How To Update Samsung Galaxy SL I9003 to Gingerbread 2.3.4 XXKP7

Galaxy S I9003 LogoIf you own a Samsung Galaxy SL I9003 then you will now be pleased to hear that you can now enjoy the flavor of Gingerbread 2.3.4 for your phone. Last time we saw on how you can update your phone with the Froyo 2.2.1 version. This new version of Gingerbread comes along with the host of benefits which we will see in the due course of this article. With the arrival of this update most of the issues have now been solved, the major problem being the problem of lower battery power in the Froyo 2.2.1 version.

So, let’s see how you can install this firmware on your Samsung Galaxy SL i9003. Also, please note that this update is only for model which is Samsung Galaxy S LCD-I9003 and not for any other device like for Galaxy S GT I9000, Vibrant, Captivate, Mesmerize, Fascinate, Epic etc. Kindly follow the below mentioned steps carefully as if you don’t follow the steps then it may dead your phone. We take no responsibility if you update this firmware by downloading files from any other site apart from as the files which are distributed by some of the forums might have virus or any other unwanted files which may even spoil the phone.

Since this version of update is the leak version there will be some minor glitches which may come up with this firmware version but soon with the arrival of the official update, all the bugs will be solved. Also, note that this is not the version which is released by the Samsung KIES, but updating with this version of the firmware doesn’t mean that you have either rooted your phone or void the warranty and also if you have rooted your phone earlier then note that the rooting access will be revoked and for rooting again you will have to root the phone as soon as you update your phone.


  1. my phone is hanging frequently.
    camera does not respond immediatialy.
    while call receiving phone hang..

  2. i have problem with wifi si9003 its diconecting frequently.please help me

    i use android 2.3.6 firmware.

  3. Dear Neal,
    i am facing the 2 issues above (the black screen, samsung logo and the auto shutdown in addition to market craching constantly (the lastest market version)…
    i have the firmware 2.3.6
    baseband version I9003JXKP3
    build number GINGERBREAD.JPKPE

    any solution? or maybe an update?downgrade?
    looking forward for your precious help!
    thanks in advance!

  4. Hi

    My GT I9003 restarts often pls any suggestions

  5. hi,
    i hv galaxy s gt-i9003 n i hv update via odin its rooted succesfully but my phone doesnt start. it only comes samsung logo. plz help frnds

  6. Hi, Please help me

    Recenty i update my samsung galaxy s gt i9003 successfully froyo to gingerbread with kies on 11.01.2012, after that the whenever mobile is not in use for one or 2 hour (generally at night time) it starts to reboot then i have to do soft reboot or remove battery , it erase all my backup contact, message and short cut at screen and make bettary empty.
    I have to follow the procedure just like the factory reset time.
    So i went to authorized samsung service centre, they flash and re update and assure it will be all ok.
    But the problem is same and having the troble.

    Any suggestion, what to do?


  7. hi neal,, i wanna know ,which official version of android OS is most stable for my samsung galaxy S i9903 SL(indian made)

  8. Hi,

    I updated with Android 2.3.4 for my Galaxy SL, everything is fine, when i am in roaming, the mobile signal is not showing as roaming R icon, whereas in my previous version Froyo it happens after updating with 2.3.4 it is not.

    Any suggestion for this.

    Thank you,

    • Update with XXKPN firmware!

      • Thanks for the update and i will try to update with 2.3.5 XXKPN.

        Also when i connect my phone with Samsung kies, I am getting a message “Your phone doesnt support firmware upgarde” but previously with 2.2 I got some information in Samsung Kies about update.

        Actually it supposed to display that your firmware is upto date, if i am not wrong.


  9. i updated the phon tday in ggbd 2.3.4

  10. hey i cant receive calls on my galaxy slI9003.Ii tried to call on my phone ,the call was going but my phone didnt responded .
    plz help

  11. hey the 2.3.5 is available now go n update your kies first and your galaxy sl will get 2.3.5 automatically to upgrade.
    i got my new version just a few mins ago

  12. Dear, Brother…
    Samsung Galaxy gt-i9003 is very good mobile but i can not update…
    tell me properly how to update phone froyo to gingerbread

  13. thnx a lot!

  14. Guys official gingerbread coming before 15nov. 2011 & ICS in 4th qaurter of 2012 for gt i9003

  15. Should i reflash it at service center

  16. 2.2.1 I9003DDKC1 baseband version

  17. The downgrade was done in samsung service center

  18. After updating i was having the same problem with video player and camera so downgraded to 2.2.1stock firmware still problem persists please advice

    • wait till the next update or else you can go back to the stock froyo version, may we know what was your earlier stock default version?

      • HiNeal ,

        I have upgraded to Gingerbread as per Android Advice. After this I am unable to connect Samsung Kies & I am also having some problems with my mobile like sometimes I am not getting lock screen properly.

        Please help.


  19. I bought a samsung galaxy GT-i9003 and in which the phone installed all over the internet setting and gmail configured.



  20. there is still a problem with my galaxy s after the update videos which were playable on froyo were not supported after the update also as far as i knw sl is a divx compatible file those files also i cant play now

  21. hey neal.. when is the official update gonna launch?? Any Idea??

  22. Since I installed Gingerbread (Rom XXKPE – Firmware 2.3.4), I can not connect to “USB Tethering” on Ubuntu 10.04 Lucid . On Windows XP IT WORKS! I have another Galaxy SL GT I9003 with Froyo, and runs on Windows and Ubuntu, it worked when I was Froyo on my Phone.

  23. Hi

    if i updated my i9003 to gingerbread i might lose my warranty right ?

  24. Hey! Thanks for the update! Anyway, I’ve got the problem with the camera too, sorry to be the 1000th person to comment about this. Anyway, I downloaded the firmware posted on page 5, which is the xxkp7. I couldn’t find the XXKPH link on the site.

