How to Update Samsung Galaxy SL I9003 with Official Gingerbread 2.3.5 XXKPN Firmware

Gingerbread 2.3.5 XXKPN Firmware Package

Procedure to update Galaxy SL I9003 with Gingerbread XXKPN 2.3.5:

  • Before proceeding download the XXKPN Zip file from the above downloads section and after that you need to unzip the same. In the process of extraction, you will be prompted to enter in the password, enter the password as “” without the inverted comas.

Galaxy SL I9003 Enter Password XXKPN

  • As soon as you enter the password, the files will be successfully extracted and then match with the below mentioned files. If even file is missing then you need to again download and extract the files.
  • Extracted Files xxkpnUp next, open the “Odin flash tool” from the extracted files and then turn Off the phone so that you can then enter your phone into the download mode. The download mode can be entered by pressing Volume Down Key, Center button, and holding both simultaneously press the Power Button. To know more, refer below mentioned video.

  • Once the download mode is entered, with the USB cable which you got at the time of purchase you need to connect the phone to the computer while keeping the Odin opened.

XWJVU Phone Connected

  • As soon as you connect the phone, the ID : COM block in the Odin will turn yellow which will signify that all the drivers have been successfully installed and you are now ready to proceed with the rest of the instructions.

Select Files XXKPN

  • Now, click on the below mentioned corresponding tab and select the appropriate file from the extracted zip file.

PDA – I9003XXKPN_I9003XXKPN_I9003SERKPN_HOME.tar.md5

Note: Match all the settings from the above screen capture including the “Re Partition” option etc.

  • After checking the file selection, proceed by clicking on the Start. As soon as the firmware is updated, the phone will be restarted after which you will be prompted to enter the Language settings as well as the Google Account credentials.
  • For checking whether the firmware has been successfully updated or not, you will have to go to the path “Applications > Settings > About Phone” where you will find the firmware version as XXKPN 2.3.5 Gingerbread version. If there is any other version then that means you again will have to follow the procedure to update.
  • After successful firmware update, turn Off the device to enter the device into the recovery mode. The recovery mode can be entered by pressing  Volume UP Key + OK button, and holding both simultaneously press the Power Button. You can also refer to the below mentioned video to know more on how to enter into the recovery mode.

  • In the recovery mode select Wipe data/factory reset and also you need to select Wipe Cache partition and then reboot your device by selecting reboot system now option.

Galaxy SL I9003 Recovery Mode

That’s it you have now successfully applied the update of XXKPN 2.3.5 in your Samsung Galaxy SL I9003.


  1. Hi I’m using ver.. 2.2.1 froyo ..jxka4 .. should I update it?

  2. i have samsung galaxy sl and i was trying to upgrade it via odin with pit……after succesful upgrating that my phone is restarting again and again….plzzz help me what to do…plzzzzzzzz
    any solution for me???????

  3. I followed all the steps properly till now. The Odin software said a:
    * PASSn* All threads completed. (succeed 1 / failed 0) at the end
    Then as said i disconnected the phone from the pc and waited for sometime.
    The phone keeps restarting again and agian (i.e it keeps displaying the samsung symbol repeatedly)
    Its almost been an hour now..i just want to confirm if the phone is rebooting? pls reply

  4. Hi Mr.Pradeep,

    i am from malaysia..manange to upgrade my phone to XXXKPN…but it keeps restarting and sometimes even stucked at the Samsung loading screen mode..may I know what is the cause for this? i followed all the step and even went into recovery mode..

  5. y is this taking so much time to turn on after upgrade to gingerbread?

  6. I just updated from froyo jvkb1 (african model) to dis firmware xxpn 2.3.5. 18 hrs so far and everything is working well. Thanks

  7. Dear Neal

    I am from India and I recently got a Samsung Galaxy S GT-I9003 from Singapore which has some Chinese applications installed and these Chinese apps get active during phone calls and SMS automatically. These Chinese apps were not able to uninstall from “Applications” menu. Is there any way i can uninstall those Chinese apps or if i upgrade with your XXKPN can i still use my phone normally with all the features provided by Samsung for this model but without those Chinese apps? However, i prefer to have Chinese language support as i travel to china often. Pls suggest. Thanks.

