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How To Update Samsung Galaxy SL I9003 to Gingerbread 2.3.4 XXKP7

Galaxy S I9003 LogoIf you own a Samsung Galaxy SL I9003 then you will now be pleased to hear that you can now enjoy the flavor of Gingerbread 2.3.4 for your phone. Last time we saw on how you can update your phone with the Froyo 2.2.1 version. This new version of Gingerbread comes along with the host of benefits which we will see in the due course of this article. With the arrival of this update most of the issues have now been solved, the major problem being the problem of lower battery power in the Froyo 2.2.1 version.

So, let’s see how you can install this firmware on your Samsung Galaxy SL i9003. Also, please note that this update is only for model which is Samsung Galaxy S LCD-I9003 and not for any other device like for Galaxy S GT I9000, Vibrant, Captivate, Mesmerize, Fascinate, Epic etc. Kindly follow the below mentioned steps carefully as if you don’t follow the steps then it may dead your phone. We take no responsibility if you update this firmware by downloading files from any other site apart from Androidadvices.com as the files which are distributed by some of the forums might have virus or any other unwanted files which may even spoil the phone.

Since this version of update is the leak version there will be some minor glitches which may come up with this firmware version but soon with the arrival of the official update, all the bugs will be solved. Also, note that this is not the version which is released by the Samsung KIES, but updating with this version of the firmware doesn’t mean that you have either rooted your phone or void the warranty and also if you have rooted your phone earlier then note that the rooting access will be revoked and for rooting again you will have to root the phone as soon as you update your phone.


  1. my phone is hanging frequently.
    camera does not respond immediatialy.
    while call receiving phone hang..

  2. i have problem with wifi si9003 its diconecting frequently.please help me

    i use android 2.3.6 firmware.

  3. Dear Neal,
    i am facing the 2 issues above (the black screen, samsung logo and the auto shutdown in addition to market craching constantly (the lastest market version)…
    i have the firmware 2.3.6
    baseband version I9003JXKP3
    build number GINGERBREAD.JPKPE

    any solution? or maybe an update?downgrade?
    looking forward for your precious help!
    thanks in advance!

  4. Hi

    My GT I9003 restarts often pls any suggestions

  5. hi,
    i hv galaxy s gt-i9003 n i hv update via odin its rooted succesfully but my phone doesnt start. it only comes samsung logo. plz help frnds

  6. Hi, Please help me

    Recenty i update my samsung galaxy s gt i9003 successfully froyo to gingerbread with kies on 11.01.2012, after that the whenever mobile is not in use for one or 2 hour (generally at night time) it starts to reboot then i have to do soft reboot or remove battery , it erase all my backup contact, message and short cut at screen and make bettary empty.
    I have to follow the procedure just like the factory reset time.
    So i went to authorized samsung service centre, they flash and re update and assure it will be all ok.
    But the problem is same and having the troble.

    Any suggestion, what to do?


  7. hi neal,, i wanna know ,which official version of android OS is most stable for my samsung galaxy S i9903 SL(indian made)

  8. Hi,

    I updated with Android 2.3.4 for my Galaxy SL, everything is fine, when i am in roaming, the mobile signal is not showing as roaming R icon, whereas in my previous version Froyo it happens after updating with 2.3.4 it is not.

    Any suggestion for this.

    Thank you,

    • Update with XXKPN firmware!

      • Thanks for the update and i will try to update with 2.3.5 XXKPN.

        Also when i connect my phone with Samsung kies, I am getting a message “Your phone doesnt support firmware upgarde” but previously with 2.2 I got some information in Samsung Kies about update.

        Actually it supposed to display that your firmware is upto date, if i am not wrong.


  9. i updated the phon tday in ggbd 2.3.4

  10. hey i cant receive calls on my galaxy slI9003.Ii tried to call on my phone ,the call was going but my phone didnt responded .
    plz help

  11. hey the 2.3.5 is available now go n update your kies first and your galaxy sl will get 2.3.5 automatically to upgrade.
    i got my new version just a few mins ago

  12. Dear, Brother…
    Samsung Galaxy gt-i9003 is very good mobile but i can not update…
    tell me properly how to update phone froyo to gingerbread

  13. thnx a lot!

  14. Guys official gingerbread coming before 15nov. 2011 & ICS in 4th qaurter of 2012 for gt i9003

  15. Should i reflash it at service center

  16. 2.2.1 I9003DDKC1 baseband version

  17. The downgrade was done in samsung service center

  18. After updating i was having the same problem with video player and camera so downgraded to 2.2.1stock firmware still problem persists please advice

    • wait till the next update or else you can go back to the stock froyo version, may we know what was your earlier stock default version?

      • HiNeal ,

        I have upgraded to Gingerbread as per Android Advice. After this I am unable to connect Samsung Kies & I am also having some problems with my mobile like sometimes I am not getting lock screen properly.

        Please help.


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