    My camera screen stays black, no error msg, but no visual neither.

  25. hi neal, thanks for the detailed article, i just bought galaxy s i9003 yesterday (9th Oct 2011), the phone PDA version reads I9003DDKFI and Phone version reads I9003DDKCI

    do you think i can use the approach mentioned about to move over to GB from current froyo, else do u think it will be better to get it done by samsung itself, pls let me know


  26. Since I installed Gingerbread (Rom XXKPH – Firmware 2.3.4), I can not connect to “USB Tethering” on Ubuntu 10.04 Lucid . On Windows XP IT WORKS! I have another Galaxy SL GT I9003 with Froyo, and runs on Windows and Ubuntu, it worked when I was Froyo on my Phone.

  27. Great update but wi-fi not working. Keeps disabling when I go to connect. Any answers??

  28. Mahendra K Mishra

    I have install gingerbread 2.3.4 in Samsung Galaxy SL GT I9003 . All is fine but there is one problem, If it is in idle mode after one hour your display will not work accept hot key. Kindly resolve this problem if any.

  29. hi i updated my i9003 sucseccfuly in xxkp7 and now problem of front camera in skype. plz help what i do now?????????

  30. hi i already update my i9003 in xxkp7 and now problem of front camra in skype.. what i do ? plzz reply me..

  31. thanks. i ipdated my samsung to gingerbread. thanks. ;)

  32. Hello neal…. I hav a prob in ma phon… The android market in ma phon gets automatically updated to version 3.1.5 which i hate coz it is not working well in ma phone… I want the old 2.2.6 version which runs smoothly on it… I hav to uninstall the update everytime whenever i hav to use market… Plz help me out how shud i remove its update permanently???

  33. Neal Is this update the official one??? i dont want to update my phone with the leaked version..
    Can anyone tell me when the official update is gonna be released???
    And also can i update it directly through kies??
    recently when i launched kies it said an update is available…but i dint update it coz in many sites its people have commented saying the new update has caused problems??? i need help with that too!!

  34. Hi After upgrading to Gingerbread 2.3.4 my phone is getting switched off automatically with the error “Power reset or unknown upload mode”. Also i am not able to connect to kies.

  35. my samsung galaxy s gt i9003′s camera and movies is not working……. plz…!!!

  36. I updated my phone, but after that the battery life sucks. Any idea what can be done for extending battery life/.

  37. my phone samsung i9003 blank screen and cannot detect usb after i upgrade Gingerbread 2.3.4..i think my samsung be like this because upgrade cannot to solve this problem..please help me..

  38. my videoing does not take long and not clear in a dull place. why and what should i do.

  39. Hey NeaL Pradeep, i think the new software JPKP5 is for specific region. After flashing this binary i am seeing added apps. like Holy Quran, Prayer Times and Qiblah Directions. Please clarify.

  40. ■…(Optional) Many of the Galaxy SL I9003 users have reported the problem that they are unable to get into the download mode which is the top most necessity for updating your device, so for all those just follow the given instructions which are mentioned below and you can easily fix the download mode and also the recovery mode bug. This procedure is only for those whose devices unable to get into the download mode and the recovery mode.


    • as of now we havent come out with the same to fix it, you need to visit service centre for the same!

      • more detail: i mean my Samsung Galaxy SL I9003 have been upgrade to Gingerbread 2.3.4 XXKP7, but i find that when i press vollume up + home and power key, i can’t find any previous download mode (digging) icon when it was in 2.2
        but there is a selectable manual to instead. so how i can, say how i can resume it back to 2.2 or upgrade it to 2.3.4 XXKP9 ? thanks!

  41. Hi Neal,

    Can the update be done for Samsung GT i9003 as well? Please let me know. Also, I’m facing issues with GPS in this model which I believe isnt working proper. Please let me know what can be done for this as well.


  42. Hey Neal,

    I have been going through this blog.. Pretty interesting I must say. I have a few questions. I have the SL i9003.

    I read in the presvious posts that some users were haveing problems with camera and the phone hangs at times. In your responses, you mentioned that it will be upgraded soon.

    1.) Is the firmware package posted as of today an UPDATED version?
    2.) Are there still any bugs in this ?
    3.) I am unable to upgrade using KIES. Can I do it using your method?
    4.) Is this the OFFICIAL Final release for i9003 ?


    • 1. yes, its an updated version.
      2. yes there are still few bugs as its a beta release,
      3. untill and unless samsung pushes it wont be available via KIES.
      4. No its a beta release, not the official!

  43. I m facing problem with my phone GT-I9003 Samsung Galaxy.. Music Player automatically open and Sound does not work. I hv to put on Speaker ..after few moment it work normally it continue again again…i m confused please help…

  44. After updating..My wi-fi doesnt connect to any network.How to resolve the same??

  45. Thanks for the update, i have 2 issues here:

    1. Will there be a chinese language input available?

    2. Black screen, auto shut down. Happen to often and cannot reboot, need to remove battery and put it back to turn on!

  46. hey thanks for the firmware its working smooth …

  47. Its a cool gadget, but need some improvements.


  48. Thnaks…..worked like a charm…..though i had to flash it a second time to get the camera working….i guess tht problem occurs when u flash it for the first time from the default factory firmware…nywys…its working fine…. :)


    • yES, IT WILL FIX THE Issue, kindly proceed to update the same!


      • hi Neal,

        first i want to thank u on the Commendable job that u r doing and helping android users,i also need a bit of help.
        iam planning to purchase my first android,my budget is upto 17000 please suggest the best device in this price,however i myself did some research on the net but still confused between HTC and SAMSUNG can u please tell me the pros and cons for the 2 market giants.would HTC salsa be a good option as it is available for 14499 on flip kart or i go for samsung galaxy and then update it from 2.2 to 2.3 gingerbread.

        curious for your reply.