  8. help me.. all it says is failed and my phone is now not booting.. i cant flash my phone.. please reply immediately.. i’m so worried

  9. btw, this firmware has a bug, quite important imo. Steps to reproduce:
    1) Lock the screen, and just leave your i9003 on the table, and wait. Don’t turn on the screen.
    2) 30 minutes later, from a PC or another phone, send an email to your phone’s registered Gmail a/c. Don’t touch your phone yet until it beeps and notify you.

    3) This step 3) will never happen, because the phone will not beep or alert before you start interacting with it. :-(

    You may try again with Whatsapp. Same result.

  10. Very nice how-to. But to make it complete, could you also include a step or link on how-to backup the current firmware (and restore)? So that we can always go back for warranty please.

    I have 2 phones of same model, one followed the instructions here, but cannot go back to Froyo for warranty.

  11. Hi, i just used this firmware, but the thing is. when i reboot or power on my phone. it says. Sorry,The process android.process.acore has stopped unexpectedly.please try again. And The application Messaging(process has stopped unexpectedly. please try again. AND FOR SOME REASON I CANT USE KEY BOARD! help


  12. Hello neal,
    I followed all the steps properly till now. The Odin software said a:
    * “PASS”
    * ” All threads completed. (succeed 1 / failed 0)” at the end
    Then as said i disconnected the phone from the pc and waited for sometime.
    The phone keeps restarting again and agian (i.e it keeps displaying the samsung symbol repeatedly)
    Its almost been an hour now..i just want to confirm if the phone is rebooting? pls reply fast.damn worried!

  13. Thanks.
    I followed all the steps properly till now. The Odin software said a:
    * PASSn* All threads completed. (succeed 1 / failed 0) at the end
    Then as said i disconnected the phone from the pc and waited for sometime.
    The phone keeps restarting again and agian (i.e it keeps displaying the samsung symbol repeatedly)
    Its almost been an hour now..i just want to confirm if the phone is rebooting? pls reply fast.damn worried!

  14. I followed all the steps properly. The odin software said a:
    * PASS
    * All threads completed. (succeed 1 / failed 0)
    and then i disconnected my phone from the pc. But the phone keeps restarting (i.e it shows the samsung music again and again). Is my phone rebooting?

  15. Is it important to set the phone in the recovery mode after the upgrade is done? Will the data be erased after the recovery mode?

  16. Sir neela need your help… why i cant open my samsung GT i9003 in download mode?
    but if i connect my usb to the pc i saw in the ODIN yellow mark and it says ADDED!! but my phone is not in download mode -.-

  17. I’m currently on gingerbread 2.3.5 xxkpm hk version(zhkpd) and it was updated via kies. Is it okay if I apply this on mine. They’re the same gb 2.3.5…..

  18. I’m currently on xxkpm 2.3.5 and it’s hong kong version. Can I apply xxkpn on mine?

  19. Neal | Waiting for your reply…

  20. Hi,

    Im from qatar and was wondering if there would be any conflict if i install this updated firmware? Or should i find some updates that are listed in my region? Please advice

  21. Hi,

    I would like to ask if this update wouldn’t be a problem even if i am here in the middle east, specifically qatar. Or should i use other type of firmware to be able to update into gingerbread?

  22. Hi,

    I was wondering if this firmware update would do good even if im here in the middle east specifically Qatar? Or do i have to install with other type of updates? I need your advice on this, thanks…

  23. im from malaysia and i have downloaded the zip file already to upgrade my samsung galaxy sl 2.2.1 froyo to 2.3.5 gingerbread…but the problem im facing at the moment is that my fone is not able to enter the download mode…i have tried doing it many times as shown but my fone will juz turn on like normal…i have tried entering the download mode by enabling and also disabling usb debugg…can anyone please assist me…thanks lots

  24. Hi Neal,

    Thank you so much for making such article with all clear steps. I have updated my I9003 successfully to XXKPN 2.3.5 from Froyo 2.2.1 and rooted too with the below link.

    After completing all the above procedures i found i haven’t followed “Wipe data/factory reset”, “Wipe Cache partition” step and luckily everything is working fine till now withiout any problem and glitch.

    AM I SUPPOSE TO Wipe data/factory reset”, “Wipe Cache partition EVEN AFTER EVRYTHING IS WORKING FINE? IS THIS MANDETORY. IF SO, COULD YOU PLEASE SUGGEST WHICH BACKUP TOOL SHOULD I USE.(Titanium Backup is Installed and do i have to take System App Backup to Restore after after Wipe data/factory reset”, “Wipe Cache partition)

    Thank you.

