How to Update Samsung Galaxy S2 GT I9100 with XXKP8 ICS Android 4.0.3 Firmware

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After the success of Firmwares XXKP1XXKP2 for Samsung Galaxy S2 GT I9100 with Android 4.0 and Android 4.0.1 respectively, it’s now time that an all new leak of Android 4.0.3 to hit the servers. What a day for Samsung Galaxy S2 GT I9100 users, it’s the first day of the year 2012 and we are here with the 1st article of the year for Samsung Galaxy S2 GT I9100 users. In the due course of the article we will check out on how you can apply this firmware which is dubbed as XXKP8 Android 4.0.3.

Please note that this release of 4.0.3 is not an official release from Samsung Electronics and there is no ETA on by when this update of Android 4.0.3 will be pushed officially via KIES. Also, since this is the leaked version and not the final version it has to be updated using the Odin and not via KIES. Please note that this is not the official firmware released by Samsung Electronics and also we don’t have any ETA for the same.

Advisory: This update should not be applied to the phones which are NETWORK LOCKED DEVICES, if you still continue to update your phone then we cannot guarantee on the consequences.

This firmware still has some bugs which are minor though but will be solved in the coming versions which will be rolling out soon. Just in case if you feel that there are some bugs which needs urgent attention then do let us know in the comments section as we will try our level to pass the same to the developers.

Note: This update is not for Galaxy S2 I9100G users and is strictly for the devices of whose the model number is GT I9100. If you are not sure of the Model number then you can find by dialing “*#1234#” in your phone after which you will get to see the model number of your phone.

Disclaimer: Please note that this process of firmware update is not recommended for the basic users and is only recommended for the advanced users. Also, we should not be held responsible for any damage happened to your device in any manner after applying this update.

Rooting Information:

  • Applying this firmware in your Galaxy S2 won’t Root your device.
  • Just in case if you have rooted your device then after applying this firmware, the rooting access will be revoked.

We will soon come up with an article in the next few coming days wherein you can easily root your Galaxy S2 on XXKI4 Android 4.0.3 Firmware.

So, to keep things simple, you need to follow the list of Pre Requisites first and once you are done with those you need to head to the procedure to update Galaxy S2 with 4.0.3 Firmware in the next page.


  1. hi how can i download chinese firmware for samsung s2, i buy at australia. thanks

  2. Works life a charm! Thanks!

  3. i updated my s2 to ics 4.0.3 unfortunately i’m having issues with this update. it freezes on the samsung logo when it restarts. i mean samsung did updated this on my phone. it’s frustrating don’t know what’s going on??

  4. My ringtone says unknown ringtone after i have recieved a call or text then i keep missing calls.When i try to change it in the sounds menu it then freezes and i hav eto reboot to get it to work.

  5. Hello, I want to ask, does this update contain the languages Arabic and Hebrew ? i’ll be waiting for a reply from someone who tried this update, thanks.

  6. I want to upgrade ICS my galaxy S2. Though I have heard that after upgrading ICS, Kies does not support software update furthermore. Samsung also say they will not grande about security. So should I proceed or not. Give me advice.

  7. Hey guys, i am unable to view the complete messages which i have backed up before the OS upgrade of my S2. can someone help me out on this?

  8. Hi…i want to downgrade to 2.3.3 or 2.3.6 from ics since i have the same probs mentioned above. Can you please provide me the link for the rom for 2.3.3 or 2.3.6

  9. amm not able to finish it. it strucks at set partition. what shall be done, pls advice

  10. hi.

    my samsung galaxy s II just updated automatically and now i have the android version 4.0.3 but my phone keeps freezing, i cant get on the internet on my phone and all it does it comes up white blank screen then a black blank screen then goes back to contacts or home screen with a pop up saying sorry, internet isnt working.

  11. can we downgrade this version to 2.3.5 or 2.3.3 gb ??if we can please send me the link….

  12. Too many glitches on this updaye…homescreen lock is the main problem…can the version of my s2 downgrade?

  13. hey i tries the odi updating from another server but now it dosnt reboots and black screen comes as a homescreen…….wt to do??

  14. it doesnt work what am i suposed to do

  15. no bro it says internet has unfortunately closed only google chrome works and when dialing numbers its very slow

  16. My internet is not working after installing the latest firmware for Gti9100 samsung galaxy s2

  17. didnt get update from the galaxy s2 19100 2.3.5

  18. Thx a lot for this article. It worked perfectly for me. I am now in testing mode and will update of bug. Actually yes the face recognition does not work. Is there a bug fix for this ?


