How to Update Samsung Galaxy S2 GT I9100 with XXLPB ICS Android 4.0.3 Firmware

Samsung Galaxy S2 LogoSamsung Galaxy S2 GT I9100 users get their February delight as an all new version of ICS flavored based on stock firmware update has arrived and this time its dubbed as XXLPB firmware it was last time many users reported issues like force close errors but this version of firmware takes care of most of the issues. This firmware ropes in some of the minor enhancements along with the performance fixes which we will be checking in detail over the due course of this article. Please note that this is not an Official firmware version released by Samsung Electronics and also we don’t have an exact ETA on by when there will be an official update of ICS Android 4.0.3.

Note: This update is not for the users of I9100G, the model number should be I9100 only which you can find by dialing *#1234# in your Samsung Galaxy S2 GT I9100.

Disclaimer: Please note that this process of firmware update is not recommended for the basic users and is only recommended for the advanced users. Also, we should not be held responsible for any damage happened to your device in any manner after applying this update.

Enhancements in XXLPB Firmware:

  • Interface: Kind of 3D effect when scrolling.
  • Battery: Lots better than early ones.
  • Faster: Feels the same as LP6
  • Touch: Same as LP6.
  • Overall: Better score in our eyes than LP6.
  • Face Lock: Same as LP6 working fine.
  • Task: Same as version LP6.

Rooting Information:

  • For updating with this firmware, there is no compulsion that you need to root your Samsung Galaxy S2 GT I9100,
  • Applying this firmware then it doesn’t mean that the phone is rooted,
  • Just in case if your S2 is already rooted, then after applying with this update the rooting access will be revoked,
  • We will soon be coming up with an article wherein it will help you to root your Samsung Galaxy S2 GT I9100 on XXLPB Android 4.0.3 firmware version.

Screen Captures of XXLPB Android 4.0.3 Firmware:


Before proceeding to the list of instructions to update, you need to follow the List of Pre Requisites which you need to follow to update the same.


  1. I too got the same problem of software update problem? please suggest

  2. I too got the same problem of software update problem? please suggest

  3. Mine s i9100G.. i went to settings -> about phone -> software update. all of a sudden it started updating without a confirmation . i cancelled it and post pond it 7 days later. and this stays in my notification bar forever. i wanna remove it. i don wanna update. pls help

  4. Hi i have followed the instructions and updated to i.c.s after the update the phone reboots and does not ask for a code it goes
    straight to the home screen. When i try to use the phone it comes up with the “phone not registered on network error” My phone is not network locked as when i go back to my previous version 2.3.4 everything works fine

  5. my samsung s2 gt i9100 get hanged soo kindly suggest me what i have to do…

  6. Hi, so upon updating to xxlpb, I ran into a problem. Updating and all that went smoothly (thanks) but now, in my notifications, I seem to have a thing for a software update which i cannot clear. When I try to confirm the update and stuff, it says that it is registering my device before it gives me a message saying that my software update has failed due to a processing failure.

    Is there any way to solve this?
    Thanks a lot :)

    PS Do you know when 4.0.4 is coming out for sgs2? I cant wait

  7. Hi,

    Installed the above firmware ICS

    2 problems faced
    1) Diling pad is slow n less responsive
    2) Contacts hangs as soon it is launched and phone gets over heated draining up all the battery

    Did factory reset did wipe cache from starting still facing same problem Please give solution to it

  8. Data issue – Hi since upgrading my GTi9100 (GS2) from gingerbread to 4.0.3, my data sometimes stops working, have you seen this issue? Usually a reboot fixes it, but recently, the last few days, I have to restart it 3 or 4 times before the internet works on 3g data.

    Today… it won’t work at all, I now have NO 3G data, have you seen this issue and know of a way to fix it please?