  25. Hi guys, I accidentally bought i9003 (cuz what I wanted was galaxy s i9000 and that bad Chinese guy gave me i9003) in Hong Kong and I could update the firmware to gingerbread 2.3.5 XXKPM (HK version) via kies a few days ago.
    There is actually no problem with this firmware at all, but I think it’s poor overall in color expression compare to its original fimware, which is froyo 2.2.1
    For that reason I’ve decided to flash this one, XXKPN. But I’m little worried that this firmware won’t be flashed on mine successfully. It might not support it
    So here goes the question. Can I flash XXKPN on Hong Kong i9003? Thanks

  26. i live in lebanon i want to update the firmware from 2.2.1 to Gingerbread when i connect it to kies it says the device cannot be update it how can this be possible? if there is a way please tell me

  27. Are there any major changes to the battery life or the UI in this as compared to I9003JPKP5?.

  28. great stuff! updated without problems.

    this update also fixed my camera not working problem after following your previous article to update Froyo to Gingerbread 2.3.5. on thing though, you need to date your article. the only way i can find if it’s the latest is with the user posts.

  29. Does this update affect in any way the 3G frecuencies ?

    I own an i9003L and now using Froyo, and want to update to Gingerbread.
    Kies is telling me there’s no other update than Froyo, but seeing this Europe Gingerbread update… should i update without any difference ?


  30. i purchased my Samsung GT-I9003 at Saudi Arabia but i’m using it in Philippines. When i plug my phone and use Kies, it says that my firmware is the latest. Can I update my phone to Gingerbread? What should I do? thanks in advance.

    PDA: I9003JPKD1
    Phone: I9003JXKA4
    CSC: I9003OJPKC2

  31. Greetings Neal how r u …. My Galaxy XL I9003JXKA4 came with froyo firmware version 2.2.1 bought from Pakistan..and ginger bread is on my mind all the time …I updated kies version but it doest show any official upgrades to ginger bread..I am confused whether to use upgrades from these sites or not …cuz the title of this page says official upgrade but why my kises is not showing it …and If I hav use these sites for upgrade … which version of ginger bread should I use for my phone which has absolutely no bugs and absolutely stable…because I dont wana regret upgrading :-( …thank you plz reply

  32. hey can u pls help me out…
    after i updated to dis it was working very welll
    but when i did update again from the cell phone from settings after rebooting it is showing kernel failed and is just stucked over der…pls help me out as soon as possible….

  33. Wich bands or basebands uses this update? Because im from Argentina and with another official ROM cant get 3g or HSDPA connection, and the EDGE was too poor signal. Can you tell me please ?
    Thank you

  34. Hi Neal,
    updated to gingerbird2.3.5 two times, with your two different realeases. Surprisingly in both the firmaware, Mobile AP utility is missing through which you can access the Internet in laptop using your mobile directly through wifi. which was available in froyo 2.2.1 and comparitively ginger’s battery backup is also very low..

  35. Hi Neal,
    Updated to XXKPN version.Till now its working cool except for my Bluetooth. I could see a gud imprvmnt in Battery life too. really appreciate your work. Keep up the spirit. Thanks again !!!!

  36. Hello Please let me know that is it the ROOTED version? my phone is not rooted and i dont want it rooted even after the update.

  37. Can i update my galaxy GT-i9003 using DDKA5 to this…and is this the latest firmware update??

  38. I did it.. Thanks Neal.. Its working fine now.. But i did not do a factory reset or other stuffs… Will that create any problem in my Galaxy SL i9003 ??

  39. i already solved the problem by re-updating to xxkpn. thanks.

  40. Hello Neal
    A comprehensive guide to update i should say
    read in the special advisory that being outside of india (Pakistan) I cannot upgrade it to gingerbread 2.3.5 DDKPG Firmware.
    Can i upgrade it to xxkpn, Are there any chances or anything else happening like hanging in the middle, etc.

    Also My phone is galaxy s i 9003 it does not say sl is it the same thing?

    thanks in advance.