  19. hi

    while updating, I remove the USB by accident and now I’m stock with a triangle a phone and a pc logo all the time no matter what I do, any help???

  20. I m trying to update my s2 via Odin.
    This is how the process went, and it got stuck at sonnection setup for a very very long time. So i closed Odin and restarted. Bur again the results are the same. Please advice. Appreciate your help.

    Enter CS for MD5..
    Check MD5.. Do not unplug the cable..
    Please wait..
    I9100_CODE_I9100XXKP8_CL42141_REV02_user_low_ship.tar.md5 is valid.
    MODEM_I9100XXKP8_REV_02_CL1092599.tar.md5 is valid.
    GT-I9100-MULTI-CSC-OXAKP8.tar.md5 is valid.
    Checking MD5 finished Sucessfully..
    Leave CS..
    Odin v.3 engine (ID:18)..
    File analysis..

  21. I just bought samsung galaxy s2 and its android version is 4.0.3. I have problems with it. To many times happens that the screen freezes and shows only the wallpaper, not other icons or anything else. How can i solve this. Please help.

  22. hi…i just want to ask if there is update or upgrade for samsung galaxy s2 I9100G???my s2 is new but i want to upd8 to ice cream sandwich version….please help…how can i upgrade it?????

  23. i just want to ask if there is an update for those samsung galaxy s2 I9100G in upgrading to ice cream sandwich??please i need your help…??????my s2 is new and i found out it is samsung galaxy s2 I9100G??pplease answer i want to upd8 my android…

  24. HI,
    I have upgraded to my galaxy S2 with this version but after OS upgrade my phone vibrates at random times without any reason.Please let me know how how to fix this issue

  25. when the android 4.0 ics firmware for gt i9100G is out?..please..make one for it..:)

  26. Hi. I tried to update the frameware of my device. (I did not reset my phone at first). It stock in making conection in odin3 V1.83 for hours so I unplugged my phone. I want to go back to an earlier version like 2.3.6 but it stock again in whle the last action was “boot”. After hours, I unplugged the phone again but I could not access the download any more or I can not even turn on my device. I was suspecious that it the battery might be empty so I connect the phone to charger but no thing happened. I need your support. By the way, when I connect the phone it shows an unkown device with the name “SEC S5PC110 TEST B/D”.

  27. I installed the 4.0 last night, but then the home buttom and the screen lock are not working at all. Could anyone instruct me how to install back the official 2.3.5 and how?


  28. hi there, im trying to update from 2.3.6 to ics 4.0.3 on my galaxy s2. im getting an “internal server error 500″ on one ics link and sent to “” on anther.any ideas?

  29. I’ve installed the ROM and baring a few bugs it works well. However, calendar doesn’t work. Anybody else got this issue?

    • I’ve tried this version and I receive app force close for calendar and other basic apps every 2 minutes, I entered again recovery mode and cleared cache and reset to factory settings again and still don’t worked, so I came back to 2.3.6 :-(

  30. links is not working. plz fix it

  31. Hi Neal,

    When is the new Update going to come out of ICS?

  32. Hi Neal,

    When is the NEXT version is coming…any idea????

  33. Hey, is the links gone?

  34. 8. My alarm won’t work. Was nearly late for work today
    9. Alot of games won’t work – ie: Words with Friends
    10. Region date/time auto setup won’t work. Had to do it manually.

  35. Hi, keeps crashing, alarm doesn’t work most of the times needs reboot to work, freezes on home screen and shuts down any suggestion, overall is excellent.

  36. hi neil happy new year by the way wanted to ask you something, i updated my phone to this version yesterday and rooted it but i have this message that gets stuck in the notification bar asking me to update software and when i go onto it and agree it keeps coming up Processing Failed and i cant get rid of it it keeps poping on my screen do you have any idea how to get rid of it please it doesnt want to go thank you

  37. Øystein Gisnås

    Currently, the two most severe bugs keeping me from using this firmware for regular use are:

    1. Exchange account does not work. When I try to set up a new account in social hub, I get the error message “Unfortunately, Email has stopped”

    2. Widgets and icons on the home screen disappear after a while, leaving only the wallpaper visible. I have to restart the phone to continue.

