How To Update Samsung Galaxy SL GT I9003 with Stable Gingerbread based Nexus S Custom ROM Firmware

Galaxy SL I9003 LogoWhile the MIUI ROM for the Android smart phone makes an Android phone look like an Apple iPhone and if you are an Samsung Galaxy SL I9003 user then you might just shout out aloud after hearing that you can make your phone look like a Google Nexus S. Yes, you have heard it right, you can now install the custom ROM in your Samsung Galaxy SL I9003 after which your phone will look no less than the Nexus S Android smart phone. Please note that the only thing which you will have to be careful is that you need to follow the instructions as mentioned in the article for the safe and speedy updation of the phone with this Nexus S ROM.

In the due course of this article we will not only see on what are the enhancements which this firmware has got but also we will see on what are the enhancements which comes bundles with this firmware version along with the list of pre requisites which you need to follow before applying the update and then followed by the list of instructions which you need to follow to apply this update of Nexus S ROM in your phone.

Please note that anyone with the Samsung Galaxy SL I9003 phone can proceed to follow the instructions which are mentioned in this article. For your convenience, we have splitted this article into different sections which is spread over different pages in this article.

Note: Since the firmware update will erase all the settings which are there in the phone, all your Internet APN settings along with the MMS Settings will be erased. You will have to contact your Service provider to get more info on the APN Settings and the MMS Settings. Also, we hold no responsibility if anything goes wrong which is an unlikely event if anything goes wrong. Most of the users forget this step and end up experiencing difficulties in accessing the internet after updating the phone.

Important: Please note that just in case if any of the Voodoo components are installed in your phone then you will have to ensure that all of these are removed from the recovery mode. If you are unable to remove the Voodoo lag fix then you need to disable the same from the recovery mode which you will find an option in the advanced options.

Disclaimer: We should not be held responsible in any manner if anything happens to your device as which is a very unlikely case if you follow each and every instruction which is mentioned below in this article. Also, these instructions should only be applied to the Samsung Galaxy SL I9003 only and if applied to any other similar looking or other devices then you will be bricking the device for which we should not be held responsible.

So, let’s proceed to the next page where we have mentioned the list of enhancmeents which comes bundled with this Nexus S ROM.


  1. some time my samsung s gt-i9003 is not working. the key pad lork does not open, at that time when incoming call comes we cont open and answer the call.

  2. I9003DXKP9 I9003OLBKP7

    Would apprecite to know whether the local features such as languages would be lost if installing Nexus S Custom ROM Firmware.


  3. to make wifi work in this rom u need file explorer
    1. after installing this rom install file explorer
    2.extract the given file
    open system/etc
    Mount r/w
    3.delete wifi folder there
    4.copy the wifi folder from the given zip file to system/etc
    5. then mount r/o
    6.Reboot and enjoy ur wifi

    Zip file link

  4. can i use xxkpq instead of xxkpe


  6. Hi how are you?

  7. i hv istall this rom but i keep get this msg ‘kernal panic upload mode’
    i hv restore factory and all but still get this msg..what should i do

  8. Anupam Shrivastava

    Hi Pradeep,

    I have downgraded my phone from 2.3.6 to 2.3.4 as instructed above now I have I9003XXKPE installed but when I’m going to recovery mode and installing Nexus S Rom it is coming up with an error like signature does not match and stop right there. Please tell me how to overcome this situation. I really wanna see pure android skin on my Galaxy S Gt I9003.

    Thank you.

  9. wifi error. how to fix it

    • to make wifi work in this rom u need file explorer
      1. after installing this rom install file explorer
      2.extract the given file
      open system/etc
      Mount r/w
      3.delete wifi folder there
      4.copy the wifi folder from the given zip file to system/etc
      5. then mount r/o
      6.Reboot and enjoy ur wifi

      Zip file link

  10. any one can guide about battery uses. If i connect wi-fy my battery work 4 hours maximum. If i connect GPRS through AIRTEL – my battery hardly work 8 hours. if both service i disable then phone work 36 hours.

    reply me

  11. galaxy gt i9003 not working root.. so anybody how to do….

  12. i lovveeee it except if it supports arabic language :D
    good job

  13. I upgraded my mobile Galaxy GT-I9003 to Gingerbread 2.3.6 and it appear problem; restart continuosly it self and when i sent mail to samsung they told me i need to new software, so how can i get the new software or old one and install from my side without visit service center because they asked me a fee not free of charge.
    When the mobile restart, it remove sms, APN and others and go back to the default setting.

