How to Update Samsung Galaxy SL I9003 with Official DDKP2 Gingerbread 2.3.6 Firmware

Samsung Guess LogoGalaxy SL I9003 users seems to be the lucky users as of now as another update has made into the list of firmwares on the servers of Samsung and this time its gingerbread 2.3.6 DDKP2 firmware version. Last time we saw on how you can update with the DDKP1 firmware version of 2.3.6 and into his article we will see on how to update Galaxy SL I9003 with Gingerbread 2.3.6 DDKP2. Before proceeding, you need to ensure that you have updated your KIES with the latest version.

There is just one improvement which comes from the earlier DDKP1 version, Adobe Flash Player crash has been fixed and Pink Spot was an issue in the camera in DDKP1 version. Both of these issues have been fixed in this DDKP2 Gingerbread 2.3.6 version.

Note: Please note that this update should only be applied to the phones which bear the model number as “Samsung Galaxy SL I9003”. Also, Galaxy SL GT I9003 as well as Galaxy SL I9003 are both the same phones. This update is an Official release for users in INDIA, though users from other country too apply this update as this is not a Boot loader update.

Disclaimer: At Android Advices, we have made sure in all respects that all the information regarding the firmware update is mentioned correctly in this article.

Rooting information:

  • Applying this Update won’t root the phone in any manner and also it doesn’t require you to root the phone for applying this update of Gingerbread DDKP2 2.3.6.
  • Just in case if your device is already rooted, then the rooting access will be revoked after applying this update and then you can claim back the warranty.
  • If you are the one who wishes to root the device even after applying DDKP2 firmware, then we will soon be coming with an article wherein you can follow the instructions to root the same.

Quick Pre Requisites

Instructions to Users on Custom ROMs:
If you are on any of the custom ROM firmware, then you need to first turn Off the phone and enter into the recovery mode.  The recovery mode can be entered by pressing  Volume UP Key + OK button, and holding both simultaneously press the Power Button. You can also refer to the below mentioned video to know more on how to enter into the recovery mode.

So, before proceeding to the procedure to apply this update, you need to follow ONLY THE LIST OF PRE REQUISITES from the above mentioned link.


  1. Showing fail what to do now

  2. is this update safe to do so? i’m going to update it now.

  3. Thank you so much!!!

  4. its doesnt turn to turn to yellow on odin….what should i do ??

  5. its doesnt turn to turn on odin….what should i do ??

  6. is it possible to upgrade this fone to ICS..

  7. done thanks… bt got problem in getting fone into dowload mode..

  8. Help my phone is not starting after the upgrade the samsung logo is coming again and again… me please……

  9. neal, i already finished updating, then it automatically open the phone n it showed that it is successful. 2 question i want to ask, n i hope u r free to help. 1. do i really need to wipe data/factory reset n wipe cache partition n y when i connect to kies, it said that ‘your device does not support software upgrading via kies’

  10. Can i root my phone after this update? if possible give the link of your tutor; here my phone spec. after this update:

    firmware verversion: 2.3.6
    baseband version: I9003DDKP4
    build number: GINGERBREAD.DDKP2

    i really want to try to root my phone so i can play those games that require phone to be rooted.
    Please confirm before i proceed, thanks in advance

  11. hello i have galaxy gt I9003 and with the 3 button thing i get into recovery mode and not the download one i tried vol up + home + power and also vol down+home +power but either way it gets into the recovery mode … what to do????

  12. hello ! please help its not working restarting restarting restating :S

  13. M unable to keep my phone on download mode… It doesnt install drivers.. what shuld i do now?

  14. hi,

    i have this samsung gt-19003 with firmware 2.3.6 /baseband version 19003JXKP3 / kernel version #1 /GINGERBREAD jpkph

    i would like to know on how to root my phone with this specification.

    please reply.

  15. Hi! do you have a firmware DXKP9 “Froyo” for Samsung galaxy SL
    I really want to go back to my original firmware.
    i really need your help

  16. is this ddkp2 2.3.6 available for Malaysia? what changes in this update? any bugs so far?

  17. Hi there.
    I bot this samsung galaxy S GT I9003 a year ago. It was working good. Then I tried to upgrade it> after the upgrading it worked fine for some days. then it has started behaving randomly> there were some process errors. it just shows samsung on the screen sometimes. I tried to delete all the gallery, music, etc files, the downloaded items but no use. The moment I restart the phone everything appears as it is. I tried upgrading the phone with the latest firmware version of Gingerbread 2.3.6 DDKP2 as you have mentioned above, but in vain. It still behaves randomly. I have wiped out all the data, cleared cache,but everything stays as it is. I also tried deleting my files connecting the phone to the PC via mass storage mode but it says that u cant delete the files they are write-protected. I tried through samsung kies but the stuff wont get deleted.I dont understand the problem.
    I want my phone to work properly. I just love it and cant see it like this. Can you please let me know some solution? please reply as soon as possible

  18. alyanna dela cruz

    after i update my phone it keeps on rebooting what should i do? badly need your reply. thanks!

  19. wifi goes on and off at 1 minute intervals…!!
    i just now upadates my phone via kies!!!

  20. Hi
    My Samsung Galaxy SL I9003 with ddkp2- gingerbread-236-firmware which reboot continuously. Every time when system reboot the startup steps screen is appear and when i complete the steps system reboot again some time on middle in the steps and some time on home screen when i click on menu. System is also not going in recovery mood by clicking volume down + Home (Middle button) + Reboot but recovery screen is not appear. Please help me to resolve the issue

  21. I upgraded to Gingerbread yest nyt..:(

    After upgrading things were fine.