  38. i hav done all the necessary actions and i was waiting for the phone to auto reboot but its still not doing it. its stucked in the downloading mode
    plis help
    all the needed files are present..
    i recently updated to 2.3.6

  39. Øystein Gisnås

    Currently, the two most severe bugs keeping me from using this firmware for regular use are:

    1. Exchange account does not work. When I try to set up a new account in social hub, I get the error message “Unfortunately, Email has stopped”

    2. Widgets and icons on the home screen disappear after a while, leaving only the wallpaper visible. I have to restart the phone to continue.

  40. Hi pradeep,

    I just Bought my 1st android device samsung S2 and now its version is 2.3.3 …
    My model No by dialing *#1234# is

    PDA : I910JPKG2
    PHONE : I9100XXKF1
    CSC : I9100OJPKG1

    Can i Update my version from android 2.3.3 to this Android 4.0.3 ?

    Also in the advisers field it is said tht \ should not be applied to the phones which are NETWORK LOCKED DEVICES\
    Does it mean the CDMA devices ???

  41. hi neal,
    after updating it, my gallery keeps crashing,the camera and the apps aswell despite doing everything mentioned.why is this
    or this is a problem everyone is facing.

  42. Hi, the only problem is the battery life….it eat the battery in a half day!!!

    Neal, do you think we will have soluction for this?


  43. The only problem is the battery….it eat the battery in half day.

    Neal do you think we wiil have soluction for this?


  44. HI .. the rom works fine but i need to know how to install the official ics theme .. thanks in advance

  45. I installed it and it works fine .. but how can i have the official ICS theme on it .. thanks for the help

  46. ok update ROM works fine but it doesnt have the ics Theme .. where can i get it from ? THankk you

  47. hi, it feels as though the bluetooth is somewhat slower compared to previous firmwares. is this a fact. current speed is about 47Kbps. i also had a wifi problem for a while- it stayed for long on authentication.

    overall- great. thanks.

  48. Guys, great to have a test on the new 4.0.3. Except for the occasionally hung, I did find that the new ICS the worth the try. I did find the apps icon are displayed much faster than before in the Market. To move the apps from one page to a new page is much easier than before. I will continue trying it.

    Thanks guys for giving us a chance to try this out.

  49. I had the same issues as Pinaki and CG mentioned.. Im back to official 2.3.6.. will wait for another update and many thanks to this website for letting us try atleast every leaked update.

  50. Hi,
    My phone has the following version :
    PDA : I9100XWKJ3
    PHONE: I9100XXKI4

    I updated the phone on November 2011. things are fine but the problem is (it was from the very beginning) all on a sudden the phone freezes! everything works fine but no calls & no browsing unless you go for a restart!! this problem is still there…any idea ?
    can I get any improvement if I update to ICS.

    Pls. Reply….Thanks!!


  51. Dear Pradeep
    Please help.I cannot install contacts through google sync.Please advice how to do it.



  52. hi. i just want to know what would be the difference between this update (using Odin) and the official update from samsung (using Kies)? Would they work the same. Thanks.

  53. Installed ICS 4 last night.

    Few observations – Same as Pinaki’s
    - Most of the changes seems to be with Google stuffs only.
    1. Battery consumption – still high.
    2. Kies does not work >> It works for me – Phone is detected and I can browse through contents but no updates as known.
    3. Some time home screen freezes and none of the icons are visible – Nothing helps other than restart/force shutdown. This happens very often.
    4. When you select for restart option it does not restart, you have to force shutdown – True, Had to remove battery a couple of times ;-( (Note: just installed last night and had to do this couple of times within)
    5. Many of the market applications does not install and report “file not signed properly” > Installed apps from backup doesn’t show anymore in Market under MyApps for further updates.
    6. Under software update my product does not get registered and report back error.
    7. Visual appearance – nothing great. Kovdev ICS theme was excellent when compared to this.

    Team, Thanks for your efforts!

  54. Pinaki Chatterjee

    Hi Experts,

    I installed ICS successfully but following are my observations. (Cache cleared, Kernal Installed, Also factory reset performed) Before reporting I even re-installed the OS 2-3 times to ensure I am not missing anything, (No firewall or AV activated during installation process)

    Working on this since last more than 24 hours

    1. Contacts which were backed up could not be restored as it does not import form SD though the option is available, but when you manually go in to the folder and click on the backed up contact file it start to download one by one but then hangs after some time. This is a major issue and need to be fixed immediately or else update is waste of time
    2. Kies does not work
    3. Some time home screen freezes and none of the icons are visible
    4. When you select for restart option it does not restart, you have to force shutdown
    5. Many of the market applications does not install and report “file not signed properly”
    6. Under software update my product does not get registered and report back error

    Will report further as I move forward


  55. Hi Pradeep – I have always been following your website & found it really helpful.Your work is highly appreciated.

    This particular version was successfully loaded onto my S2 ,however i ended up with lot of issues.

