How To Update Samsung Galaxy SL GT I9003 with Stable Gingerbread based Nexus S Custom ROM Firmware

Enhancements in Nexus S ROM for Samsung Galaxy SL I9003:

  • Lot of Visual tweaks including the ones with the Juwes ROM and the Acid tweaks,
  • Gingerbread Launcher from Nexus S,
  • Cyanogen Mod theme along with 5 different options in the Lock Screen,
  • Bloatware is removed from the Firmware,
  • Supports EXT 4 File system than the laggy RFS File system,
  • Improved quadrant scores of 2500+ and also comes with an all new version of Android Market Place,
  • Zip Aligned ROM with the MIUI Music tools,
  • Over scroll glow as well as the CRT Effect,
  • Nexus S Boot Screen

Screenshots of Nexus S ROM :
Nexus S ROM 1 Nexus S ROM 2 Nexus S ROM 3 Nexus S ROM 4  Nexus S ROM 6 Nexus S ROM 7 Nexus S ROM 8

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