        • you can go with Galaxy S GT I9000 just for a simple reason that it offers infinite possibilities of customization! Strict personal no for HTC and etc. as these comes with Boot loaders due to which there is a limited customization for these!

  50. Hi all,

    1st of all i would like to thank to helping me to upgrade my I9003 to gingerbed. I am facing a very different kind of problem, My kites s/w does not recognize my phone. although it was doing it before upgrade. I took my backup from it but now can not restore it. is it m missing somthing to do. Kindly guide me.


    • no, everything is fine, you can proceed with the update!

    • hi,

      after reading all ur threads (most of) i try fixing my problem now m on
      PDA I9003xxkpe
      Phone I9003xxkpe
      CSC unknown (is this normal??)

      although till now m not facing any problem (except once again that green man came on screen but after doing battery in & out its working fine). DO i have to upgrade it further??? to XXKPH…
      or its working fine then i should wait for official upgrade…
      kindly also tell any expected problem.


  51. Everything worked as described on my phone, except the very last part – clearing cache through the recovery mode. For some reason I couldn’t get into the recovery mode, instead I got screen: “POWER RESET OR UNKNOWN UPLOAD MODE”
    I skipped cache clearing step and so far phone has been working fine. Should perform “Factory reset” from inside settings?
    On other note – Kies does not connect after this update. Is there a new USB driver for Win 7 (64)?
    Below is a dump from the process.
    Enter CS for MD5..
    Check MD5.. Do not unplug the cable..
    Please wait..
    CODE_I9003XXKP7_CL280937_REV08_eng_mid_ship.tar.md5 is valid.
    MODEM_I9003XXKP7_REV_00_CL1021949.tar.md5 is valid.
    GT-I9003-CSC-MULTI-OXAKP7.tar.md5 is valid.
    Checking MD5 finished Sucessfully..
    Leave CS..
    Odin v.3 engine (ID:4)..
    File analysis..
    Set PIT file..
    Get PIT for mapping..
    Firmware update start..
    Transmission Complete..
    Now Writing.. Please wait about 2 minutes
    Receive Response form LOKE
    RQT_CLOSE !!
    RES OK !!
    All threads completed. (succeed 1 / failed 0)

    Jus a minor thing: you could correct spelling at – Checking MD5 finished Sucessfully Initialzation..
    Overall – good job!

  52. thanks its working good

  53. Dear Neal,

    I have followed your instructions for my samsung GT I9003 and i can see the upgrade. however the phone is not receiving any network after installing the sim card. i have already tried clearing the cache and rebooting. Can u please help me with this issue?

  54. hi, camera and video playback works on second update.cheers.!!!

  55. my camera is not working when i upgraded samsung gt 9003i to gingerbread.please help………..a

  56. after i did the update,my phone reboots itself for sometime. I have read the comments here and it says that i must clear te cache. How will i clear the cache?i dont know how plz help.

  57. ive installed the firmware ,, and camera is now working fine after i flashed for the second time… but there is another problem.. if i try to install any application that is not downloaded directly from the android market is not being installed .. it says” Install Blocked ” For security reasons , ure phone is set to block applications not obtained from Android Market :(( plsss help asap :’(

  58. I just installed gingerbread as per your indications. everything went well and its great to have a new feel. I however have a question. an the theme of gt 9003 i be made like samsung s2.. Or as a matter of fact can the theme be changed……please help me

    thanks for gingerbread

  59. Why you publish something buggy and untested and make so much trouble for people and yourself?

  60. Hi Neal,

    pls provide with the link to the XXKP9 file .. i think most of us are facing similar problems of screen going blank n having to remove the battery to get the phone restarted.. Pls assist in gettin a permanent fix for this issue.


  61. mohannad monther

    how can I download arabic language to my phone after installing android Gingerbread 2.3.4 XXKP7
    as it dose not support arabic.
    please replay

  62. How to reset the passowrd of galaxy s i9003 sl . there is no option saying reset password.

    pls mail at

  63. As i read all the comments , all who update their phone to 2.3, all have face some problems.So i just buy gti9003 tommarow
    can i update it or not ? is it ne risk on it.plz tell

  64. mohannad monther

    hi thank you for helping us to improve our lovely galaxy from samsung, my problem is that it does n’t support arabic language can you help me please, if it is impossible so how can I return to my original froyo 2.2.1 please answer me soon.

  65. Hi im unable to connect to Kies.. After updating my firmware to Gingerbread.. please advice.. Thanks!

  66. Brothers!

    this update put me in one more big problem which is “Kernel Panic or Upload Mode”. this error is popping up on and off and every time I have to remove the battery and insert again to work with it, but this is not the solution its very annoying.

    Please I need support for “Kernel Panic or Upload Mode”.

  67. i got problem with my galaxy SL. In between 2days my phone always turn off. why this happen?

  68. Hi Neal Pradeep,

    Not sure whether my post regarding XXKPH update is applicable to this thread and title.
    Maybe you could help to create and new thread and tutorial like what you did for XXKP7. Thanks a lot.

    Been using XXKPH since last week 8.17.2011 Wednesday, 17:35 GMT. so far no problems encountered, no reboots, no hangs, camera working, no kernel issues, no delay response, batt (f@#$&* awesome playing spiderman mayhem for 6 straight hours, my batt uses only roughly 30% only), after that, from time to time calls and text messages, i just charged 8.19.2011 in the afternoon.
    oh 1 more thing, when i ran quadrant benchmark, my phone ranges 1739-1865 score. always on top!! which last time i ran using XXKB3, my phone ranked last, dam moto droid is 4 phones above mine.

  69. After XXPE updat of my GT-19003 works fine. but. camera has some issue.sometime.(i have updated twice already), when i stream cam on skype or Paltalk. its freeze, or sometime shows only Green color on cam preview. can we expect update on kies. or if we update manually. can not get update from KIES! ????? I really need update from Keis. i dont want to update this way always. Dear Neal. when auto rotate enabled. why camera freezing on Skype.Paltalk. n yahoo


    • WIth android 2.2.1 ver camera was working fine. but. only back camera on skype n Paltalk

    • hey vivek its a network issue and have you updated your skype app!?