  9. Works nice!
    Yes it`s having couple of bugs, but it don`t disturb me, and better than Android 2!
    Was testing about 2weeks..
    Minus backing up, restoring to update… :( I don`t know backup app whith easily back up everything (Menu order, folders, widget settings, home screen, game saves)
    Soon will be testing XXLPH…

    Overall – Nice Work..

  10. Neela,

    Please now I tried to Chat my wife withe SKYPE VIDEO CHAT OR VIDEO VOICE AND Yahoo Video Chat not working in ICS 4.0.3 Please help that the important in here in ABROAD to see our beloved family in our country… pleas…
    Thank you very much.

  11. Hey Pradeep, any news on fix for the Samsung Software Update Registration Failure issue as of yet?.. Also any news on Kernel Update to match the XXLPB?

    Thanks for all your great work.. i am a keen follower ;)

    Tony Sampano B,Sc MBA
    SVP, CTO – Kejora Gemilang Internusa

  12. Should I go to this or I will get official update in march???What to do..Wait or Update now

  13. hi
    please help me
    some of my game on galaxy s2 running this version that can’t play as fifa2012, dragon hunter. after i open massage show
    “Unfortunately, Fifa2012 has stopped.”

  14. I applied the update with no problem. This release is a lot more stable. I inputted my apn settings for data and MMS, while data works my MMS does not. Any ideas?

  15. Hi
    I’m happy to say that I have solved my 3G & data issue with XXLPB. Its seems for Singapore SingTel the APN which was missing, I have to add as suggested by ADAM. however there is a twist here. The Singtel provided APN does not work if I set according to their data information. I have to remove the MMS port, authentication & APN type setting, it will then work. I found it by accident while updating the APN data..

    So far so good with the rest of the stuff… Thanks guys.. really really happy to get this work.

  16. Is there any other link except hotfile? Like mediafire or something else….. Thanx

  17. Just upgraded to XXLPB from XXLP2.. 100% fully working on my Galaxy S2.. NO PROBLEMS TO REPORT. Much more stable than XXLP2… data connection is working very well.. (T-MOBILE UK). If anyone is having data connection issues… request your network to send you APN settings to your phone. This was the solution for me on T-MOBILE UK

  18. Andrew van Niekerk

    This version works perfectly! My battery now lasts the whole day with a lot of usage. Face unlock, 3G and Wifi work perfectly. Finally I can experience ICS in all its glory. Thanks guys!

  19. Hi Pradeep, Every thing is fabulous inthis version viz., XXLPB and two small issue for your knowledge. Lock screen does not work and Software update processing failed. rest of thing is going very good. is there any idea for” LOCK SCREEN”(Clear cach and wipe data cleaned by more then 20times). pls Help us for lock screen solution coming version

  20. Hi Neal

    Can I use this procedure to update I9100T (SGS2)



  21. Your comment is awaiting moderation.

    Hi Pradeep, Every thing is fabulous inthis version viz., XXLPB and two small issue for your knowledge. Lock screen does not work and Software update processing failed. rest of thing is going very good. is there any idea for” LOCK SCREEN”(Clear cach and wipe data cleaned by more then 20times). pls Help us for lock screen solution coming version

  22. Super firmware all credit goes to Android Advices team, One request for “lockscreen”

  23. Hi Pradeep, Every thing is fabulous inthis version viz., XXLPB and two small issue for your knowledge. Lock screen does not work and Software update processing failed. rest of thing is going very good. is there any idea for” LOCK SCREEN”(Clear cach and wipe data cleaned by more then 20times). pls Help us for lock screen solution coming version

  24. XXLPB works very well in comparison to all the previous builds. It’s quite stable and also battery Backup is good and 3G and 2G Data connection both works very well. The only thing which is not working is motion gaming even after calibration. Rest this release rocks. Neal do you have any idea how can motion gaming be working?