    But asap i tried to restore my msg using SMS BACKUP & RESTORE.

    I am not able to enter into messages..:(

    Plz help me fast plz plz :((

  22. can anyone please help meee

    i m facing wifi problem….it is goin on and of in a frquency on 1-2 mins…!
    the wifi goes off automatically and then gets on…!!

    i updated to 2.3.6 just now..!!

  23. Is there any solution for the restarting problem yet?

  24. Hi… I can’t use my data network or packet data with this update… pls help…

  25. Hi Neal,
    I’m having this problem…
    my phone restart automatically and it also wipe off my contacts and my sms… but all apps are remain…
    what’s the problem?? do I need to wipe off the cache to solve this problem?
    thx for the help!!

  26. I updated mine from Froyo to GingerBread and was successful but encountered a problem made a video about it pls go to this video so that you actually see the problem

  27. I have a problem after upgrading from froyo to gingerbread 2.3.5 to 2.3.6 the lock mechanism to stay landscape is not working anymore. I have made a video about it if anyone can help me out with this issue it would be great heres the link

    • sorry I think they remove the link to the video automatically anyway thats the problem its in the video and much more explained there

  28. Hey Neela

    During the downloading mode I received 2 fails in the 2nd and 3rd boxes in the odin and it has stopped. and i received this in the message field of the odin.
    Leave CS..
    Enter CS for MD5..
    Leave CS..
    Can’t open the serial(COM) port.
    Can’t open the serial(COM) port.

  29. May I ask what does it mean to \root\ my mobile??

  30. neal my mann , i updated my gt i 9003 to gingerbread 2.3.4 and everything works fine except my back and front camera , so i upgraded it to gingerbread 2.3.6 and all the problems has been solved . is there any other bug i didnt realize it ?


  31. Just updating my SL i9003 with latest firmware realease: PDA:KP3/PHONE:KP4/CSC:KPI

    Will update the details once its finished.

  32. I have just updated my Android from Froyo2.2.1 to GB2.3.6 DDKP2. Phone is working absolutely fine. Camera is fine. GPS is as usual not working. However, it was also not working even with original Froyo2.2.1 so not big a deal for me. Speed is little slow. I have checked and found that memory usage has gone up from 234mb to 411mb. I just come to know that GB2.3.6 DDKP3 has been released. Will this resolve the problem?

    Lastly, thanks for the firmware :).

  33. Hi neal,

    I have upgraded my samsung galaxy SL i9003 to DDKP2 Gingerbread 2.3.6 . The problem I am facing is, I am not able to make calls or send sms. I have cleared the cache through recovery mode…still failed. Please help me out. Appreciate your help.

    Mofet Joseph

  34. hey pradeep plz help me ,i rooted with 2.3.5 xxkpn my wifi is not working even after clearing cache
    i want to unroot but its not done even after reapplying it
    wht should i do ,plz help m in trouble

  35. Thanks for the update

  36. Installed DDKP3 but GPS not working, any fix for that?

  37. I successfully upgraded it but the old files and apps are still there. I know the phone was not formated, just the OS gotupgraded. My question is, whether its recommeded to have a clean install i.e. remove all the older apps by “Wipe data/factory reset ” and “Wipe Cache partition”? Pls let me know.

  38. sfee wrfwtg

  39. Hey.\
    I bought my Galaxy I9003 from Thailand. Few days back Kies showed that update is available to GB. 2 days after the update my mobile started restarting randomly and it just stuck at the samsung logo screen and kept restarting.
    Then using your firmwares i updated it to xxkpq but still the same problem. I had to take the battery out and then restart and then select items on the startup screen and the main screen was like new everytime with all contacts and msgs deleted.
    I updated twice with xxkpq with deleting cache and also factory reset everytime but no help. Then i switched to froyo from your site, but it was not stable. Force slose notifications came every minute. Then I plugged it into Kies and there was an update to DDKP2. I just did that yesterday and now again the same restarting problem. I clear the cache everytime but still no help. What should i do?

  40. Hey.\n I bought my Galaxy I9003 from Thailand. Few days back Kies showed that update is available to GB. 2 days after the update my mobile started restarting randomly and it just stuck at the samsung logo screen and kept restarting.
    Then using your firmwares i updated it to xxkpq but still the same problem. I had to take the battery out and then restart and then select items on the startup screen and the main screen was like new everytime with all contacts and msgs deleted.
    I updated twice with xxkpq with deleting cache and also factory reset everytime but no help. Then i switched to froyo from your site, but it was not stable. Force slose notifications came every minute. Then I plugged it into Kies and there was an update to DDKP2. I just did that yesterday and now again the same restarting problem. I clear the cache everytime but still no help. What should i do?

  41. Hello neela
    plz give me sugestion when i trying to my galaxy gt-i9003 to make recovery mode simply preshing volum downl key+ok+power, at that time phone will not comming only shado come. and i could not get any more recovery mode before 2 days ago i brought this phone. plz plz plz help me i want to upgrade my android with ics 4.0 plz plz reply me soon plz

  42. Hey Neela,
    When I connected my phone with Kies after updating to DDKP2, it says that my phone is my device is not supported for software upgrade via Kies. I am in India. Is this really an official upgrade for India?