    • Hi Vivek,
      actually, i have a lot of friends working in samsung (technicians and customer service), and they have mentioned to me that Kies don’t actually work on all samsung phones, that is why we need this. and in fact, by this kind of updating, at least you could technically know you phone better, rather that pluggin it in your pc and wait for Kies to do the job for you without understanding what happened and what Kies did to your phone. maybe try to update with the XXKPH firmware..

  70. …?????pls answer my question mr.Neal pradeep.

  71. Is official kies update available ?

  72. Hey,
    I upgradede my Samsung Galaxy S GT i9003 to the 2.3.4 version but there are numerous problems in this version like Camera not working or Phone hanging saying Power Reset etc. I want to go back to the previous default version that i had in my phone. Please reply back as to how can I do that. Am waiting for your reply.

  73. So everyone is there a solutioon for the screen blackout thing? or not?
    how can i go back to 2.2.1 version, just simply flash it? or is there a procedure for going back from 2.3.4 to 2.2.1?

  74. hey thanks buddy
    i tried to upgrade by the above procedure but for the first time my camera was not working then i tried the same process again and thanks to you guys its working smoothly. i also want to know that is my phone is under warranty or its gone and when the official version of 2.3 will be available in India.
    thanks to all of you

  75. this for new guys who afraid for updating gingerbread.xxkpe plz note that u’ll do this life very ezy b’cous i was do it.
    firest time was my phone camera is not working but i try aging it’s work,all phone has same problem plz don’t afraid,and keep updateing ezy with odin….

    & for this gays who was make this trike thaknx alot hads on for u…….

  76. Hi,

    i need your help to upgrade to gingerbread but cannot, i connect my phone to Kies it mention ;

    Pls help.
    user GT-I9003

  77. whre to gt da vrsion of gingerbrd?

  78. Hi,
    I am using SAMSUNG GALAXY GTI9003. I follow all the instructions mentioned above and Gingerbread installed successfully. I clear the cache as well Camera and Video player doesn’t works.

    Any suggestion?

  79. thanks you for this post. I updated my andoid to gingerbread!

  80. PLS help,

    my device unable to connect to samsung Kies, and the strange thing is my portable device known as GTI9000 instead of GTI9003…..(is it a bug!) it’s really buggin me ri8 now…..pls help!


    IF YOU THINK GETTING android 2.3 on your phone is going to help you then you’re big trouble.

    Reason this is European I9003, let me be honest as well all are smartphone user so we all know about Localisation. that thing really matters practically on all such kind of devices.

    let me explain what happened with my phone.

    i flashed firmware, firstly got issue with camera as everyone got. then flashed it again. the best problems i discover was no video playback and video lagging if you play some games. that clearly explains this firmware is not getting accepted by phone. Moreover while phone in idle no matter it wont resume back until you have force yourself by taking out the battery from your phone then restarted.touch was pathetic.i was so much frustrated i went to service centre nearby and reload froyo back.

    ONLY Best things you gonna get it battery performance still being technocrat i would strongly recommend you to wait for Samsung official upgrade for Samsung i9003. i am pretty sure people who have bought this phone from India will get upgrade soon available. just be patient and Dont play with your phone.


    TK CRE.


    • i dont agree with your comment which you have mentioned att he bottom but we really apologise for the problems which you faced but its just your perception on that we are not serious about the issues! We have also come with the new froyo version on, kindly find for the same and that will solve the issues !

      • Well NEEL! i must thanks your reply!

        let me ask you this! you know problems with this firmware upgrade 2.3! what you would like to say for this! if you are really serious then why people are having problem with firmwire upgrade! trust me if you would in my situation, surely your comments will what i wrote! i guess you can understand what i am trying to say


        • thanks moh, it was pleasure addressing your queries. yes we understand that there are issues with this update and we will try our level best to come up with an article which can overcome all these issues!

  82. Hello,

    it seems to peoples that were upgrading the software then facing some problems.
    I want to upgrade also, please inform whether the latest update provided here is good or not.


  83. hi…i upgraded my Galaxy S i9003 to Android 2.3.4…but i didn’t get the gingerbread home applications theme and the newly changed interface of Android market

  84. Hi Neal,

    I’m from the Philippines, can you also help to confirm if the instruction is also applicable?


  85. hi i have just completed the flashing phase…. but now when my phone starts to reboot its sent back to the same initial screen…. is there a file that its not reading right?

  86. Sir,
    Everything went fine but only few things i got understand! i guess as this kind off beta version due to which this happening video lagging while playing games like angry bird! also touch is not responsive as it was in froyo.
    i tried installing first, unsuccessful second success ! second time while phone was idle it will never resume back unless i dont take out battery! yesterday again i cleared cache /reset to factory but now only two things i figured out so far! any advices for this issue.


  87. I tried to go into recovery mode to clear the cache but It said


    and then nothing happens…and I can’t turn it off except by taking the battery out.
    Please help!

  88. when will the official GB for sl 9003 be release in south east asia?? pls update if any of u guys heard any news

  89. Upgraded my sg sl 9003 to gb 2.3.4 five days ago.
    The phone freezes when not in use or while charging.
    Uninstalled apps but no difference.

    Any idea?

  90. I got the camera working now.
    I have problem with speed dial now. It keep saying unknow application when I try to use the speed dial function to make call.

