How To Update Samsung Galaxy SL I9003 to Gingerbread XXKP9 2.3.4 Firmware

Galaxy SL I9003 LogoHere comes the firmware for the Galaxy S SL I9003 which is powered with the Super LCD screen. It was the last time where we saw on how you can update your Galaxy S SL I9003 with the Android 2.3.4 version of Firmware but due to some issues some of the users faced some major issues with this firmware which ranged from frequent force close errors followed by the errors like camera’s non functioning. But you will no longer, have to face all of these issues as you can now enjoy an all new stable release and can now taste your Galaxy SL I9003 with the better version of Gingerbread.

Since last time we saw that most of the users didn’t follow the procedure and due to which users had issues with the improper flashing of the firmware. Now, in this article we have ensured that all the steps are simply written and presented in the page format, so just in case if you know everything and if you are not new to this firmware upgradation process then you can directly proceed by going to the next page  where the procedure to update the phone is mentioned.

Please note that the firmware which we will be seeing is the beta update and not the final release by the Samsung. Though this leak is one of the stable release from the sources but there is still no final word on when the final release of Android Gingerbread 2.3.4 will be releasing, till then you can make the most of this firmware as after all we are here to help you just at any point of time. The only thing we want to request you is that just follow the simple instructions which are mentioned below so as to ensure that you go through no issues while updating the phone.

It has been found that many Android Phone users tend to ask this question,

Do i need to Root my Phone before i update with this firmware?

The answer is “NO” as rooting is different from the firmware update. Rooting basically opens up the device with which you can even access the system level files which cannot be done in a non-rooted phone. This firmware update doesn’t require you to root your phone before you proceed for the firmware update. Another thing is that if you have already rooted your phone before then after applying this firmware the root access will be revoked and then again you will have to root your device to get the root access.

Many of the users have misconceptions that rooting and updating with the beta ROMs is both at the same, but actually it’s not the case.

In the due course of this article we will not only see just procedure on how you can update this firmware but also we will go through some interesting sections like the Pre upgrade instructions, improvements in this firmware version and then followed by the instructions on how you can update your phone.

For your convenience, we have splitted the article into different pages and every page contains the each section differently as once you get used to with any part or section of the whole procedure then you can just afford to skip those steps smartly as all you will have to do is to just skip the section and can move to the next page.

So, let’s first see on what are the enhancements this update has come with and then followed by which we will see on what are the pre upgrade instructions followed by the instructions to update.


  1. Jijesh jayarajan

    I have samsung Ace (GT-S5830). My problem is I try to update my samsung Ace is “Sorry! The application samsung apps (process has stopped unexpectedly. Please try again” this message is coming.

  2. Hi Neal,
    I have the samsung GT i9003. I have updated the fw to XXKP9 through your website. I would like to switch over to XXKPQ (I believe that is the latest fw version?). How do I change?

  3. Rajesh CHoudhary

    @Neal. I have now observed that when my mobile is kept idle for more than 1 hrs, the phone gets restart & stucks at the Samsung screen. I have to remove battery & re insert. After that the phone starts with “next”, as in case of a new phone been started. Cud u pls help me to know what cud b the cause of the problem.
    Please help.

  4. Rajesh Choudhary

    I updated the mobile to 2.3.6 ddkp1, but always approx after 24 hrs, the phone restarts & get reste. I again updated the mobile with the same OS but same problem. Finally i installed xxkp9.

    After updating the mobile to xxkp9, when i am trying to wipe data, it asks for password.

  5. I tried to update the firmware with Kies and it says –

    Model Number : GT-I9003
    Current Version : PDA:KB2 / PHONE:KA5 / CSC:KA6
    This device’s version cannot be updated.

    What is wrong with it?


  6. I got what you destine, thanks for putting up. Woh I am gladsome to gestate this website through google. Thanks For Share How To Update Samsung Galaxy SL I9003 to Gingerbread XXKP9 2.3.4 Firmware
    | Android Advices.

  7. hey neil i updated with this version but now i m not able to connect via kies

  8. hi neal while i am updating my 99003 to xxkpm power was shut down .. after that i keen to update but it wasnt worked weel any suggesstion

  9. Hi , I have salaxy s GT I9003. how can I upgrade it and which is the latest version android that is compatible with my phone.