  14. Does it support arabic language..
    Please advice

  15. i update but my phone is not working…just on the monitor its shows galaxy s…but phone is not working.. what can i do now

  16. sir i flashed nexsus s rom but the wifi was not working and i again flashed gingerbread 2.3.6 my cell load bootanimation again and again what do i do now plz tell me.

  17. Successfully updated to XXKPQ . Applied Nexus ROM. Camera, Video Player, WiFi… everything OK.. Thanx..

  18. For all those ppl here who are waiting for a stable update of of this Nexus ROM..

  19. Hi Pradeep

    I got my i9003 updated with nexus custom rom. it is working fine, but i have few questions and issues, please reply back

    1 ) When i try to lower the voume of of the ringer it shows it is low but when i get a call it still rings on full volume ?
    2) The GPS sign dosent shows when i turn my map on, dose GPS work on this custom Rom ?
    3) I don use WIFI so i don have much issues if it works, what are the advantages of getting a custom rom on your device?
    4) are there any other custom roms for i9003
    Plz reply back to my questions

  20. hi,

    i have a GT-I9003, Android 2.2.1, Based version I9003DDKCI, Build Number: FOORYO.DDKF1.
    I want to know how do i upgrade to Android 2.3 the gingerbread version kindly guide me.

    Installing the new updated Kies of release date 2′jan 2012 well do it ?. Pls guide.



  21. I have GT I9003 Froyo 2.2
    Is the problem of wi fi resolved? I have downloaded DDKPI2.3.6.rar Just making sure everything works OK?
    Should I wait for some more time until wifi issue is resolved?

  22. Janak Ramchandani

    Link dead.

    P.S. right click on the link –> copy link address –> open new tab on browser –> paste link –> press enter. NOT WORKING.


    Thanks and Regards.

  23. Can I install this rom on my rooted DDKP2?

  24. Hey Neal when will the new version be out ? could u plz give me an exact date?

  25. So the WIFI bug is still there?

  26. I have Gingerbread XXKPQ (2.3.6) Can I update with this ROM??? Will it be stable…the wifi and camera and all???

  27. I have Gingerbread.XWKPG.
    Is this okay.
    If no, how can I upgrade to XXKPG? Kindly let me know.

  28. I just read a couple of comments and I wanted to ask. To fix the wifi problem do I have to update to a different version of the firmware?

  29. sorry, not XXKJE, it’s XXKPE, which is firmware of gt-i9003

  30. hiee neal, i’ve installed XXKJE in my gt-i900, And my phone is not getting sarted, or even in download and in recovery what should i do?…please help me.

  31. I just updated now, and i have troubles both with the Wifi and the camera. When are you releasing the update?


  32. The same problem here with the Wifi. When is the new update coming out?

  33. My camera doesn’t work after the update..

    Kindly help me out on this.

  34. I stay in india as u know this phone is launched in india as samsung galaxy s gt-i9003
    It is the same phone as sl but just the internal memory is 4 gb and my phon shows 2.2.1 version in my about phone option what procedure should I follow to get nuxes In my phn

  35. Is the wifi fixed yet?

  36. Getting problems.. Installation starts and then aborts. Re-checked to confirm that Phone is rooted.

    Any help?

  37. I Mean, am I need to downgrade to XXKPE or can flash over XXKPM.

  38. Hi, I’m on XXKPM 2.3.5. What should I do to flash this rom.

  39. Hey Neal,
    I’ve been patiently waiting for the new, updated version of this custom ROM.
    Can you give an estimate if when the new version will come out.
    I really love this damn ROM. However, this WiFi error is killing me. I CAN’T LIVE WITHOUT INTERNET!
    Please give us a heads up, because everyday when I need internet, I just don’t have it.
    Many thanks,

  40. Can I install nexus custom rom on my XXKPH phone?

    I have Samsung GT I9003 updated to gingerbread XXKPH. I have rooted the phone too.

    Is wifi issue fixed now (I read some posts above)?

    Thanks for your help.

  41. hi Neal……..thnx a lot……my GT I9003 in working well under the nexus custom ROM. when can we expect some special in d form of Icecream sandwich for our models from you ?