  43. Yesterday I upgraded to 2.3.6 from Froyo with above instructions. NOw the firmaware shows as 2.3.6 and I can see the changes as well like downloads app is added, battery icon changed etc….but to my surprise none of my apps disappered, all are as it is…contacts, sms everything remained as it is…

    Is this okay? has my phone properly been updated?

  44. Thanks for the update.

    I upgraded to 2.3.6 as per above steps, but all my Apps, SMS, Contacts, including wall paper has not changed.

    When I check the firmware version shows 2.3.6 earlier it was froyo.

    Also few new apps are seen.

    I was under the impression that apps, messages etc will get wiped out but that did not happen. Is this okay? Will the phone perform as per the updated OS?

  45. On another site, it was given that the wi-fi disconnection problem could be solved by selecting Static IP…..I tried it and my problem is worsening…clearing cache from recovery isn’t helping—plz help and advice me another solution

  46. Please release a new official Indian version of GB the which is free of the wi-fi disconnection bugs and is better than DDKP2…I m fed up of DDKP2!!

  47. after the ddkp1 update the OLDER APPS DID NOT GET WIPED OUT! now i have issues with the stock music player as its not recognizing mp3 tags. What do i do?

  48. I have i9003 and live in Bangladesh. When I connected my phone to download photographs etc using Kies, the Kies said current firmware version PDA KB2/PHONE KAS/CSC KA6 (TMLl) latest firware version PDA KP2/ PHONE KP4/ CSC KPH (TML) and proivided me option to update. Which I clicked and after almost three hours got a message that there is an error and provided me a recovery code and wanted to know whether to recover or not. Went for the recovery, flashed message that recovery file found and slowing was downloading and then after another three plus hours said that failed to recover and my phone went almost dead only showing symbol of pc and phone connection line broken by a yellow triangle. Please suggest what to do and what have or where have I gone wrong and also please point out the reason for such debacle for my knowledge. Thanks.

  49. thanks for this amazing update. really made my phone much better. will let you guys know if i face any problems

  50. Hey,
    I am facing wi-fi disconnection and automatic packet data disconnection on this firmware. Inspite of repeatedly reinstalling the firmware and clearing the cache from the recovery mode, the problem remains the same, infact, it worsens. Please help. I am in serious trouble

    • I had installed this update earlier but had problems of wi-fi disconnection. I re-installed the firmware again and now I face the problems of both wi-fi disconnection and packet data disconnection. Please reply and help.

      • Hey i had wifi issue with all firmwares but i have found solution with xxkpe but flashing with different method..
        1. connect mobile in downloading mode and flash with odin with only LATONA PIT file and keep repartition checked.
        2. should be done quickly. now restart in downloading mode. reset the odin. uncheck the repartition. set the 4 files respectively given in xxkpe form. make sure repartition is unchecked. dont keep the pit file. now click start. should be finished without any issues.
        i did this and i m not having connection trouble anymore.

        • Smit, sorry but I didnt understand what are you trying to explain me.

        • Hey Smit,
          Sorry to say but I did not understand exactly what you are trying to explain me.
          Secondly, you followed this procedure with XXKPE…..I want a solution for DDKP2….so can u please suggest me something related to it?
          If I switch back to GB 2.3.5 from 2.3.6 DDKP2, will my problem be solved?

        • most probably it will be solved. the problem occurs because two firmwares are clashing . so we need to clear phone with no firmware inside then install new one. And secondly xxkpe has 4 files inside it so it is more successful than this one.
          i can email u snapshots of the procedure coz i dont see any way to post pictures.
          contact me at

        • So you mean to say that 2.3.4 XXKPE is better than 2.3.6 DDKP2?
          And, is XXKPE official for India?

        • Hey Smit,
          I flashed my phone to XXKPE as per the procedure you provided me….now if I switch back to DDKP2, will I have any wi-fi problems??

        • Hey Neela,
          I am still having wi-fi disconnection problems even after flashing to XXKPE. I flashed my phone to DDKP2. The problem still persists but my phone stays connected to the wi-fi for a longer time. I request you to please release a new, stable and official (for India) version of either GB or ICS. Thanks in advance.

        • I think you wont have any issue anymore if done correctly..
          As i m not having issue with xxkpe

      • How to clear the old firmware before installing a new one?
        And if I flash my phone according to the procedure which you mentioned before and if I get rid of my wi-fi problem, can I switch back to DDKP2 without any problems?

  51. My phone is rooted and running over cranium ROM. Now, to go back to this official version, do I need to do anything else (like going to recovery mode and wipe cache etc) except for flashing it via Odin tool as per instruction? In the first page of this article, there is an instruction for custom Rom users but that is not complete.

    also, My swype is not working in cranium rom and asking for update. but the update does work saying,” cant install in devises where swype is preinstalled.

  52. How can I use the tv out feature in this firmware. I bought d mobile in india

  53. I have updated my i9003(bought in india) with ddkp2. How can I use the tv out feature in this.
    Thanks for swift reply

  54. i updated my gt-i9003 from froyo to gingerbread using kies but my wifi not working wht is the problem why wifi not working

  55. Wonderful! Upgrade from 2.3.5 DXKP9 to this 2.3.6 DDKP1 is breeze!
    Fix the force close issue on flash browser. Thanks android advices! You are my top browser bookmark right now!
    Anyway can anyone confirm that the speaker is louder after upgrade? Or is it just me? :-)

  56. The same with my brother S2 problem. Got a new update but cant update via KIES.
    Solution: Samsung Service Center

  57. hey updating from kies is slow n painfull but its possible and easy if you have good internet speed probably download speed of 100Kbps is good i tried updating using my local broadband connection and it failed but i switched for Tata photon and it got updated in 30 mins without any issues

  58. hi ..
    what i want to ask is although not related to the topic … but i use tube mate and it shows that the video is downloaded 100% but doesnt play the whole video can u help about this????????????