    For instance when i tried opening my contacts it just hung & nothing happened. I cleared the cache as advised by you on many posts.But that dint help.

    So im forcibly going back to 2.3.6 . I will probably try the ICE CREAM when its totally error free :)

    Thanks for your help again

    • as of now there is no eta on the same but be rest assured that as in when it gets released, we will post the same within a flash! :)

      Thanks for your trust in us!

  56. Hi Neal

    should i uncheck the re-partition while updating

  57. faceunlock not work! forcing is stopped.

  58. Hi Neal,

    This one is awesame! I love it.
    Thanks..and Happy New Year!


  59. Pinaki Chatterjee

    Hi Experts,

    Thanks for publishing the update. Here are my observations after the installation

    1. My contacts are the most important to restore, I tried to restore from the SD Card backup but it simply hangs for some time and then notify that file format not supported were as in 2.3.6 it got updates very easily.
    2. Phone still hangs and report force shutdown of different application
    3. Many application from the market does not get installed and report \file not signed correctly\
    4. Kies connects and functions but it does not take the backup from the software.

    Please help how to restore my contacts rest is ok and will wait till next release


    • you should have used the backup procedures which we repeatedly mention,
      clear the cache and install the kernel as mentioned in the article!
      kies will take the backup but for that you need to install the kernel first!

  60. Hello Pradeep,

    Just applied this update on my device since yesterday. However, I have noticed 4 major issues so far.

    1. Randomly Reboots (even without doing anything).
    2. GPS seems not working
    3. WIFI gets diconnected.
    4. Software update fails and could not get rid in the notification bar.

    Thanks for your feedback.

  61. Hi There

    I have done the upgrade to 4.0.3 and also done the Kernel – I have got the following problems/fixes for you to work on
    1. Screens lock up (as mentioned above) get blank screens and I just get the wallpaper and no icons etc… I have to re-boot to get things going again
    2. It keeps coming up that Exchange has stopped (I am using a email with MS exchange) but keeps stopping ?
    3. When new email arrive the icon does now not show how many unread email you have – but this works on SMS icon.
    4. Very difficult to setup 2 different wifi connecntion – have to go through the setups and it would not scan for new connection, but after a while I got it to get a new connection and I added it. When you reboot you ohine it does not pick up the wifi connections if you have more than 1 ??
    5. No weather comes up on the lock screen when you have PIN !
    6. When doing Text messages there is no TX9 coming up even though I have selected a predictive word but nothing !
    7. Battery – not lasting very long – previous version 2.3.5 lasted longer!
    I do understand that this is a pre-release – but though I would give you some feed back to see if anyone else had these problems etc.
    Great work on bringing it out prior to the official release :)
    Thanks Heaps

  62. does it use a signed kernel? and will flashing to this fw void my phone’s warranty?

  63. Hi,

    My model number is GT-I9100G and baseband version on I9100GDDKI1. Please confirm if XXKP8 can be installed on this.


  64. Hi,

    My model number is GT-I9100G and baseband version is I9100GDDKI1. Please confirm if this upgrade can be applied on this model.


  65. just an observation with this firmware, joining two contacts makes the contacts application crash, have you faced this situation?

  66. Hi Neel….When will u be publishing ICS updates for Samsung Galaxy note…

  67. wow! it’s beautiful! however my csc say unknown! any way to fix this?

  68. Hi Neal,
    I got this mgs that says : Damaged SDcard! You may have to reformat.
    I have tried to find it in the Storage where I could do to format the sdcard, but I couldn’t find it there. Any ideas how to do this?
    By the way the new look looks great just some bugs, frozed sometime but everything works there

  69. do you an internet access to update the firmware. . because my net connection suddenly shuts off in the middle of update. . . can you please help me what am i going to do . . please please please. . .

  70. do yo need internet access in updating the firmware or not????? because while updating my firmware my net connection suddenly gone. . . what am i going to do. . .