  25. Will the warranty get void if I update my Samsung Galaxy S2 GT I9100 with XXLPB ICS Android 4.0.3 ???

  26. Hi pradeep…, i have an AT & T galaxy s2 (u.s. version) and i have been trying to update w/ many versions of firmware
    (2.3.4 to 4.03) i am having problem w/ the call audio (no sound when call) and Back and Seach button not working.
    I need your help. Thanks…

  27. Hi pradeep….i have installed this version, though everything works fine but my data services are not working…i have tried clearing the cache from rboot mode but still does not work…im a beginner at all this so would request you to please help me on the same…


  28. Everything works fine. but…

    GPS still not work, IGO also stuck at 90%, in maps I had one restart, poor wirelss reception, device is overheating, same problem with samsung software update.

    I still wait for GPS fix and this beta firmware is fine for me.

  29. how to install apps which reside on the sd card, since apps such as talking tom, fieldrunner etc. are not getting installed on the device.

  30. @pradeep….
    bro i just installed this package of LPB……and odin says PASS….
    but when i checked it by *#1234# it still shows my previous version…..the LP2….
    does that mean it is still LP2 in my mobile???
    and what about odin ? it went threw the hole process of installing this LPB version and said ”PASS” in the end….
    m really confused!!!!!!!
    pls help

    • Follow the instruction: The recovery mode can be entered by pressing Volume UP Key + OK button, and holding both simultaneously press the Power Button. In the recovery mode, select Wipe data/factory reset and also you need to select Wipe Cache partition and then reboot your device by selecting reboot system now with the help of Volume rocker keys.

  31. I had a problem with 4.0.3 s2, everything was fine except no data. Simply by addind APN manually and settign for my network. This fixed it the tricky part was to manually add APN becuase at first I got a black screen but on pressing the bottom left button…

  32. Hello Pradeep,

    I love the update in every way but unfortunately I cannot get the 3G to work (the Wifi is fine).
    I have double checked every setting and there are just like they used to be but after the update, it’s just not working.
    My phone is unlocked.

    Any suggestions?

    Your help is very much appreciated!

  33. Nagarajan Mahendran

    Hi neela, may I know that when next firmware release for galaxy s2 and is there any face unlock packages for xxlpb 4.0.3

  34. Hi pradeep,

    How do check the data connection in this case ! I’m curious to resolve it ?

  35. I can’t work out how to use HDTVin 4.0.3 xxlpb

    It’s seems that in this version does not work HDTV ADAPTER

  36. hey android advices, you guys have always delivered good results but downloading used to be from the site itself and so much faster. by using hotfile, i can on download 1 every hour and this post itself has 2, i also need to root the phone and thats another 1 or 2 files. this is very irritating and i hope that you guys will revert back to your old methods unlike now.
    If im wrong anywhere or if you guys are forced to do so then please correct me

  37. Dilip Kumar Padhi

    GSM not working. Other I haven’t test yet. Seems to be stable, though.

  38. Hi Neal!
    Just wondering if this issue fixed!
    I didn’t see anyone reporting about the feature of the contact list section. The pics where it shows for each contact was not very good quality, its very blury. While you viewing for all contact list the feature pics seems fine, but when you clicked to view the details for each one then you can see the feature pic is very blury.

  39. software update processing failed rest all is very very fine with me, from Kuwait Carrier Zain, any suggestions pradeep bro

  40. hi,
    can you please tell me how to go back 2.3.5..????

  41. Hi Neel,
    Camera to slow and not good quality

  42. Pinaki Chatterjee

    Any solution to “Contact Hang issue” …? Cache and Factory default already done through recovery mode.

    Please help

    • clear the cache again, its a known bug and it gets solved oNly by clearing the cache!