  59. I tried clearing the cache on several occasions but no effect….the problem is worsening….even tried reupdating my phone with DDKP2 but no effect…. please help….i am in serious trouble

  60. Yes, I did clear the cache several times on different occasions but no effect… fact, the problem is worsening. I even tried repeating the upgrade again but no progress. :(

  61. Hi Neela,

    The problem of frequent restart loops & factory reset happens even after wiping the cache thru recovery mod.
    Today again the phone crashed :( :(

    Please Help.

  62. Hi Neal,
    in need of your help man,….

    When I connect my galaxy SL to my PC, (kies installed) , the kies shows ‘a new new firmware is available ” and i hit the upgrade button. Then It shows a down load saying ” firmware components are being downloaded”. The down load reaches 100% soon, and the problem starts here.
    Then it shows “firmware components are being prepared”…..and it keeps preparing the shit for a whole day….I have waited for almost 4-5 hrs to see what happens next. But the process goes on like it never ends. What’s wrong?

    I have read somewhere, if the launcher app is different than the factrory made, it shows error. I use Go launcher. Is there any relation between these two?

    Plz help

  63. Hi Pradeep,

    I already have xxkpq, by updating to ddkp2, will my existing apps be wipe out?
    Thank you for your advise.

  64. Post upgrade, I have faced issues where the phone restarted in a loop.
    For stopping this I had to remove the battery. But when I rebooted the entire phone data was gone ! :(
    This has happened twice now. The first one lasted 2 days without any issues. Reapplied the update last night.

    I’ve done cleared the cache and wipe/factory reset on both occasions. Have followed your instruction perfectly both times and I’m using mybackup pro for restoring data/applications.

    what could be the issue? Kindly suggest.

    PS – the download link are broken since yesterday night. please fix them.

  65. Hi Pradeep,
    I was trying to update my i9003 back to froyo 2.2.1 ddkb2.. I followed all the steps mentioned on the link
    Somehow i cant post a reply there. neway, after performing all the steps on odin, the phone doesnt restart, and goes to charging mode. after restarting manually, the phone gets stuck on the samsung logo screen. i tried removing the battery and restarting but that dint help either…plz help me…i dont knw what to do…

  66. Hi Pradeep,
    I was trying to update my i9003 to 2.2.1 ddkb2..i followed the steps mentioned in the link
    but somehow cannot reply there…Well after carrying out all the steps in odin the phone doesnt restart and goes to charging mode. on restarting manually it get stuck on the samsung home screen logo and doesnt start at all…i tried restarting after removing the battery bt that did not help either. pllzz help me…i dont knw what to do nw…

  67. Thanks Neal…. for all ur work and teaching us efficiently on them…

    I was on a custom ROM when i installed ths update. After updting it says “your mobile does not support software updating via Kies”

    Did I do anything wrong? If i did wrong, what do i need to do for correcting it?

  68. Hi Neel,
    Following is the details of my phone. Its been long I have not done any update. Please let me know if I shud follow the same procedure as mentioned in this web page or something else additionally

    Model : I9003
    Firmware Version: 2.2.1
    Baseband Version: I9003DDKA5
    Kernel Version: root@SE-S605 #1
    Build Number: FROYO.DDKB2

  69. hi Neal,
    The ID : COM Section doesn’t turn Yellow after connecting it with computer.
    Can you please help me??

  70. Hi Neal,
    Its two days now after installing 2.3.6,functions are all right but phone has reduced battery life, i have to charge it two times a day

  71. Hi Neil,

    After I installed this update my phone started to perform slower specially in composing a text message. Do I need to clear anything after or before installing this update? Thanks.

  72. Hi Neil,

    I just upgraded from stock Froyo of my GT-i9003 to this update. After I installed this update my phone performed slower specially when composing a text message. Is there anything I need to do clear after updating my firmware? Thanks.

  73. Hi Neal,
    I’ve update this firmware on my machine.
    now my machine shows:
    Firmware version : 2.3.6
    baseband version : I9003DDKP4
    Build number: GINGERBREAD.DDKP2

    I’m trying to root the machine with this firmware
    but it failed….
    Am I using the wrong firmware to root the machine?
    Please help!!!!

  74. thanks… will be waiting for them!

  75. Hi Neal,
    I am a newbie for this…the update just took few minutes. The instructions were very useful.
    Everything is functioning right. Are there any more updates coming?

  76. Hi Pradeep,
    I’m confused abt this…

    this is my machine….
    Firmware = 2.3.6
    Baseband Version = I9003DDKP4

    samsung-galaxy-sl-i9003-official-ddkp2-gingerbread-236-firmware <— which 1 is referring to? baseband version? or build no. on my machine?

  77. Thanks a lot for the update and the detailed info.
    Updated my phone from Froyo to 2.3.6. Am seeing drastic performance improvement.
    All features are working. Kudos to u guys!

  78. Can apply this firmware on hong kong i9003?

  79. Hey Neal,
    I am facing severe wi-fi disconnection issues in this update and battery life is also not that good…..plz help

  80. Hey Neal,
    I m having several issues like low battery life and wifi disconnection. Have these been fixed in the arabic firmware update??

