 it said FAIL! in red… so i was panicked and removed the bettery… now when i trun it on i just see a photo (mobile)—-?—-(PC) !!! PLEASE HELP ANYONE ! i dont need an update just i want my mobile back on !

  5. hi ..i bought Samsung Galaxy s2 i9100 G recently on november first for 47000 yuans …and there is no android market in it ….can anyone help me out

  6. Hi Neal,

    Thanks for all the support! Am located in Chennai, India and am planning on upgrading my SGS2 from stock PDA:KF3 / PHONE:KE4 / CSC:KF3 (INU). The main reason I want to update is because I have been having the Android OS bug which always shows for me as using 80%-85% of the Battery.
    01. Do you know if the Android OS bug is fixed with this update?
    02. What are the benefits to expect when upgrading from my current version (mentioned above) to this version?
    03. Will anything not be working / bugs / etc after upgrading to this firmware?

    Thanks again for all your help to the community & hope to hear from you soon!

    • 1. yes the bugs will be fixed but what are the bugs you are expecting to be fixed?
      2. exact log can’t be provided of changes as its a beta release,
      3. no, as of now there are no bugs which are reported!

      • Hi Neal,

        Thanks for the quick reply.
        01. The Android OS bug I’m talking about seems to be prevalent on some of the SGS 2 phones. On my SGS2 when I go to ‘Battery Use’ to see what has been using the battery, there is one category that show as ‘Android OS’ and this is usually using 80 % – 85 % of the battery. Just google ‘Android os bug samsung galaxy s2′ and you should see it pop up

      • Also it looks like the 2.3.5 build for the SGS2 has been leaked. Any further info on this?

  7. Neal, i’ve got the i9100 15 days ago; once released in my country. i am new to android, and i am missed up with many stuff, my device is still 2.3.3 and i was wondering if the 2.3.5 is available now, and if i can do that through kies so i i could be sure there would be no mistakes. and about arabic issues does it shows the smss and websites in arabic cause these r the only things i care about.
    please help me as i am totally missed up with different websites and different updates, rooted and unrooted “which i couldnt get the point of it till now”… i want my device to be up-to-date, to fix the battery consumption and other issues
    thank you

  8. if i root to 2.3.4 is got any problem

  9. Hi, I am updated my phone to this firmware a month ago and then today suddenly I face error that says KERNEL PANIC UPLOAD MODE. do u know what is that?
    my phone is freeze with android face and the yellow error text
    It is freaking my out.

    • its ok, you are able to use phone in normal mode right?

      • after that mode, I will have to restart my phone by taking out the battery and turning it back on again. but its getting annoying, it keep happening. I have not install any new program that this keep happening to me. Today happened 4 times. during the call and during playing music and games.
        do u suggest I can install any other firmware? I don’t want the trial one since when I asked Malaysia Samsung costumer care, they have said that it will void the warranty. Is there any official update yet? that I can use?

      • Neal, do you have samsung galaxy s2 stock ROM? I mean the first ROM that was installed on the phone?
        is there anyway that I can downgrade the phone? I need send my phone to service center, but before that I need to put back the same firmware.
        I will appreciate your help
        thanks for all the hard works

  10. Pinaki Chatterjee

    Hi Neal,

    Its really great to use Samsung Galaxy II, I have few questions if you could help, and I am from New Delhi

    1. My current Firmware version is 2.3.3, Baseband I9100DDKE4, Kernal Version is root@DELL101#2.
    2. Is it safe to upgrade to 2.3.4 on my device and which version is appropriate to make use my phone works perfectly fine and have English Language
    3. Once I upgrade to 2.3.4 will it take regular updates and patches through Kies from Samsung in future or I have to keep on manually update from different sources
    4. In case firmware upgrade fails how can I go back to my original OS, if possible please give me the link
    5. If there is no issue installing 2.3.4 I want to make sure its a clean install with no junk from previous firmware
    6. Are these external sources for OS are safe to install or they also have some planted Trojans

    Thanks in Ton in advance for your response.


    • 2. yes its safe to update,
      3. this is unconditional as you may or may not get but manually you can update via Odin at any point of time!
      4 if it fails, it will stay on the older version only!
      5.clear cache and wipe data from the recovery mode to clear all the junk data!!

  11. i just wanted to ask do i need to be on stock firmware or can i normally flash it while its on miui rom??

  12. Hi Neal,

    I am from New Delhi, India and I last upgraded my Samsung S2 to Android 2.3.3 “KF3″ [B]“INU”[/B] version.

    Now I am keen to upgrade me phone to Android 2.3.4 “KG3″ firmware but I’m looking for INU version.

    Anything on this?

  13. Is this multi csc support for malaysia?

  14. Hi, I have updated my device.
    so far its working good.
    cant see any difference
    where can I find the change log?

  15. Hi, I’ve posted the same question twice now, and while people’s questions seem to get answered, mine still say ‘awaiting moderation’, so I am wondering if they even got through……thanks for any advice!

  16. hi, i’m a newbie, i upgraded to xxkg2 from stock rom but the 3g-h problem i had doesn’t get resolved, sometimes it loses the 3g and i don’t have internet connection, If i upgrade to kg3, will i solve the problem? IS SPANISH SUPPORTED?
    Thank you very much

  17. sorry..wrong post..should be the chinese firmware

  18. it failed! the message box shows:


    Complete(Write) operation failed.

    how? i cannot enter my phone now

  19. Hey dear Neal Pradeep…

    Just upgraded my Galaxy S2 with this firmware… but after updating with this one my phone getting hang again and again…

    all of sudden scree gose soo bright.. and after few mins of stand by phone gets automatically in screen on mode and hangs…

    then I have to remove my phones battery. after installing battery back in to mobile, without touching any key my phone gets automatically switch ON…. I followed all ur said procedure very carefully….

    I tried to put indian firmware back in my phone but now its seems that same problem is coming….!

    battery is not with standing more than 4-5hrs… when I checked usage it shows like this..

    Android OS 76%
    Display 9%
    Voice calls 6%
    Android system 5%

    now this is happening in all G1,G2 & G# firmware

    can u pls tell me which one is stable firmware … which comes in stock phone when we purchased it from india

    I am very much worried my phone is just 32days old….

    pls help me yaar :-(

    • have you cleared the cache from the Recovery mode?

      • yes did it in recovery mode…

        is it normal battery usage…. before upgrading any of available firmware my phone was working very nicely… never hang abd battery was lasting for more than a day…. I was looking for same firmware which comes by default… I purchased my phone feom mumbai india…!

        Im very big fan of urs following ur site from my galaxy S days was very much happy with ur all updates… ! pls help me out :-(

        • hey sandeep, you need not be a fan of us as we are no great! Its just people like you give us inspiration to guide you! Because without people like you we are just no one! :) Thanks again buddy for your trust and appreciation towards us. Thanks again! Do let us know if we could help you more about Android!

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