  10. Hi,
    i have i9003, my problem is that my video player is functioning, eventhough i downloaded other media player’s i am facing the same problem…
    My devices’ audio is working but i can’t see any video…
    plz help me its bothering me a lot now…

  11. Hi,
    iMy device is I9003ddkc1 Kernel version and build froyo.ddkbf1 from where i can get GGB 2.3 ?

  12. made my phone dead!


      • hi, i don’t knw if i should tell my phone also died, but my i9003 is stuck inthe SAMSUNG opning screen.. few days ago downgrading back to stable froyo 2.2 was going alright then all i do is install apps (like offline dictionaries, GO keyboard) after a while it received the several force closes, then when i do a reset (vol. down +homescreen + power) after several times, this happened… i can’t get in to my phone anymore……. i tried updating to GB 2.3.5 but still the same..stuck in the SAMSUNG opening screen with the words SAMSUNG flashing/blinking…if i wait longer my phone gets too hot i’m afraid i’ll damage the battery……….what happened?? please HELP!

  13. i waanna know if i upgrade my phone with this version will my waraanty will be over from this phone

  14. Can any body tell me when is 2.3.5 with cyanogen mod will be released for samsung galaxy i9003.

  15. how i update xxkph in my i9003 its just one file what i do plz help neal….

  16. i update my i9003 in xxkp7 but there is camera not working then update in xxkp9 and now the camera is working good but when i use skype or oovoo for video calling then forse stop app..i means problem in video calling plz tell me whos the best verion for video calling in skype ,oovoo.tang…

  17. Hey Neel – I had put the query before n m againg raising it. I m using Galaxy i9003 updated to XXXKPH from this forum only. My android market or any application does not connect via Proxy server ( ip based n port 8080). However, my in built browser works well on proxy.
    What cud be the reason? this same problem was there with 2.2.1 as well.
    Please help.
    This is the third time i m rasing the same query.

  18. Ater done Upgrade Samsung Galaxy SL I9003 to Gingerbread XXKP9 2.3.4 Firmware..cant i root with” XXKPE Rooting Zip Package”?

    Advice Pls..:)

  19. @PradeepNeela
    Hey Neel – I had put the query before n m againg raising it. I m using Galaxy i9003 updated to XXXKPH from this forum only. My android market or any application does not connect via Proxy server ( ip based n port 8080). However, my in built browser works well on proxy.
    What cud be the reason? this same problem was there with 2.2.1 as well.
    Please help.

  20. i jst upgraded my fone…bt whn im inserting sim dosnt show full network! i tried wiping the contacts of the sim card, tried using odr simcards, tried all setings…bt it jst dosnt shw network….plz help!

  21. Hey neal I updated as up mentioned in this article but i m facing video playback problem. It doesnt play the hd videos like 720p. is that any way can we fix this issue?

  22. Hi Neal.. updated the phone 3 weeks back.. everthing seems to be running fine.. just that off late my phone goes into “Kernel Panic Mode” and I have to remove the battery and start the phone again… this has happened like twice til now. b4 it becomes a greater problem could u pls help me out wat could I do over here ??


  23. Hi,
    I just upgrade from 2.2.1 to 2.3.4, notice that the video and some apps not working…

  24. Hi Neal.. updated the phone 3 weeks back.. everthing seems to be running fine.. just that off late my phone goes into “Kernel Panic Mode” and I have to remove the battery and start the phone again… this has happened like twice til now. b4 it becomes a greater problem could u pls help me out wat could I do over here ??


  25. I updated i9003 from froyo to gingerbread 2.3.4 but then decided to go back to froyo 2.2.1 bcoz camera, sms, video playback and hanging of the phone was too much. now sms and hanging have gone away but still no camera and no video playback. i get this force close unexpectedly ………………… plz help

  26. the odin3 gets stuck at SetupConnection… :(

  27. will it efect my warranty??!

  28. after update, it shows the blank screen with some kernel panic mode. dont know what to do. is 2.3.4 XXKP9 is safe, or i should run my mobile on DDKB2 on Froyo

  29. Hi the camera doesn’t waork even after second reinstall .

    please help me……………………….