  91. Tried upgrading my galaxy sl to gingerbread using the instructions, but the thing doesn’t go beyond

    Enter CS for MD5..
    Check MD5.. Do not unplug the cable..
    Please wait..
    CODE_I9003XXKP7_CL280937_REV08_eng_mid_ship.tar.md5 is valid.
    MODEM_I9003XXKP7_REV_00_CL1021949.tar.md5 is valid.
    GT-I9003-CSC-MULTI-OXAKP7.tar.md5 is valid.
    Checking MD5 finished Sucessfully..
    Leave CS..
    Odin v.3 engine (ID:8)..
    File analysis..

    It doesn’t go beyond the above step. I have waited for a lot of time, beyond 30 mins but things don’t seem to work. My galaxy sl screen shows the “Downloading” screen. I don’t see any data transfer thing (not sure if I should be seeing anything on the phone screen).

    Please help :(

  92. i updated my phone(GT i9003) twice and it is working wonder except that i can not access my external sd card through USB connection.
    please HELP ! anyone???

  93. Camera not working after update. Can someone help me?

  94. this is perfect. i cant believe it. if you have any problem plz contact me by my email.

  95. Hi Neal,

    I am facing the battery problem and light heating problem in my galaxy SL I9003 mobile. I got it before 1 month, the problem is i put full charge in night and i remove charger in morning and it works fine for some days, before 2 days my mobile is lightly heating in back side panel, and the charge gets dried in 4 hours even after putting full charge, whether is it battery problem or some problem in the chipset, pls advice. Its in warranty, if i go for service center will they charge any amount for this problem…?

    Expecting ur earlier reply on this.

    • you will have to visit service centre to correct the issue

      • Pradeep,

        Can you please post the link on the instruction to go back to Froyo & driver to work with KIES ? My Galaxy S got unstable turn off with black screen and power button stops as many explained above etc… Although at time it may works for several hours as normal but the performance is spotty & i think we should go back to Froyo & wait until the official update come with stability …

        Thanks again for the experience though.

  96. Great work , Neal

    I just want to know that anybody having the issue of flickering camcorder on lowlights,,,
    I bought this phone before 5days and 3 days before i updated it… with 2.3.4,, I dont know if this was too with 2.2.1

    So any replies with be helpful


  97. Hi,

    It workd fine after the second time.. But I have a new issue. The screen blacksout when I take long calls. Unable to unlock screen after this.. Is there a fix for this?

    Suresh S Murthy

  98. does uploading a LIVE WALLPAPER on to home screen leads to screen blackout???

  99. hi i ve updated my galaxy SL wid gingerbread 2.3.4 it worked well after i updated it second time,as my cam was not workin

    but now wen i leave it for somtime ideal screen is goin dead but keys are working…..hlp out dude i love my phone

  100. help, 1st time after update to gingerbread i can use camera fine, then after few time using camera, it hang

  101. Hi Guys,

    Need some help here. I flashed my device with the version of ginger bread provided above. Faced the camera and video playback issue. Wanted to re-flash my device. But unable to do so. I am getting the error message “Power Reset or Unknown Upload Mode”. Unable to reboot my device too.

    Please help me out!!!

  102. is this will work succefully?

  103. i have installed and flashed my phone to gingerbread…it works fine until i found out that there are lots of applications and games that are unable to run after being installed …
    does anyone face the same problem too..

  104. how to connect to computer after update…

  105. Hey i updated to 2.3.4…but my camers isnt workin…is there any way to get it work…

  106. Hi Camera works but when on idle mode it hangs, home button does not work its a black screen. Power button does not work we need to remove battery and put it back to restart. Is there a fix to get out of the blackout idle screen. Kindly update me. Thnx and hats off for helping out aspiring new firmware updaters like us who use their personal phones as lab/testing units for the benefit of others.

    • hey sanjai thanks for your kind words, we look forward to stand by your issues and solve the same! there is no fix as of now as this problem is rarely heard and since its a new issue, it will take bit of a time to come up with a solution but as soon as anything like that arrives, you know the place to be. Correct, :)

      • Hi Pradeep, I have a doubt. Does all upgraded 9003 have this camera issue or any particular batch only? Any other known bugs? Iam asking this because Iam planning to upgrade tomorrow. Thanks for your support.

      • Have the same problem with idle mode, power & home button don’t work & got a black screen. only remove battery does.. i cleared the cache & it works fine for now. Will keep a watchful eye on this & report to you if the back screen come back.. Thanks a lot Pradeep, great work, i know it come with bugs but that is to be expected with these flashing & cooking FW stuffs …

  107. Himanshu Dikshit

    Hi Neal,

    I have the .sbu file where I’ve backed up my contacts. Now everything else is working fine but my device is not being detected by kies. Is there any way to transfer those contacts back to my device?

  108. Hi, after i updated my default camera app does not work, the camera app opens, but cant click as images cant be seen. Both front and Rear cameras dont work, Is there a fix for this. Kindly let me know.Thnx.

  109. My camera works , but any application by using camera… it fail again …. need to restart and restart ! so what can i do now ? any solution ? or wait for new version?

  110. but thats not fair now what do i have to do if i want to play hd videos in my phone samsung galaxy s i9003 i have a samsung galaxy s i9000 that supports blue ray movies too
    will it work if i update i9003 to gingerbread

    • no as I9003 is not a DIVx certified model to play HD content!

      • Does that mean that the phone cannot play hd videos. Is there anything we can do so that it can play hd videos

        • phone can’t play hd videos as its not a DIVx certified phone!

        • GTi9003 supported HD video and have DIVx player installed. It is written on the phone box. I can play HD video during fruyo 2.2.1 and after upgraded to 2.3.4 XXKP7 but once I upgraded to XXKP9 the phone can’t play hd video anymore but normal resolution okay. Others are all fine. My advise, don’t uopgrade to XXKP7 as the phone keep switched off and must take out battery to switch on again. Straight flash with XXKP9 if you can accept normal resolution.