      • Pinaki Chatterjee

        Hi Tries clearing the cache and even did factory reset few many time but still does not work, finally I am using “Go Contacts” but that too is not stable on 4.0 but still works for me. Please fix if possible in next release

  43. Usability is great however the USB connection for mass storage doesn;t work in either windows or mac environment

  44. I have already installed this ICS in my galaxy S2….and facing a lots of problems in my mobile……cleared the cache and wiped all the data as u said here….but still its giving problems…like
    1.some times the mobile hangs wen i open any application
    2.internet not working properly (checked wid my carrier service and they are right on their side)
    and some more probs…..

    but my question is Do u suggest a CUSTOME rom to run this ICS in my phone?
    or the stock ROM is good?
    m i facing this problem coz i havent installed any CUSTOM ROM?????
    and which custom rom is best for my S2???
    pls help me!!! pls

  45. hi guys ive installed this on my sgs2 i have noticed after playing trial xtreme 2 and quiting the game the centre of the screen doesnt respond properly when u place ur phone on flat suface and after playing apparatus the right corners dont repsond this happens after quitting the game. Try it out.

    Software reg failed.

    But overall a great version. THank you

  46. Hi guys installed this on my sgs2 i noticed try playing games like trial xtreme 2 or apparatus i have noticed with trial x2 after exiting the game the middle of screen touch is slow and after apparatus the corners right side are dead.. try this out .. :)

    plus registration fails for software update..

  47. Thanks Neela

    this is the best ICS for the i9100 so far. The only issue I have found is the Software Updater licence doesn’t work but otherwise it’s quick clean and stable. Face unlock works a treat in most light situations too.

  48. Hi Pradeep,

    What do you mean by check data connection ?

  49. Hi pradeep,
    Very beautiful Firmware XXLPB 4.0.3 and working Amazing but some issues there

    want to focus area
    1) Lock does not here also
    2) Server error on Android market but market is working
    3) Software update issue

    1) UI Clarity
    2) 3d effect scorolling smooth working and every thing is very good and beautiful thanks lot to”ANDROID ADVICES”

  50. Thanks for this. Everything seems to be working fine. Just a couple of things:
    1.The software update notification will not register device and stays in the notification bar – how to remove??
    2. Home screen and app screens dont cycle completely, it stops at the last page and does not continue to page1 – can this be fixed?


  51. Hi,

    after 2 days test, 3G is dead. No data network available. I only can use wifi. I have tried wipe data/clear cache twice using the recovery mode but my phone 3G is still not working. I have no choice but to fallback to 2.3.6 now. Although 3G dont work but I find it is more stable than XXLP6.

    Will wait for the next release.. hopefully will be better.


  52. I’ve got the same issue with 3G also after manual APN settings and restarting S2 (of course I cleared cache and data before).
    I’ve reflashed phone with XXLP6 then reflashed phone with XXLPB but only PDA.
    Then clear cache…, restart, manual APN settings, restart and woila everything is working like a charm (fast, smooth, responsible..) except Market.

  53. Is this OS support Arabic language typing means I can write in arabic language

  54. Thank you for your help!
    I followed every step and now my s2 is updated!
    It was really easy I guess anyone can do it.

  55. Hi,

    I hv updated XXLPB from XXLP6, so far here is what I observed:

    a. 2G selection is now available. Thanks

    b. home wallpaper has now stop from scrolling but the home page & apps page cant scroll 360 degress now.

    c. Kies is able to recognise this version and did not report unsupported anymore.. Strange but surprised as there is no new Kies version since 02 Jan 2012. (Samsung Singapore).

    d. I see new option from contact to call & message by sliding. Not sure if this is available in the previous release.

    e. It looks more stable and smooth from previous XXLP6

    Great guys. Thanks again for giving us the try, really appreciated.

  56. unable to use data, APNs are not created.
    wifi is fine

  57. Ok everythings seems to be working fine except contact. It hangs if clicked. Please help. Had already tried factory reset and chache clearing through recovery mode. Heats up a little but that should be ok I guess

  58. Its find compare to previous update but not fully stable.

    2G working good.. Wi-Fi working good. GPS ok. software update not work and its stay on notification area which is annoying ..battery back up has improve,3G is working..

    overall can use on daily basis but sometime phone overheated which may scaring ..