  30. dont know why there seems to be a bil of lag in the net speed as compared to before…otherwise the phone so far looks gr8……thnx dude…..:D

  31. how to flash?

  32. i cant make my mobile in download mode ** you need to hold down the Volume Down button + the Home key button (the middle button)** i do that but i cant

  33. Pradeep when is going to fix this bugs and when is going to launch that update can u replay me plz

  34. i cannot click the “RESET” at ODIN3 v1.84 after finish flashing the PIT file to my i9003…so i redo and directly select PIT, BOOTLOADER, PDA, PHONE, CSC at all and click start…it done but is this make my camera cant function well? urgent to know….thx a lot~~

  35. Pradeep i have updated for gingerbread now my phone goes to sleep mode it wil blank display shows an error like reset phone or unknown power mode. Then i need to remove the battery then i wil work

  36. i having camera problem after upgrade my i9003 to 2.3.4…when camera start is facing black will hang and no function…after restart phone will ok but i reopen camera and facing black object, it happen again…

  37. Pradeep i have alredy updated 2times. once again if i update nothing will happen na.when is going to fix this bugs and realising new version

  38. What’s the difference between GT-I9003 and I9003 , as both are Samsung Galaxy SL?
    My phone says that it’s GT-I9003.
    Currently I’m having FROYO.DDKB2.
    Will be safe to update this?

  39. Pradeep i am also facing now same problem display goes off kernel panic or unkown resorce plz help me:-(

  40. [Request]

    Plz make a new firmware and fix all the bugs from above users comments and make video calling enable via skype, make camera to record at 1080p@30fps, integrate touchwiz 4.0 ditto as of sgs2. All this features r possible to be integrated on sgsl.


  41. Did you all made this firmware ?

  42. HI,

    Is it possible to make skype or yahoo video calls in this version??????????

  43. thank you very much!!!i love it…any update can share to me next time…any problem i will share to you all..^^

  44. i a getting error..after the update, my phone screens goes black & it says kernel panic ..please help.

  45. Pradeep suggest me any black markets

  46. Can you upload a video on youtube of this firmware hands on ?and show all things are working fine ?

  47. Thanks for replay pradeep i have cleared but same problem
    And also i have another problem if i open samsung market i shows update every time if i update also help me

  48. I have Samsung Galaxy S2 with 2.3.4 with updated Gingerbread XXKG6.
    I want to know how to update its in 3.2 version?



  49. yestarday i updated for 2.3.4gingerbread on my i9003 i have a problem i cant open samsung apps market its showing update i have done but its same and if i open market it shows no matching apps i market can any one help me wat is the problem

  50. Hi again, Is the Arabic provided in Ginger 2.3.4???

  51. Hi, I can upgrade my I9003 smoothly without any problem with Baseband version I9003JXKA4, Kernel version root@SE-S606 #1 and Firmware 2.2.1
    Then how I can backup my data and where?
    plz feed me back

  52. THe people here saying that the camera does not work after upgrading it to Gingerbread 2.3.3, is absolutely true.

    • by this month end we will come out with the stable Gingerbread and soon with a stable Froyo release in which camera will be working!

      • After doing the flash second time, the camera did started working, thanks for this forum.
        Secondly, while connecting mobile to computer, kies does not detect the mobile n says pls connect it in kies mode. Also, the samsung apps does not work. when opened asks to update but after update is finish, the app just closes down (crashes). please send me the some patches to resolve these small issues. rest things are working fine.

  53. leaved XXKP9 2.3.4;
    downgrade to XXKB3 : very stable FW; incredible battery life when phone standby (nearly 4 days in normal used)
    but when media player (movie…) or wifi eat battery so quick !!

  54. does camera works fine in this firmware ? and it has touchwiz 4.0 or 3.0 integrated ? does kies will detect our phone after flashing this firmware ?

    PLZ post a video on the youtube showing the hands on this firmware and give the link to the same…….


  55. hi Jonakis
    im from Philippines also.. i have tried upgrading it but still more errors found.. same from my last post which is above of what you post..