  41. hi neal

    please help.. i flashed xxkpn.. i facing problem of phone performance.. i did factory reset and cache partitioning.. but no use.. while typing, keypad touch response is very slow.. what i do. plz help.. if i on data connection then keypad response getting increase. if i offed data connection then once again me facing same. slowness of phone..

  42. Neal plzz help….

  43. Hi Neal,
    I use a Froyo 2.2.1 with Build nu,ber DDKF1. Can I upgrade thru odin directly to XXKPN ??.. Previously I tried updating to other version of ginger bread like XXKP7. But got into lot of troubles like frequent hanging of phone and it goes to unknown upload mode. Which made me to have a service of this phone and motherboard chnge. Will this version give me any reprive ?? your reply is much appreciated. Thanks !!!

  44. Is it something to do with the fact that i dint turn usb debugging on????

    and yea now odin says pass.. but phone’s still rebooting.

    also can i show my phone to a samsung service centre???

  45. Removed the battery and applied the update again.. but still no change. :’(
    The odin thing just says reset and my phone’s resetting again nd again…
    Shouldn’t it say pass???

  46. Hi Neel,
    I use a Froyo 2.2.1 with Build nu,ber DDKF1. Can I upgrade thru odin directly to XXKPN ??.. Previously I tried updating to other version of ginger bread like XXKP7. But got into lot of troubles like frequent hanging of phone and it goes to unknown upload mode. Which made me to have a service of this phone and motherboard chnge. Will this version give me any reprive ?? your reply is much appreciated. Thanks !!!

  47. ok so i cleared the cache from the recovery mode. and selected the reboot now option. and its still the same.
    The Samsung sign keeps coming. any other way to solve the problem???
    And should i go to a samsung service centre??

  48. Neal.. the procedure that you have given says that the phone will reboot and we’ll have to put the language settings and everything.. and later we should go to settings -about phone and check whether the version show’s 2.3.5 if not we should go to recovery mode. but my phone dint give me any kind of options its just rebooting and rebooting again and again…
    so should i go to recovery mode and clear the cache??

  49. One more thing Neal, this wifi issue is a big problem don’t you think, i can’t imagine to run my phone without proper wifi…
    So plz let us know about the firmware which does not have this issue,that would be a great help….
    thanx a lot!!

  50. I went through the comments,I think people are facing battery and Wifi issues in XXKPN…So Neal what would you recommend…XXKPN or XXKPQ or XXKPE or DDKPG??

  51. xxkpn is official release for europe i suppose so if i upgrade my phone to this version will my warranty be void??
    I am from India.
    I think DDKPG is the official release for India but from the so listed comments I presume that XXKPN is more stable so I want to go with this version but plz tell me about the warranty thing.Also do tell the difference in features between XXKPN and DDKPG.
    Thanx a lot Neal.You are doing a great job.

  52. Is there any Wifi issue in XXKPN,since many firmwares are having this problem…

  53. HIi.. i updated my Gt I9003 with this version and found that my phone keeps restarting straight from the 1st restart…
    later i found that i did not enable USB Debugging on my phone before the update…
    now my phone keeps restarting whenever i turn it on..
    plzz help!

  54. hi. i successfully updated and rooted this version. after few hours i check for software upgrade from ABout phone.

    samsung detected and downloaded the firmware upgrade. after rebooting… the upgrade cant proceed with installation.

    error: red Screen

    Update Fail!!
    Kernel verify fail

    now my phone wont start. it keeps on repeating the process every start up. any ideas?

  55. Sorry, I just hard rest using *2767*3855# and now I can update via kies and did update to Q version, thank you so much!

  56. After updating I am getting this error in Kies?

    Your device dose not support software upgrading via Kies.

    Current firmware version: I9003XXKPN/I9003SERKPN/I9003XXKPN/I9003XXKPN

    How to get official updates in future directly via Kies, please help?

  57. hey neal plz jst help me out dude…..
    1st i need to make backup of all my contents using titanium backup.
    so for that i have to root my device.
    so after rooting my device,will i be able to update to 2.3.5?
    and if so can u guide me how 2 do it?
    plz help….

    • we have never mentioned to use titanium backup, for upodating you need not root the phone, you can directly proceed to update.

  58. i’m from india is it possible for me to update with xxkpn version of gingerbread.
    Thanks in advance.