  59. Hi Pradeep
    How to install applications which reside on the sd card. Can’t install talking tom cat, field runner etc..

  60. hi pradeep, updated the phone but the previous version of ics was better than this. it overheats a lot even when the phone is in standby mode and screen is off. battery also discharging alot faster

  61. is it possible to update galaxy s2 GT-I9100G android version 2.3.4

  62. Hi Neela,I can update my I9100 with ICS?
    I have:Gingerbread 2.3.5 base version XXKI3 and DarkyRom2!
    Clear the cache before?How?
    My P1000 run verry good with G2.3.3 XXJPX!!!
    Is moment for updating S2!
    Th to your work!Is great!!

  63. Fm works
    GPS works
    device still does not register for updates
    Swipe has some problems I guess
    Firmware is a lot more stable
    interface is now like galaxy nexus… Glass effect
    Overall a lot Better than lp6

  64. Hi pradeep, here also wipe data and clear cache files bcoz you did not mention on the tutorials?

  65. Great job frm Android Advices..very appreciable.. this time everything is working perfect.. very stable… no pblms..

    Kaushik Macharla

  66. i neel i have updated the firmware not able to get APN settings , face lock is not working , software is not registering

  67. Hi pradeep,
    File downloading issue is there from please find out and sort out us. we are egar to new version.

  68. Hi i’m downloading this firmware i”ll update and update u …..

  69. Pinaki Chatterjee

    Hi Folks,

    Appreciate all your efforts, just installed and trying here are few of my observations

    1.If clicks on Contact Icon it hangs, after some time it comes up saying ” Contacts is not responding” this was the same issue with the previous versions as well so had to uninstall and rollback to 2.3.6. Looks like main hitch as if you cannot load back your contacts or if contact hangs then you cannot use
    2.Software update keeps up showing icon on the top of the screen, but when want to register it does not register

    Above are my two observations so will post further my observations


    • Pinaki Chatterjee

      Ok Folks here are my further feedback

      1. Contacts are still an major issue and it simply do not respond at all if clicked, cleared cache and factory reset through recovery mode but no luck so far
      2. Contacts are accessible through Dial Icon but its a long way but at least works
      3. Observed heating issue

      Rest seems to be fine and can be used up to certain extent on day to day use, if contact issue resolved I guess 95% is done and can be used fully.

      Hoping to see contact issue resolved since last two releases

      Enjoy this new baby its really kool


  70. Should i backup my phone (apps/sms/logs) before updating??

  71. I applied the firmware via mobile odin,first the “code”file then “modem” and last “multi”file,update was successful without any hitch,device remained rooted without “yellow triangle”.touch is better now,wifi,gps browser,restart working fine,very little force close but there is uniform bluish haze.over all good effort……thanx

  72. I applied the update through mobile odin,first the “code” file then “modem” and lastly “multi” file,update was suuccessful without any hitch,the device remained rooted,no yellow triangle.touch is better but there is a uniform bluish haze,no force close wifi is working fie,gps no problem,restart working fine…thanx

  73. hi friend , everything fine in thid firmware but mobile network not working i tried many ways.. y sooo?

  74. Tricking awesome thank u pradeep,hats off to u, keep the good work up,u should be working for Sammy or google, trust me

  75. downloading now. but having issues downloading the pit file says its 0mb on hot file website

  76. Data package 3g doesnt work on this firmware, after setting APN also it doesnt work. cleared cache. factory default too.

    also. samsung software update registration section. same. processing failed.

    what all they fixed from xlp6. which is working on this. below
    FM radio issue has been fixed,
    restart was not working in xlp6. that has been fixed, and scrolling better.. other all same as xlp6.. data package spoiled :D

    thanks for the update neal. we expect more stable version in future. again

  77. Updated but went back to 2.3.5, because this version is also not stable.
    Phone over heats..
    Touch Response is bad..
    Didnt want to look for other bugs…