    I tried also downloading many apps and games and as i notice, some applications are not functioning and even when i send messages, i cant determine or see what i sent.. hope this will fix soon…

  56. I’m from Philippines, can i also update the firmware using your instruction above? Let me know


  57. Hi Neil
    Firstly thanx for detailed discription abt upgading to 2.3.4android. Nxt i follwed the procedure as told by you and was sucessful. But my phone if kept idle for abt 10 min.above it does not respond the screen remains black and i have to take of the battery restart the phone. Further Kies software does not recognise the phone with the message the device does not respond

    Please help
    a) how to solve the above two issues
    b) how can i get back to orginal version of phone
    i.e froyo

  58. just finished upgrading into Gingerbread… but there are lots of problem i encountered..
    1.) Camera – after rebooting and clearing all the caches, i can somehow use my camera but when i switch my camera in self portrait ( or front camera ) it started to delay and i cant use it anymore, and by goiing back to the back camera setting, i cant use it also. black screen will appear. Video taking and video watching cannot be use also. somewhat always hangs. You need to restart always your phone and clear all caches before using the camera which is so hassle everytime.

    2.) Music- but somehow i can use music.

    3.)others – other application cannot be used.
    Ex. Spare parts – an error occured when i pressed battery history

    but il just keep sending some information so that you can best deal with this problem fast and easily.. MORE POWER!!!

  59. Hi,
    iMy device is I9003ddka5 Kernel version and build froyo.ddkb2 from where i can get GGB 2.3 ?

  60. I’ve upgraded to XXKP9
    but after upgrade some problems are arise.

    vedio and camera are not running…..please help me

  61. hey,
    i belong to india.
    can i update my i9003..with gingerbread 2.3.4
    will there be any problem if i do that.?
    will y warranty be voided?
    thanks in advance..

  62. when the official version of ginger bread for galaxy i9003 release?

  63. When the official version of ginger bread expected to release?

  64. I’ve upgraded to XXKP9

    my last firmware was :
    - PDA : I9003ZHKC1
    - PHONE: I9003ZCKA7
    - CSC : I9003CHNKA7

    After 2 day used, I see that battery of Gingerbread 2.3.4 isn’t good as Froyo 2.2.1 (ZHKC1)
    the battery power loss 2% per hour (although phone just in GSM standby, no wireless, no video, no music, no 3G used)

  65. hey …
    as asked wen i click the “start” button no action takes place bro…im kept on the same window…
    evn the yellow section is visible…
    what do i do?…please suggest …

  66. Neal there is a new GB update for our device XXKPE. Do you mind posting a tutorial on that. It was said to be a much more stable firmware as compared to XXKP9.

  67. NeaL…is it possible if u can post an article “how to root samsung SL i9003 gingerbread 2.3.4″….anyway thanks for dis article…

  68. i have updated my i9003 to Gingerbread XXKP9 2.3.4 any i hav cleared my cache data too, but m facing various problems like samsung apps not working, sometimes camera doesnt respond, and many force closes occur.
    so can u suggest me a way that how can i go back to my previous firmware version of froyo (samsung’s original version).

  69. Hi, I installed this version of gingerbread on my i9003 and have come across the following problems:

    1) Camera doesn’t work (force closes)
    2) Can’t set alarm via the clock (force closes)
    3) Customising ringtone from android choice doesn’t work (had to save to handcent and then set it from there)
    4) Couldn’t set my own choice of wall paper until I figured out that I had to reboot the phone.

    I strongly advise anyone who’s going to do this upgrade to make a complete apps and system backup via Titanium Backup – this really is a godsend of an app and makes rolling back to previous versions much easier, which I’m now going to do as I’m fed up with the glitches on this version, even though it’s more stable than the previous gingerbread leak.

    Those are the negatives, however, the plus side is that the battery life is way longer than on froyo and it is quicker (although I have also rooted my phone on this version as well). I have a GT 9000 which runs on the official version of gingerbread and I love it, hence trying this leaked dev version.

    Any idea when the official version will come out? Love the phone, but getting really frustrated with Samsung and the amount of time it takes to get these updates out.

  70. Ok, Guys, Upgraded.

    Using Tatadocomo, Just flashed, Loaded my Sim and It connected to Edge and 3G.

    restored all stuff using SMS Backup + and up and running.

    But, in Market, my device no longer shows.

    But I am able to install by accessing the market from Phone. Any remedies?