  111. Will this up-gradation to gingerbread of my galaxy i9003 start its video output?

  112. Hi guys,

    There will be alot of problems with Gigerbread firmware that has been leaked as it has not be tested thoroughly before release. Be patient and wait fo rth eofficial upgrade..afterall Samsung S Gt-I9003 is stilll relatively new. This upgrade will sure to have problems, hangups, camera not working etc….what the point if battery last longer but a lot of heart pain!!! Be patient… the officail firmware is expected to be out end of July or early August 2011. All the best…Samsung S Gt-I9003 is still one of the best phones.

  113. Can someone help me? I got a galaxy i9003. My Power Button is not working, I am having the same problem as “azizi.”

    I think it happened after I tried to update my firmware

    • Dear mario…
      Already try everything but still cannot turn on my phone due to power button no reaction at all. Try to connect to computer with usb but computer not detected.
      Try the 3 combination button for download mode volume+homebutton+power…no reaction also..
      Last resort bring to samsung service center..
      They inform my main PCB already defective and must be change.. Now my GTi9003 still at service center waiting for spare part..

  114. Hi, Thanks for the Installer files and instructions. I have successfully upgraded to 2.3.4 and not having problem with Camera and Video now. But I am facing an issue with Phone’s lock mode. When its in Lock mode after certain time (if not used and kept it as it is) it doesn’t get unlock. I have to remove battery and restart the device manually. Samsung Galaxy SL GT-I9003. Please do the needful. Thanking you in anticipation.


  115. I got it successfully upgraded and Camera and Video are also working fine. Only problem I am facing is when Phone is in Idle mode it doesn’t wake up on pressing Start Button and I have to remove battery and restart the device to make it work. Samsung Galasy SL GT-I9003. Please do the needful.


  116. How do i find out if my fone is SL or the GT one… i had froyo when i purchased the fone itself

  117. Always the best content from these progdiious writers.

  118. update was successful and after re flashing, camera and mp4 is working fine as well. BUT why often my cell get into KERNEL PANIC UPLOAD MODE…once get into this mode then doesnt respond untill i take of the battery and restart it….plz help

  119. Please need help. After i got to download mode and connect my phone to my laptop while the odin was open in the desktop, nothing was going on with the first box, it didnt add anything to the first box, nothing happened. What do you think was the problem? How can i fix this?

  120. there are lots of problem with this F.W. the camera does not response, kies do not able to detect the mobile, so cant use internet on PC. Is there is any other option to use internet on ma lappy using my i9003 as modem… please help. I really need it.

  121. I am getting the Kernel Panic Screen……!!!!

    Pls advice

  122. Thank you, i’ve update gingerbread and every things are going well now…

    ps: guyz who faced problems like camera etc , I have solved those problems by holding the up volume, home and start buttons together , as its written in step (7) you just read it … Hope this fix your problems too, good luck…

  123. I have flashed I9003XXKB7 and faced the same problem of frozen camera. I have flashed again with FW I9003XXKP9 and everything works fine since last 24 hours.

  124. upgrade to 2.3.4 but phone frequently hang(screen turn to black).
    downgrade back to 2.2.1, phone get to normal for one day but after that cannot turn on at all.
    no reaction from power on button.
    cannot get into download/recovery mode.
    now i cannot use my phone…
    any advise?

  125. i updated my phone now it will not turn back on

  126. For Samsung Galaxy S I9003 Stability use Firmware I9003XXKB3.

    and FW I9003XXKB7 not stable, and Camera n Video Player not function.

    FW I9003XXKB9 Traying… for now Camera n Video Player is function in use.

    For F.W. I9003XXKB9 I Will traying now.. Video Player & Camera ready use, but Video Player not use in high resolution.

  127. Hello People,
    I heard everyone out there complaining about multiple issues.
    Just to point out things :
    1- If you’re not a developer/you’re not in hurry to see how gingerbread works on your SL don’t upgrade.
    2- Camera will work fine on the first flash. Just make sure to wipe the cache after installing the firmware if you choose to install it.
    3- Concerning Kies. it is normal that it won’t work because this is not an official firmware, thus Kies won’t recognize your phone. So be aware that you won’t be able to restore your contacts/files through kies.
    To do so.. go to the market before installing the firmware, get a backup application like go contacts for example to backup your contacts. backup them and store them on the external sd card or copy the generate files to your pc. Intall the firmware, reinstall go contacts and restore your contacts.

    Again, the upgrade is not official so be aware not to brick your phone. so do not install it unless you really know what you are doing..


    • Thanks ! Good advices !
      Havr u try 2.2.3 yet ? Any improve in batery life ?

      • yes battery life has been substantially increased!

      • @Pham,
        Yes I have tried the firmware it works like a charm, Until now, i haven’t experienced any issues, the battery life is improved and the firmware is good.

        According to what I’ve heard an update is scheduled around mid July for the I9003.
        Concerning the camera problem, have you tried to turn off the device, then hold volume up key+home+power, you will get to a screen which will give you multiple option.
        Choose wipe your device cache, then reset your device to factory. it will work like a charm. this is what i did and it worked for me.

        • i did everything man. I even tried re-installing the firmware. This time, the camera turned on and when i tried to take a snap, the Camera force closed. Couldn’t take pictures this time. Whats the difference? And another main problem is when i try to unlock my phone, the lock screen wont come up Instead, a black screen will come and i had to remove the battery every single time. Now i’m downgrading to Froyo. Gonna wait for the stable Gingerbread.

        • Froyo firmware files are not working too. This is the error.
          Enter CS for MD5..
          Check MD5.. Do not unplug the cable..
          Please wait..
          MD5 hash value is invalid
          I9003XXKA8-REV08-PDA-low-CL876107[1].tar.md5 is invalid.