  81. hi neela …

    2.3.6 GINGERBREAD.DDKP2 support hindi language

  82. neil will there be an ics for i9003

  83. Neal at present i am on DDkp2 and i want to root my phone but i want to know that if i root will i lose all my apps coz i have some paid apps. how can i backup my apps before root. need your suggestion

  84. Hi Neal, great job done by you guyz, Last nite I could’t sleep after upgrading my GT-I9003 to GB 2.3.6 DDKP2 from froyo 2.2.1, I was stuck to froyo after purchasing my handset, its awasome feeling man, updation process was a breez, hardly took 6 to 8 minutes, all previous app and games installed are working fine, I wasn’t expecting that, there is a noticeable gain in battery back-up and boot-up and shut-down time, i m also feeling my touch screen a bit more responsiv than before, the only question raising in my mind is that, Is it necessory to wipe cache and restore to factory setting, if there is is no proble with previously installed apps……Once again thanks a TON!! You simply rock……

  85. I have GT-I9003 with 2.3.4 XXKPE custom firmware. Can I upgrade directly to this one?

  86. Hi Neal,
    I Updated my galaxy sl GT-I9003 with DDKP1 version in the settings it showing gingerbread version and the build number also showing exactly.. but the problem is while updating my phone is not formatted and the old apps and games which are in 2.2 version are still exists in my phone. is the phone is updated properly or not and what i had to do now and one more issue is my ram consumption is more compared to 2.2 (it is around 270-350, while in 2.2 it was just 190-235) wat was idle ram consumption.. please help me..

  87. Hi Neal,
    Sorry but we still waiting your promise, as we need the Arabic F/W or to give us a tool to convert or use the Arabic language in this version.


  88. any asian pack?

  89. Does this update include Latvian language? :)

  90. I have got problem with CDC ACM data driver. I could not find anywhere for my galaxy SL GT-i9003 (singapore).
    so no connection with ODIN after entering download mode. (not turn yellow). My laptop (window vista) keeps searching for the driver. but no avail.

    can any body help me?


    • you can install drivers from samsung;s official site!

      • Hi
        I tried many web searches to get correct CDC ACM driver for my galaxy sl gt-i9003. not even on samsung official web site. installation of KIES also didn’t help me.
        I would appreciate if you can provide me the driver or detail web link to download driver.


      • Hi

        finally i found my mistake.
        i should have gone into download mode instead of recovery mode.
        vol + and vol – problem.

        now i have successfully updated to 2.3.6 DDKP2.

        but still in KIES i am seeing “cannot software update via KIES” message.


  91. i m using xxkpe frimware can i directly update to DDKP2??

  92. HI, I tried to flash my phone using this firmware and did everything as mentioned here but my phone is just not starting. it is stuck at the samsung logo. please help. iam using samsung galaxy sl I9003.

  93. Hi Neal:

    I’m facing a problem. The odin tool is not turning to yellow. I’m in xxkpn rooted.

    Pls help

  94. plzzz reply!

  95. hey neal when will ics 4.0.1 stable version be available for galaxy s i9003

  96. Can you please tell me which is the most stable and responsible one? XXKPN, XXKPQ, or DDKP2 ?

  97. Hi Neal,

    Thanks for the great site & advices!

    My i9003 is running fw 2.2.1 at the moment. I have never rooted my phone and probably never will. Recently, when i connected to Kies, it suggested an update is available with details as :- PDA:KP2/PHONE:KP4/CSC:KPH(INU). My queries are as under:-

    1. Should I go ahead and update my phone via Kies?
    2. After updating, would there be any wifi non-connectivity issues as reported by some people above?
    3. Should I expect that all my applications will be there after the update?
    4. Am I missing any fun by not rooting my phone?

    As I use my phone extensively for calls as well as a hell lot of business emailing, I cannot afford to lose connectivity or risk bricking the phone. Your advice regarding my queries will be highly appreciated.


  98. Hi Neal,

    I did all the things mentioned by you above…

    my phone restarted after the process and its just looping at the startup samsung logo… what to do next…
    I am reverting to my previous update.

  99. Hi

    I have updated my phone using the file given in your site using the provided instructions will my phone be rooted or if not how can we find out the phone is not rooted.


  100. hey neal
    you guys are the best…all the very best.
    using ddkp2 and rooted since the day one of the launch…very good so far.
    I installed gtalk with voice and video to my phone everything is working fine but not my mic…any procedure to revoke that?? please help.
    what’s working: I can see and hear both of the other person ofcourse in the landscape mode bit they can’t hear my voice but video is working fine.
    thank you

  101. Neal ,
    It’s showing
    Firmware version – 2.3.6
    Baseband version -I9003 DDKP4
    Build Number – GINGERBREAD.DDKP2

    Is it correct to show build number as GINGERBREAD.DDKP2 ???

  102. Hey Neal,

    I did cache clearing from recovery mode and tried to update DDKP2.
    But still no luck man…..Its still restarting.
    I dont know whether my phone is locked or not.
    I bought it from Tanzania, East Africa.

    I more thing dude, I found my fw was froyo 2.2.1 when I bought this from store,
    and my fw file was \FROYO JVKB1\ which is only for Africa & Middle east regions.

    I searched all for a fw which is only for Africa region but cant find.

    Will you help me to find any fw froyo/gb only for Africa & Middle east…..
    I think that will solve my issues…..


  103. I have GT-I9003 with Froyo 2.2.1 (it is the latest for Turkey, and Samsung didn’t publish any update for this machine for Turkey). So, my question is; can I update to DDKP2? I’m not using this phone as Turkish, but can I use as Turkish also?


