Galaxy I6500U

How To Update Samsung Galaxy Saturn I6500 to XZNJC4 Asian Firmware

Steps to update your Galaxy Saturn I6500 phones to XZNJC4 Firmware:

    • Initially download Galaxy Saturn I6500 XZNJC4 package to your computer (or Laptop) desktop. Once you downloaded the package, extract it at the same location. In the process of extraction you need to enter the password, so enter the password as ‘’, and extract the files safely.


    • After extracting the files, check whether all the files with the above screenshot are present in it or not and if you found any of the missing file then download the file again and extract the same. Now, open the Odin tool from the extracted files and turn OFF your phone.


    • Now, turn ON your phone again and enter into the downloading mode. To enter into the downloading mode, press volume DOWN key and OK button along with the Power button simultaneously. Refer to below video to know how to turn ON your phone in the downloading mode.


    • After the phone is in downloading mode, connect your phone to PC using the USB cable. Now, the ID:COM block will be turned into yellow indicating that all the necessary drivers have been installed successfully.

Odin yellow

  • Now, select the PDA file as shown below.

PDA – I6500UZNJC3_PDA_REV02_CL193612(All)_user.tar

Odin tar

    • Once you selected the file as shown in the above screenshot, go on click the ‘start’ button to initiate the updating process. This process may take few minutes, so don’t interrupt the process in between or else you need to start the process again from the beginning.
    • Your phone now will be restarted automatically indicating that the process of updation has been completed successfully. So, now turn OFF your mobile and ON it back again to enter into the recovery mode. To enter into the recovery mode, press volume UP key and OK button along with the Power button simultaneously. Refer to below video to know how to turn ON your phone in the recovery mode.


  • After the phone entered into recovery mode, choose the options like wipe data/factory reset and Wipe Cache partition. The cache files will generate into your phone on the process of updation to damage some of the applications in the phone, so to avoid that we need to clear all the cache files form the phone. So, use the above options to delete all the cache files from your phone. After clearing all the cache files, reboot your phone using the option ‘reboot system now’ and enter the language preferences and Google account preferences again.

That’s all; your Samsung Galaxy Saturn I6500 phones are now updated with XZNJC4 Firmware successfully. If you find any issues and questions on the whole process, please mention them under the comments section below as we always try to provide the best solutions to solve them.

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