  71. Thanks guys! Flashed it twice n everything seems to work fine. Better performance than froyo :-)

  72. plz help i have done firmware update 3 time but i am experiencing problems with video playback.i get an error sayin sorry cannot play this video.plz reply what to do.

  73. how to clear cache? i dnt know abt recovery mode….

  74. when i open camera the phone will hang

  75. after updating camera is not working so what can do plz rply

  76. How to put the phone in recovery mode…can you plaese elaborate the last step.

  77. hi, This is a DEV RELEASE VERSION and not been officially released !!!!!!!!!!!.
    the data connection (EDGE) isn’t working ( after Internet settings config with the Service provider).

  78. Abhishek Shindhe

    My camera app is not workin after this update please help?

  79. Thanks Neal !!!!! the update works quite good but the phone has to be flashed twice. If u flash it once the camera and the video player dont work quite well.. but after flashing it twice everything seems to be working fine except for the samsung apps installation problem.

  80. Hai Neal,
    I’m using the Arabic firmware 2.2.1 in my galaxy SL i9003
    Build number – Froyo.JPKD1

    Can I update with this European version.??
    Please advice.

  81. After this upgrade my camera app not working please help me

  82. hey Neal,can i update my galaxy sl i9003 to 2.3 in india with this version……..

  83. Dear All

    I have just flashed my mobile with version XXKP9 which looks stable (flashed 2 times – thx Gopinath) but I’m a little bit confused. I’ve seen that Gingerbread supports voip calls (youtube, without any third-party software) and this was the main reason for update but … this version does not have any voip related features… Could you please let me know why?
    Do I have to wait for official version or maybe something must be enabled?

    Thanks in advance for help.
    Best regards

  84. chander malhotra

    Mr. neil
    when we will get upgrade 2.3.5 on samsung galaxy s2 9100. Kindly reply.

  85. guys ,,is it support the arabic language ??

  86. after this upgrade my camera app wont work ?! please help

    • Mine dint work the first time either…Try flashing it thrice n check it out..Voila!

      • Apologies if i am asking a stupid question.. can u please let me know wat does flashing it thrice mean? I have a GTi9003 which i need to update with this GGB version!

        thanks in advance!

  87. Are you sure we are supposed to flash the PIT file together and not separately?

    And also what does this line mean?

    After you update the phone successfully, you will now have to perform another step so as to ensure that the firmware is installed correctly and all other cache files which are system generated are removed from Epic 4G. For this first up you will have to put your device in the recovery mode.

  88. Hi neal!Nice of u to get this stable firmware update!One issue just cropped up…Samsungapps application doesnt install…though it gets downloaded…And one more issue with the Spare parts-Battery gets force closed……Thanks man!Cheers!

    • HEY GOPINATH, which spare part you are talking of? samsung apps is pre loaded app right?

      • Hi Neal. Samsung apps is a preloaded app..but once i open it it tells me that there is an updated version of samsungapps and whether i wud like to install it!If i click YES then it gets downloaded but fails to install…If i select NO then the app just closes…Thanks Neal!

        • yes you will have to update the samsung apps! you will have to check with the data service, go to manage applications, clear cache of the Samsung Apps and then retry the process!

      • Ya Neal the second issue..There is a new app after i upgraded to this New firmware SPARE PARTS.On openin the app it gives info regarding DEVICE INFO,WINDOWS ANIMATIONS etc…BATTERY HISTORY is an option in DEVICE INFO which when clicked just FORCE CLOSES the app…Tnx man!

      • have just upgraded to xxkp9
        everything working fine, camera and video good
        ; just small problem with samsung kies for syn contacts
        but had used MyPhoneExplorer Portable to syn contacts

        thanks a lot to Neal !!!

        @those who faced problems. Pls backup your contacts and system first , so that you can back to your earlier firmware if there are issues when upgrade to XXKP9, this link may helpful :

  89. Thanks for this post
    @Neal :
    My phone’s firmware is :
    - PDA : I9003ZHKC1
    - PHONE: I9003ZCKA7
    - CSC : I9003CHNKA7
    How can I get back to this firmware if not success in upgrade to xxkp9 2.3.4 ? Please gives me advice ?

  90. is this the europian edition of firmware?, any idea gtalk video chat available on this, also vtok video calling supportig on this version?



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