  104. hello neal,
    you guys are the best… I need a help,can we install gtalk with video and voice support to this phone I am on ddkp2 and rooted…I tried once I can see and here opposite fellows but they can see me but can’t here my voice…please help

  105. Hey Neal,

    There is a mistake in my previous post.

    During flashing process in the phone,
    When applying the update its showing…

    –Appling Muti-CSC–
    Can’t access to ‘/system/csc/SER/system


    When going to the recovery mode,
    phone will again run some commands automatically there it shows…

    Applying Multi-CSC….
    Installing Multi-CSC
    Can’t access to ‘/system/csc/xss/system/’.
    Successfully applied multi-CSC

    Can u help to solve this.
    Is this is why my phone keeps restarting after applying any fw???

    Thanks Man!!!

  106. hi Neal,
    When wlill be the rooting for this FW will come out? =(

  107. Hey Neal,

    I found some errors which is happening in my phone with all fw updates.
    In odin, after you start the flashing process, the odin will show reset and the phone will take a restart.
    After restart, the phone will start the fw update process and there will be commands automatically running on the phone.
    But during this flashing process I noticed some errors. Its like ….

    Applying Multi-CSC….
    Installing Multi-CSC
    Can’t access to ‘/system/csc/xss/system/’.
    Successfully applied multi-CSC

    Its shows cant access to /system/csc/xss/system.

    This error is repeated for all the fw updates I have done.

    Can this will be reason for continuous restart of my phone???

  108. Well…i can help u resolve it..mail me if its still not resolved.

  109. Hey Neal,

    Samsung Galaxy S has already got an ICS update. Hope you release it soon for Samsung galaxy SL. Also, I am facing some battery issues after the DDKP2 update. Please fix it asap. You’re doing great work for this phone. Keep it up!! :)

  110. Hey Neal,
    Samsung Galaxy S has already got an ICS update. Hope you release it soon for Galaxy SL. You are doing great work for us. Keep it up!! :-)

  111. after updating, i am having issues with wifi. i get alot of wifi error. how to fix this?
    rest is working fine =)

  112. Galaxy SL runnin 2.3.5 i9003ddkp3 build number gingerbread.xwkpg………………. Will this 2.3.6 work on my Device??

  113. Hi Neal,

    Is it possible I can get a link for FROYO JBKV1.

    I think my gt i9003 is not compatible with GB.
    I tried everything but still my phone is restarting continuously.

    I searched all for FROYO JBKV1, but didn’t get.

    Thank you ;)

  114. Hi Neal,
    I had a problem with my gt i9003.

    The phone was having froyo 2.2.1(JXKA4) when I bought it.
    First I updated it to JPKP5, the phone started to restart automatically.
    Then I went for DDKP2, still the phone is restarting automatically.
    Next I went with DDKP1, but still the phone is restarting and restores to factory settings.
    With all the 3 fw update I did wipe data/factory reset & wipe cache partition. But still no luck.

    After fw update, the phone will work fine for 2-3 hrs then it will start restarting….
    Which will be the best & stable version according to you?

    Please I need ur help……i tried clear cache and wipe data several times i dont know what to do i still have warranty does it affect warranty by updating to this 2.3.6 ddkp2 and my phone was bought in india only what shall i do

  115. I already did it. For all the 3 firmwares.

    I did clear wipe cache partition & wipe data/factory reset.

    Or is there any difference in wipe cache & clear cache?

    Any other fw should I try?

  116. Hi Neal,
    I had a problem with my gt i9003.

    The phone was having froyo 2.2.1(JXKA4) when I bought it.
    First I updated it to JPKP5, the phone started to restart automatically.
    Then I went for DDKP2, still the phone is restarting automatically.
    Next I went with DDKP1, but still the phone is restarting and restores to factory settings.
    With all the 3 fw update I did wipe data/factory reset & wipe cache partition. But still no luck.

    After fw update, the phone will work fine for 2-3 hrs then it will start restarting….
    Which will be the best & stable version according to you?

    Please I need ur help…….

  117. Hi Neal, when rooting for DDKP1 n DDKP2 will coming out? thx

  118. Hey Neal: Awaiting your response please? Is there any way to solve the wifi issue?


  120. i m not being able to update to PDA:KP2 as while updating with the given instructions it show as FAIL

  121. Hi
    I am using I9003XXKPN 2.3.5 and i liked it very much.
    Is DDKP2 2.3.6 is better than that?
    If so what are the improvements?

    Thank you very much.

  122. Dear Mr.Pradeep

    Greetings of the day, I have been fanatic about this version of OS, but sounds a bit upsetting looking at the problem, after I updated it through Kies, Wifi Seems to be Kicking me out very often, I did try Googling around and doing some research about the same, but in Vain. I feel you are the right person to sort this out. Will be glad if you can help me on this.

    Jagadish K

    • have you cleared the cache from recovery? do the same, it will fix the issue!

      • Alright, here is what I have done.

        1. Prior to F/W update using Kies, reset the phone to factory defaults and cleared the Internal Memory and also the cache.

        2. Post the F/W update, cleared the cache and checked – no go

        3. Reinstalled the F/W using Odin.after clearing the cache, with your version of F/W which is the same.

        4. Issue Still persists, hence cleared the cache once again, but of no avail.

        Anything more that I can do?? Kindly Assist.

        • try going to the wifi settings and change to static ip mode in place of automatic ip. this solved the problem for me.