  42. hi neal………….plz post some clue to update GT I9003 with (1) ice cream sandwich update/firmware and (2) touchwiz 4.0 interface in can the GT I9000 procedures be followed for GT I9003 ? i am using nexus s custom ROM firmware. can u suggest a better one and send d link plzzz ?

  43. Hi Neal,
    the update works great….. The only problem is with wifi and usb tethering…… Fix the problem asap and release the next update……
    Thanx for the release…..

  44. Dear Sir (Neal),
    I want to use CM7 on my galaxy gt-i9003.
    Now i’m using gingerbread based custom rom Nexus S which i’ve updated from It’s working great only problem with wifi & usb tethering for data pacage.
    Thank you.

  45. HELP!

    My back key and option key is not working but it’s ligthing up. the home key is ok i am using sgs i9003. i tried looking for the firmware and updating it but it failed. my os is gingerbread xxkph version 2.3.4 kernel version i don’t know what to do i also removed the protective film and clean the surface already but nothing happened


  47. hey, did the new version release?? please post a link…

  48. Hi Neal, I have XXKPE on my GT-i9003, the problem i am facing. Camera doesnt work on Skype video call and Paltalk, but when i take the snap or video record. its works fine. (on net video call its freeze then only geeen or black screen).
    how can i change back this firmware to 2.3.3 ? please give me if you hav better firmware update link..
    or can i go back to original factory firmware 2.2.1 ? so that i can expect update from Kies.

  49. i want to remove this gingerbread based nexus custom rom what can i do. here is wifi issue so i want my previous version. please tell me what should i do

  50. I’ve updated my galaxy sl-i9003 with nexus s custom rom but my
    camera stopped working after updating. So please help me.

  51. Dear Neal,

    Everythinng went on well upto Rooting the Device
    Unable to install Nexus Zip from SD card or external SD
    error ; unable to mount Sd card
    tried mounting using the recovery menu same repeats…

    To restart from first , is there a way to unroot the device first
    please explain detail steps.
    Now Enjoying KXPE rooted version quite happy with it, everything works perfectly..

    Please Help on two issues
    1.How to Unroot the device ?
    2. Solution to this Unable to Mount Sd card Error

    Keep up the good work

    • Krithik,

      I had the same problem. But i fixed it.
      You need to format the sd card within the phone itself. Before doing that, backup the data in your sd card to pc.

  52. Hey
    Great work dude actually im a noob
    My gingerbread version is jpkp5 can u a it to XXKPE so that I can proceede here sir

  53. wonder the Wi-Fi issue cleared?

  54. give us the estimated time time!! so that if its gonna take time we would roll back to our Gingerbread JPKP5 2.3.4 Firmware or wait for the other version in mean time!!!!

  55. hello neal !!! first of all thankz and hats off to you and your team for making such efforts!!! i have have updated with the custom nexus s rom!! i am having the wifi problem so plz kindly help me to get it fixed it as soon as possible!!!! thank you

  56. i did it but wifi not working there is error. pz tell me how to slove

  57. there is problem to update this nexus rom firmware. signature error
    i do all thing but when i want to update this there signature error. pz tell me how i fix it

    • hey brother your phone is not rooted!! root it with Samsung Galaxy SL I9003 Gingerbread XXKPE 2.3.4 Firmware and then try again!!!!

  58. hey neal!

    thanks for all the awesome updates and advices on android. helped me a lot!
    so the for wifi issue on this update is still not fixed?

  59. upgrade ? or downgrade with faulty applications .. @%&?

  60. Hi
    I have Updated with my I9003 to Firmware JPKP5 2.3.4
    It is working fine thanks for your efforts.
    I want to upgrade to Nexus S rom , Should I Just put the Nexus Zip in SD card after rooting the device and proceed or should I Upgrade XXKPE & the root the device & apply Nexus zip update as mentioned.
    Please clearify the steps.

    Thanks for the help

  61. i updated my i9003 first in xxkp7 but there is problem in camera and also in video calling in all video call app. and now i update my phone to xxkp9 and now the camera is working but video calling in all vido call app. still problem..plz help me and tell me what is the best verion for video calling in skype,oovoo,tango.

  62. Recently I had updated my I9003 to Firmware JPKP5 2.3.4. What is the proceedure for me to have Nexus S Custom ROM Firmware in my i9003. Do I need to downgrade to XXKPE and proceed?