  128. i have tried to flash my phone last night, so far i only encountered that my camera is indeed not working, so i re-flash for 2nd time and i have not encountered any problems.
    my camera is working perfectly..
    i guess it has something to do with the data wipe procedure which is stated at page no.7.
    what i did on the 2nd time around:
    i entered the recovery menu first then data wipe/clear cache..
    then proceed with the latona installation first.
    after flashing the motherboard firmware,
    i proceed with bootloader, CSC, Modem, PDA installation with re-partition unchecked.
    then that’s it. after i boot. all is fine..
    i did not do the last part as what Neal mentioned at page number 7, due to if you will carefully read that, it was the instruction for Galaxy Captivate and not for i9003..
    but still i would like to make special thanks to Neal Pradeep for the effort of putting this instruction and uploading this. thanks and more power.. untill the next updates and firmwares..opps before i forgot, would like to request for you to upload this samsung galaxy S installation files(odin, latona,CSC,modem,PDA) to megaupload/rapidshare/filesonic

    • oppps one more thing, before you proceed, remember to remove your SD and SIM..thanks..

      • Great advice
        I was able to repeat almost every thing you had indicated
        The camera is working without any hitch
        I cannot connect with Kies, eventhough the latest of the suite is installed !!
        Thank you very much

        • Hi Doc,
          Thanks a lot.
          yeap, i noticed that as well, the latona file i think is for i9000 and not for our device i9003.
          if the official GB update is out, then might as well downgrade back to FRoyo XXKB3 to connect to KIES.

  129. KIES is not working with the new firmware, how can i restore my contacts from backup file (.sbu)?

  130. Kickass update. Far better performance. Could definitely feel the difference. Thanks for that. But the problems i’m facing are, camera and video player doesn’t work and sometimes when i try to unlock the screen, the lock screen won’t come up, and the phone randomly hangs and go into Kernel panic and upload mode. I had to remove the battery and switch it on again. Please rectify this. Can you tell me when the update will be released? Because, i’m having hard time with the camera not working. Everything is just awesome. Good job.

  131. OMG! this upgrade busted my I9003. camera not working, frequent hangs, unstable. Is there anyway to revert back to 2.2 froyo. :(

  132. You can revert to your previous Froyo by just modifying the files of the gingerbread.. download the froyo files and overwrite the ones in the gingerbread. and downgrade your phone with the same procedures as updating.. Download Quickzip to modify or create tar files.. I already downgraded mine cause its not yet stable..

  133. hi man i am pleased to see this
    and i want to ask few questions please reply me?

    1 if i update all application date will lost?

    2 if i update can i come back to my older-version ?

    3 when is the official update will come ?

    4after this update can i update to original update after available?

    • 1. yes all data will be lost,
      2. yes you can come back to older version whenever you wish to!
      3. There is no ETA for the official update but once it comes we will surely update with the same!
      yes you can update easily with the latest version!

  134. Man just give us old 2.2 cause it shows black screen and have to remove battery everytime.plssssssss

    • Hi…
      I was facing the same problem. But i guess its gone for me, it didnt hang for last one and a half day. Works fine. What i did was remove the external SD card and attach to pc through card reader check it for Memory errors and after that defragment the memory card. I read this procedure on net for HTC HD2 phone tried it on my phone and it worked. try it and its not harmful in any way for the phone. May it also work for you. :):)

  135. Hi frnds.. dont use this to upgrade your firmware untill a update comes. After updating my firmware it hangs a lot. When i try unlock my phone nothing appears on screen its black. I have to restart my phone everytime. Happened 5 times in a single day. And is there a way i can go back to 2.2

  136. @pham giang : Yes, after the second time update the camera and video started working.

    After sometimes it goes to upload mode and the only way out is to remove the battery and restart the phone.
    I don’t have backup of my old firmware and Iam strugling with this one.
    Can some one help me with a stable firmware (Even 2.2 is ok).

    • You have told the truth. I also feel that this is not stable.
      Now just wait for the official firmware through KIES

    • And what is experience in connecting the phone with this new firmware to KIES ?.
      I never got it connected.

  137. Front and rear camera works after updating twice.

  138. Shabbir Poonawala

    I have installed the 2.3.4 version as said above. The phone hangs and I have to remove the battery and reboot the phone again and again. Can someone please help me. Or tell me how to downgrade to the earlier version. Rest is excellent.

  139. Thanks for update :) but camera didnt work for the first time for me as well, i had to repeat the procedure again and camera works good now :)

  140. Sd Card not detected on PC, after update but I can see the same in mobile. Please guide how to solve ?
    Thanks in advance.

  141. Sd Card not detected on PC, after update but I can see the same in mobile.

  142. UPDATE: @Durgendren, I tried re-updating the firmware and both the Camera and Video Player started working.


  143. Camera not working.. Please do something

  144. some of the original roms of Samsung Galaxy S i9003

    but it didn’t work for me>> still having the stupid Camera & VideoPlayer problem

  145. ALERT : I updated to this version and my Camera and Video Player not functioning.
    How should I revert to the older 2.2 or better 2.3.

  146. Shreyas Upasane

    After this update on my Galaxy I9003 step by step…….my phone hangs frequently and i get the msg- POWER RESET or UNKNOWN UPLOAD MODE?…..then i have to take out the battery and have to restart the phone…..please help….having problems with this update!!!!

    • wait for the next firmware update which will be soon listed here!

    • I also have the same issue, sometimes when the system is in sleep mode,if i press the home button or power button to activate the phone, but it never wakes up, if you keep pressing the power button you get the message POWER RESET or UNKNOWN UPLOAD MODE ,so you have to remove the battery to restart the phone .then i have installed the android assistant and it keeps the system awake and not happening the problem very often now,it only happens once or twice a day.

      • Detecting the same problem. Phone hangs 5-6 times a day.
        Waiting for a stable update.

        • Experiencing the same problem with my Samsung SL i9003 after the 2.3.4 update. got to remvoe the battery atleast 4 times a day.. Hangs frequently when the GPRS connectivity is set to ON.. Hoping this issue would be fixed in a upgrade fix.