        • I have tried that, and everything possible, it still doesn’t seem to work. But it all works fine when I switch back the F/W to Froyo 2.2.1

          One Other Issue that I have noticed is that my Dell BH-200 Bluetooth Stereo headset doesn’t work with DDKP2, I am able to pair it and Phone Media works with it but not Audio, I mean to Say, Unable to answer calls using the headset. Please Assist.

  123. What are the improvements in DDKP2 over XXKPQ?
    I have XXKPQ installed & my phone is working fine.
    If there are no major improvements, I would like to stay with XXKPQ.
    I shall act as you advise.

  124. what are the difference between DDKP1 and DDKP2?

  125. Hi Neal I’m having a problem with my camera. when I use YM it restart and if I use skype always disconnected. and the image of the person I’m talking to is not rotating to portrait. is this firmware issue or applications problem?

      • Hi Neal,

        i updated the mobile with 2.3.6 thru kies. but my camera is showing a black screen thats all.
        Model: GT019003
        Firmware: 2.3.6
        Base band: I9003DDKP4
        Build: GINGERBEARD.DDKP2
        Kernal: root@DELL83#1

        i did the following too

        i rebooted the phone, cleared the catch too.

        now i feel like going back for a stable version with the cam working.

        please help and plz reply to my mail too.


  126. helo Neal, can no longer update via kies DDKP2 after using odin DDKP1, need help

  127. Halo Neal. Thank you very much for posting this I was about to upgrade to 2.3.6 after seeing this. Juz I wanted to ask u if I upgrade to 2.3.6, will it solve previous phone problems like when I press the menu or back button of my Galaxy SL sometimes the white lights wont come out… Sometimes it does… So will it solve this?

    Thx a million anyway… = )

  128. Pls help for my problems

  129. Hi Neal:

    Earlier I have updated 2.3.6 XXPQ – the one you gave to us. When connected to KIES it says “YOU HAVE THE LATEST VERSION”.

    Whats new in DDKPU 2.3.6 and should I go for it? — One thing I must admit… you rock man

    Please suggest.

    Thanks in advance

  130. hi neal
    i updated my phone from xxkpq to ddkp2 today by the odin u gave….
    after the update….

    the phone rebooted in recovery mode and says an error that
    E:cant mount cache..
    E:cant mount cache\recovery log.

    when i pressed the reboot button..
    the phone booted normally…
    and i thot it was ok…
    but when i went to android market…
    the market cannot download any app….

    and also when i checked the phone by typing *#1234#
    the csc is showing unknown instead of any version name..

    i tried clearing the cache.
    i tried factory reset\wipe data
    i also tried re-installing the firmware by odin ..
    but all the three problems are still there..

    what to do neal…
    help me with this three problems…
    1) in recovery mode ( e:cant mount cache)
    2) market cannot download app
    3)*#1234# shows csc:unknown

  131. Hi Neal,
    DDKP1 update is working fine for me. But with this DDKP2 my battery life nearly reduced by 40%. So i’m thinking to going back to DDKP1… Is it possible…? what is your call Neal…?

  132. hey neal is there any visual change is there in this update

  133. Hey Neal :) Thanx for ur news n updates. I just love ur
    my mobile working absolutely fine after upgrading it to 2.3.6 :)

  134. Thanks for this update Neal. I have 1 problem with my front camera. it doesn’t rotate when I am using Skype video chat.
    Hope you can help me with this.
    Thanks in advance!

  135. Hi Neal,

    I came up with a weird problem after updating my phone to GB 2.3.6 DDKP2.
    The update was very easy and my phone was working well after updating for the next 24 hrs.

    But then my phone started to automatically restore to factory settings.
    After restart it will work for another 2-3 hrs then again it will go to restart & restore factory settings.

    I don’t know what should be done now.
    I am not an expert in this, but let me explain what I had done so far.
    When I bought this phone, in the about the phone menu it was showing like the following…
    model : gt i9003
    firmware version : 2.2.1
    baseband version : i9003JXKA4
    kernal version :
    build no : FROYO.JVKB1
    Then after sometime my phone started to freeze and was very slow.
    Then I thought of updating my OS and I came to
    The first update which I done was GB 2.3.4 JPKP5.
    But during this update I noticed a change that the tutorial is saying a different pit file but the JPKP5 package was having a different pit file.
    The tutorial says….
    PIT – s1_odin_20100512.pit
    Bootloader – APBOOT_I9003JPKP5_CL482273_REV08_user_low_ship.tar
    PDA – CODE_I9003JPKP5_CL482273_REV08_user_low_ship.tar
    Phone – MODEM_I9003JXKP3_REV_00_CL1040711.tar
    CSC – I9003OJPKP6_CL491426_CSC.tar
    But the downloaded JPKP5 was having a different pit file and that was….
    Remaining all file were the same.
    But I didn’t took it serious & I did the update with latona_20110114.pit to JPKP5.
    The update went smoothly without any errors and also I did a wipe data/factory reset and wipe cache partition after the update.
    After the update the phone was working fine without any problems.
    But I when I was trying to do video chat on yahoo messenger, the phone will take a restart.
    So I came back to & found another update GB 2.3.5 XXKPM.
    I was going to update to this version, but before that I just want to confirm with you.
    So I contacted you and with your help I came to another version GB 2.3.6 DDKP2.
    But when I was updating to DDKP2, I found there is a difference in the tutorial. (Clear me if I am wrong)
    In the JPKP5, I need to update PIT, bootloader, PDA, phone & CSC whereas in DDKP2 its only PDA.
    Anyway I did the update to DDKP2 and did the wipe data/factory reset & wipe cache partition after the update to DDKP2.
    Now my confusion is did I do anything wrong during update to JPKP5 or DDKP2.
    The pit file in JPKP5 is what makes my phone to continuous restart?
    Is there any way I can solve this problem?
    Please I need your help……

  136. Hey Neal,

    Can I upgrade my Galaxy SL I9003 which is currently having Android 2.2.1 (Froyo) to 2.3.6 ?