    Which is the official rooted firmware for i9003 from samsung for i9003?

    Thanks and regards

    • you can apply the update XKKPH!

    • As suggested by you, I have rooted and applied the update XXKPH and it is working just fine. The one issue I just want to highlight is the use of memory out 486.61 MB memory, it eating upto 400 MB! Due to this the performance of the battery has come down if I compare with that of JPKP5. Is there any remedy for this, let me know. Thanks for your support.

  63. Already try to update yesterday.
    Overall very good.quadrant test can go until 2000.
    But the problem is my gps not funtioning
    .gps test cannot detect any sattellite.
    Now i am reverting back to my old stable xxkpe

    • try checking the GPS outside!

      • already tried inside and outside. gps not functioning.
        when update to XXKPE, GPS very good since inside also can detect the satellite.
        hopefully this issue will be fix also as Nexus S Custom ROM Firmware is very good to left behind.
        now i revert back to my old XXKPE until all the issue has been fixed.
        now my GPS back to normal again inside and outside.

      • Already tried inside and outside but gps not funtioning.
        Hope developer will look this issue also as this update really awsome.
        Now i am reverting back to my old XXKPe and my back to normal. Can detect the satellite as per previous.

  64. I have XXPKH on my Galaxy SL I9003. Can I apply this update on my phone? This update is more stable than XXPKH right? Thanks in advance.

  65. I have updated my Samsung Galaxy SL GT I9003 with Stable Gingerbread based Nexus S Custom ROM Firmware.

    The only problem I have is when I click on the Wi-Fi button I get an error displayed. The Wi-Fi is not working.



  66. wifi is reporting an error after the update… i followed all the steps and had to repeat the update twice, but the problem still persists

    any suggestions?

  67. I done it but wi-fi is not working. it’s showing error

  68. Mr Neal Pradeep,

    First of all, thank you for all the work you’ve put into writing up useful FAQs and instruction guides for the newbies of Android phones. :) I have been following all your guides for upgrading my previously sluggish and vampire-like SGSL i9003. All the steps you’ve written out were followed 100% and using the files provided on the site

    I first used your guide in the first link to upgrade my phone from stock Froyo 2.1, and lousy Asian firmware.

    Then I followed your next guide to rooting it under the new firmware.

    Finally, I decided to flash it with this custom ROM. Everything was looking good, the functions all were working like usual. Call function, camera, music player, etc. All but one didn’t work in the end, and that was the WiFi. I couldn’t connect to my home WiFi as my device would give me “Error” when I tried. Please help me :’( Everything is so gorgeous already in this phone and I put in a great deal of research to make sure I made a right jump to Gingerbread and flashing a custom ROM. I suspect it’s a kernel problem, my friends tell me it’s something to do with the radio. Please respond as soon as possible. Thanks in advance.

    • hey andrew, we are just hoping that this issue is sorted, we are in constant touch with the developer and will soon come up with the fix! We really apologize for the issues!

  69. hey plz help me out!! while applying update from sd card its e: signatire not verified!1 installation aborted!! what to do

  70. reflashed it again, wifi is ok in the stock i9003 gingerbread, and root, but when i applied the nexus files, my wifi is not working anymore.. is this issue normal?

    btw, nice site you got here.. :)

  71. Hi Sir Neal, i’m using this custom ROM but my wifi can’t turn on..

  72. It says Signature Verification Failed

    • kindly root the phone, phone is not rooted!

      • thanks Neal… can you help me out with how to root… i downloaded the and did the necessary steps to get into recovery mode… but it still gives the same error i.e. E:Signature verification failed… any thing else i need to do?

  73. Ok… So am trying this update… Hope it doesn’t disappoint me…

  74. I have installed jpkp5. Do I need to flash xxkpe or shud I directly proceed for xxkpe root version?

  75. after i install the custom rom, i cant connet to wifi. it says error

  76. pls tell me wht is the advantage of custom ROM

  77. wHERE iss the post??

  78. Can’t download. Link dead.

  79. Mr. Neal, the download link “DOWNLOAD NEXUS S ROM” is not working! Please do update. Shunmuganathan

  80. I just wanted to know if I can go for this update. I have XXKPE on my Galaxy SL.
    In case of any issue, can I revert back to XXKPE?
    What are the enhancements and is it stable (just curious as XXKPE is very stable)?
    How is it different than JPKP5 2.3.4?