  147. Hey I ‘va the same problem >> pleaaaaaase help>>

    my camera is working well till after 2 -3 shots it got stock
    also videoplayer is not functioning !!!!!

  148. phone get into power reset or no upload mode…plz make this fix…i have to reboot phone every time..

  149. hey i found the solution while installing just check that BOOTLOADER button which is not shown in the picture and after upgrade dont reset u r phone. and camera should work properly,it works for me.

  150. hey while installng can i check the BOOTLOADER button or not

  151. And any body facing same problem, goto samifirmware and download Firmware of your continent (Asia for Indian model other asian countries) and flash with odin (above method), once it done your firmware will once again 2.2.1 with some update, but every thing will works smooth and wait for stable – Gingerbird update.

    and i more thing i saw in samifirmware is, as per their instruction, firm pit file is only applied (formated) then remaning other files are applied, may be this also solve the problem.

    • can you tell me that from where actually i can download 2.2.1 firmwares
      please reply

      • now i know how to downgrade….visit samsung service centre…n they will do it in 10 min….now im happy with my original froyo….thank GOD

        • Hey Zahid,

          should i UPGRADE my phone at Samsung service center???

          • you can update by following the simple instructions which are mentioned above, there is no need to go to service centre as its all there at your convenience. We are there to help you!

  152. hi i have a problem going into recovery menu…
    Where is the “menu” key located?

  153. Hi guys, I confused with comments above !? After upgrade the camera trouble ???

    My fone is GT-I9003
    Firmware version : 2.2.1
    Baseband version : I9003ZCKA7
    Kernel version : root@ip02 # 1 (my fone has been rooted)
    Build number : FROYO.ZHKC1

    Can I upgrade to Gingerbread 2.3.4 XXKP7 ?
    Hope yours advice !

    • Dear,

      Update is easy and fine, as per camera and video play is concern, if it happen to you too, then reinstall (flashing) the same file (Upgraded) with odin will works.

      and you tell me how to rooted your phone (Which Application used and method as i am not able to root with universal root, z4root) reply by email…..

    • I advice u not to upgrade.. it sames there are major problems >> alot of peaple who upgraded are now facing problems with camera & 3G ‘modem’

  154. I did the update…

    But then the camera didnt work, so i re-installed it again and wow my phone is great with gingerbread …
    battery life is longer now pass 24hrs and its not yet on the half way.. i use to have the battery life problem it last for 18 – 20 hrs only …but this update solved my problem …. loving android

  155. This version dos`t support recordid videos from my mobile phone.
    cam is not working……………. please help……………..

  156. i did eveything according to the given instructions….. after sometime of starting it i the top block turned read and said “FAILED”……. what should i do ????????????

  157. plz help……camera is not functioning……

  158. Mine is ‘Galaxy S GT-I9003′ ., and not ‘SL’. I have all the above indicated files with me extracted.
    Can I proceed with the same procedure ?.
    Or do I have to wait for another file ? Details about the present firmware are:
    PDA: I9003DDKB2
    Phone: I9003DDKA5
    CSCL: I9003DDKA6
    Please advise.

  159. hey something is wrong with my video player right after the update!



  162. hellow this is my frist time jointed

  163. camera works like charm on second install

    • Hello, how did you make the camera work? I have the same problem after the update !

    • Does that mean that I have to repeat the whole process once again ?
      Is there another version available to rectify the camera issue?

  164. front and back camera is not functioning

  165. camera not functioning

  166. camera not functioning

  167. samsung galaxy s lcd i9003 is one of the best mobile ever i ve used, this mobile have got almost all the best feature,
    i feel highly satisfied with this mobile, another site that also shows me more information about samsung galaxy tab is

    • Yes, thats right, I reinstalled the same file again as per the instructions,,, and the cameras are working…

      Thanks for the advise

      • Heyy i have the same problem camera not functioning after firmware upgrade to gingerbread my galaxy GT i9003

        • you can update with the next version which we have covered at

        • HELLO Neal Pradeep…i reflashed my phone using the same procedure..but camera is not working…its giving an error ” Camera Failed” Plz plz Kindly tell me what should i do….
          PLZ PLZ….

      • my samsung galaxy sl i9003 get heat up on area above battery.. where sim and memory card slots are available..plz help me to solve the problem……

        • pls chk ur memory card..coz any error in that cause ur device to get heated up and drain the battery….

        • hi check your memory card. any error in that may cause your device to get heated up and drain the battery. just remove your memory card, switch on and use to see any difference. .

        • hi check your memory card. any error in that may cause your device to get heated up and drain the battery. just remove your memory card, switch on and use to see any difference.

    • Hi after this installation my phone is is getting switched off automatically please suggest

    • when i use skype video call, facing camera doesnt work.only working back camera.doesnt show facing camera on the screen…

    • I applied everything and everything goes on well execept for the download speed and its drastically reduced
      More over I cant able to clear the catche


        • Battery heats up more than that of froyo.
          network speed is drasticaly low when compared to froyo
          Stability is lower
          only thing is you are upgrading to gingerbread
          Display, features are good
          plz fix network and battery temparature issues

    • Hi Guys,
      My phone Galaxy I9003 has been faced a problem,,, When I open applications They don’t work, and an error coming up. Please help me to solve this problem..

    • Hi,
      I have upgraded to Gingerbread as per Android Advice. After this I am unable to connect Samsung Kies & I am also having some problems with my mobile like sometimes I am not getting lock screen properly.

    • I dont’t think this is a great phone. I bought one in which ring would be heard but I could not accept the phone call. That screen itself wouldnot come plus it would often stop syncing with google account. I insisted and got a another brand new same phone. This new one has all the problems listed in this blog……..gets heated up….slow…….battery life low……camera not working… not working……error messages depite being attended by service provider.

      Sick of having a sick phone… Sucks!