  71. better check the MARKETS app. it doesnt allow to install any apps. it comes up with an error message – could not be downloaded due to an error. i have tried upgrading markets to 3.4.4 but still the same. better check this one out.

  72. can i still use kies after updating my phone

  73. Hey Neal,

    Thanks a lot.. installed it… its kinda slow though.. a little bit of lag at times… one more question how can I sync my contacts to facebook accounts? thanks…

  74. Happy new year, question to all: Where can I find the link to download the 4.03??:D Thanks

  75. if i in stale ics can i still use kies

  76. I have installed it successfully.
    I see one issue: The home screen gets stuck within 5- 10 seconds. I see background wallpaper in full screen with no other option (bottom 4 icons missing)

  77. is this ics usable for everyday usage,does everything work ok,if instaled would i still be able to use kies

  78. Is this ics stable for everyday use is there anything that dont work,would i be able to use kies

  79. installed on my SGS2.. working fine but TW launcher always crashed. Wifi need to trigger if not sometimes unable to automatic connect. Battery not lasting as compare to 2.3.6 and phone is overheated. Reverted back to 2.3.6 and waiting for better update with root package. Anyway, great job and I really appreciate all the hardwork from

  80. ■The download mode can be entered by pressing Volume down Key, Center button, and holding both simultaneously press the Power Button.
    i try many time to go download mode, but no work why?
    the screen view low battery!! can’t download!!
    please help me….

  81. Neal,

    Thank you very much for fixing the link. What is new in this firmware? can we still the orange thing when scrolling from panes to panes? What is improved in this fw? would this be okay if later on ICS will be released for S2? Many thanks..


  82. OH! It looks so pretty and awesome! Thanks for working so hard for all of us, guys!

    Since “rooting” is not available, is there a current solution for me to use Titanium Backup Pro to restore all my apps? I live and work on a university campus where we must authenticate through a proxy server to access the internet. Since our city hasn’t reached 3G yet, it will take ages for me to reinstall all my apps using 2G.

    Any suggestions or ideas, or when we might see a rooting process?

    Again, thanks, guys! :-)

  83. Is this version of firmware stable? Are all applications and links working as they should?

  84. How to enable applucation installion from unknown sources cant find it anywhere in settings plz help

    • You can enable from the path, Settings > Applications and then tick on Unknown Sources

    • installation for unknown sources is not in applications in this firmware. open security and scroll down . you will find the checkbox for installation for unknown boxes

  85. How to enable application installion from unknown sources cant find it any where in settings plz help

  86. Hi Neal, happy new year to year and everyone at AndroidAdvices. truly wish you the best this year.
    the links are not working, can you pls check it again, and also will this version have the rectangular re flashes?

  87. Hi Neal,
    Whats not working in this Beta?


      • Hi Pradeep,
        Sorry if I was not clear in my question, all I needed to know if this firmware was stable enough for everyday use? I tried this firmware and these are the few things that I noticed: The Firmware still has bugs, Runs Smoothly in scrolling, but tends to freeze every now and then. Connectivity still has issues. Syncing contacts with gmail is buggy. Great if you want to try it out but I would not recommend it for daily usage. Will wait for much stable release. Camera worked on the first use but after that there was errors.


    • What`s Working
      Basic functions Phone, Camera, Video recording
      3G Video Calling
      ICS Gtalk with multiple account and Video Calling
      WiFi is stable (atleast for me)
      Mobile Data works both 3G and 2G
      Exchange server, IM and email works fine
      Market version 3.4.4
      Flash Working properly on browser

      What`s not working
      Facelock doesn`t work.. You will not be able to configure it — FIX available
      Battery indicator gives faulty stats sometime
      Home screen hangs and nothing will show up except wallpaper. (All other background functions will work), need to reboot system
      Heavy games and apps gets closed
      Facebook gives problems with SocialHub but works perfectly with Facebook Android App
      Random reboots, although very less
      Network notification bars shows always full independent of signal strength
      NITZ support
      Update in comment section if you find something else..

  88. Neal,

    there’s a problem with the link.. got a bad gateway message.. What is new in this fw? I will be waiting for your reply.. Thanks..

  89. Neal,

    Can you please check the link.. i can’t download it. What’s new in this firmware… thank you..


  91. Hi
    There is no updates on i9000 for long days. Why are you not posting teamhacksung Build 12 which is available on XDA?

  92. Links are working perfectly!