  137. Hey Neal when ics will be released for this phone ?

  138. Thanks a ton Neal..!
    Successfully upgraded my OS…Your instructions are precise and just what i needed. Just a little information..i faced problems while getting my phone to the download i removed the battery for a couple of seconds and it worked just fine.
    Moreover, i’m not sure for why the Kies is not supporting for ppl..the latest version of Kies is still working fine for me!


  139. Dear Neal: Thanks for the excellent work so far.
    I updated to 2.3.6 DDKP2. but my wi-fi keeps connecting and disconnecting every minute. nothing is wrong with the router. Also battery life has reduced by around 50%. Not sure what needs to be done now, appreciate your kind advice.

  140. hi neal i have started using ur odin tool now i cant update my phone with kies and its not connecting also can please tell me is there any way that i can again make my phone updatable in kies i have one s2 and i9003 please answer me

  141. I updated my gelexy i 9003 via samsung kies it shows firmware version-2.3.6 Baseband virsion-i9003 DDKP4 thanks

  142. waiting always for rooting tutorial before applying this update.

  143. Hi Neal ,Pls let us know the improvements made and new features added.Thanks :)

  144. Hi Neal,Pls let us know the improvements made and new features added.Thanks :)

  145. is the arabic language included in this rom ??

  146. Hello Neal,
    Today I upgraded my I9003 from JPKP5 2.3.4 to XXKPQ 2.3.6 and as you of course know it doesn’t support Arabic…
    I was just wondering is there any version of 2.3.6 that supports Arabic, if not are there any older versions?

    also is DDKP2 in any ways better than XXKPQ?

  147. Neal,
    Is it support Arabic language? and please don’t say NO we stay too much..

  148. Hiii,
    How to Root Samsung Galaxy SL GT-I9003 with Official DDKP2 Gingerbread 2.3.6 Firmware?
    Plz give me reply sir.

  149. when i enter the download mode and connect the phone to computer by usb cable. do i need to connect with the internet?? or i need the internet connection to download the gingerbread package?

  150. To enter recovery mode, I press volume up + Home key simultaneously, then I press the power key.
    I keep pressing all three buttons, a vibration appears & then If I keep pressing power key, screen shows weird colors & If I leave power button, phone simply boots up.

  151. Hey why do you delay the rooting article for DDKPI and DDKP2 !?

  152. I’m not able to enter the recovery mode, download mode is entered easily though.
    When pressing the keys as shown, after a vibration if I keep pressing power button the screen shows weird colours & after leaving it, phone simply starts up.
    I have XXKPQ installed & my phone is not rooted.
    Is it compulsory to clear data & cache?
    Is there any problem with my phone?

  153. Hey Neal,

    Can you release the cyanogenmod, clockworkmod and MIUI ROM for this phone??

  154. Hello!

    I upgraded my i9003 phone via Kies. It told me there is an update. I previously had XXKPN.

    After the update, the version reads 2.3.6 and build number reads GINGERBREAD.XXKPQ

    I was expecting DDKP2. Did i miss something or Kies may take couple more days to get latest updates?

    I’m in Bangalore, India.

    Thanks in advance,

  155. is this firmware support Arabic ?

  156. Neal,
    There is also an alternate step to put the phone in recovery and download mode using adb commands, without using up/down volume, etc.

    Once USB debugging is selected, connect the phone via USB.

    Open the cmd prompt and then use the following command for download mode/recovery mode.

    adb reboot download for download mode

    adb reboot recovery for recovery mode

  157. Dear Mr. Neal,
    I face serious WiFi disconnection problem in all 2.3.6 versions! I tried all. Now I’m on DDKP1 and I face frequent disconnection @ the frequency of once in 1 or 2 minutes!!!! Where is the problem lies?


  159. hi neel………………….is ther any custom rom for galexy 9003………………….

    if yes plz tell me………….

  160. man ,one more thing , u think i could change the language of swype in romanian ? is ultimate goal !

  161. neal , u are our control tower man , if before i was afraid to do anything to phone , now i say it worth 100%, in 6-7 min i change the FirmWare from kies , and now it works much better then before man,my internet mobile work after 1 week,wifi is closing (before i push the wifi button and it was stuck till restart) Now i will test more & i feedback later Man you are the Coast Guard to us. Respect

  162. Is this update newer than XXKPN/XXKPQ ? Which one is better?

  163. neal, this firmware works on european firmware(spain) or is only for india ? and what version of odin do i have need,i got odin3 ver 1.82 it ok?

  164. 1. How better is the DDKP2 to DDKP1.

    2. Is Skype/Yahoo videocall rectified in this update.

    3. Can i apply this firmware to any I9003?

    Thanks for your swift update/response.


  165. How much better is this version better from xxkpn version?

  166. Is there any hope for I9000 Indian official version??

    • yes pankaj, it will be rolled out very soon!

    • neal will it void my warranty with my galaxy sl i9003?because thats my only fear with regard to rooting my fone to have a better firmware..and if that will void..what should I do to retrieve my data like IME number? please help