  59. hey neal i am having some problems in skype video call…i can see others but my video screen goes green and den black… my firmware is 2.2.1…what should i do? if i upgrade following the procedures you give me are there any risks? it wont effect or harm my phone right? sorry for sounding so paranoid..thank you

  60. hey neal i updated my samsung galaxy sl i 9003 with XXKPN from froyo 2.2.1 to gingerbread 2.3.5..everything went fine but just after the update when my phone rebooted entire language changed from english to some other language. i am not able to read anything.. please help me fix this problem.

  61. Neal,
    I tried both DDKPG and XXKPN. Both have wifi bugs. My wifi keeps disconnecting. I earlier had XXKPE which worked like a charm. Do you recommend I move back to XXKPE?
    Also, could there be a difference between the DDKPG that I flashed through ODIN and the one that kies would have upgraded? It’s hard to believe that Samsung will publish a firmware which has so many people having issues with wifi.

    The two major issues that I’ve been looking to get a fix for is the skype video issue and the cell data switching off permanently once wifi is on for a long time. None of the updates seem to have fixed the issue anyways, though XXKPE had less of that issue.


  62. Neal

    I have one query as my phones Baseband version is I9003DDKC1, Build Number is FROYO.DDKF1. can I still update it to I9003_XXKPN_2.3.5 version? is it Compatible?

    Please reply…

  63. Hi Neal,
    Wana say thanks to you for XXPN update. Its working perfect on mine phone.
    As today i attached phone on Kies i can see 1 more update in available \ XXKPQ\ . so whats the diff between XXPN and XXKPQ ?
    please update us .Shall be thankful.

  64. which one is better xwkpg or xwkpn and is there rooting available for xwkpg

  65. is this better than official gb uptade DDKP3

  66. is the upate available for JPKB1? Please explain how to get it.

  67. i.e. Is xxkpn update an official samsung kies update-India (pune)

  68. Is xxkpn update supported by samsung kies-india???

  69. neal ji please telll me is there any diffrence between or bad effect, updating firmare of gt i9003 from your method and through kies I AM VERY CONFUSED

  70. sir i think xxkpq is more latest than xxkpn as shown by kies please soon provide us xxkpq

  71. I had given my i9003 to samsung service for latest update.but they are unable to update through kies.had some binary issues.Can i update with xxkpn manually ??

  72. I’ve successfully updated the firmware however I’m not able to enter the Recovery mode. It just starts the phone no matter how hard I try. Any ideas?

  73. Hi Neal
    I am from Bangladesh. I bought a Samsung Galaxy S I9003. when i connected it to PC via Kies its saying \Your device does not support software upgrading via Kies\. My current firmwire version: I9003DDKF1/I9003ODDKA6/I9003DDKC1/I9003DDKF1. I want to update it to Android 2.3.4. Please help me how i can officially update it ?
    Currently the Android version in my mobile is 2.2.1.

    Please Reply….

    • yes you can apply this update for your SL I9003!

      • Dear neal,
        Similar problem with me. I had upgraded before the official version that kies has launched. But now when i want to do my next upgrade using kies, it is saying that upgrading for this version is not supported by kies. Please tell me what to do? Should i revert back to the official version of Samsung Android version that came with the phone and then upgrade through kies or there is a way out?

  74. After the updation process my phone keeps on rebooting and
    on the recovery screen as i try to wipe data/factory reset
    following problem occurs
    E:format_volume: rfs format failed on /dev/block/stl10
    wat to do ???

  75. Yes thanks, do you know the difference between the versions XXKPN and XXKPQ?

  76. Dear users,

    What is the difference between I9003XXKPN and XXKPQ (the latest version?). Only batterylife or is there more?
    Thanks and regards!

  77. I have updated XXKPN and working fine…… Thanks a lot Mr. Neal and Team!!!! Great JOB…..

    Need to know that why ROOTing is necessary after firmware upgrade…. i am a novice user… pls suggest…

  78. hey neal!!!
    di i have to \TICK MARK\ on the re-partition option in odin…coz it is nt shown in your screen capture…bt u hav mentioned \Note: Match all the settings from the above screen capture including the “Re Partition” option etc\

  79. aint ddkpg official version for india???den y it isnt on kies???

  80. hey neal awesome site…m always seeing that you always come with new updates frequently…i everytym read your updates bt i didnt actually update my phone…i own samsung galaxy sl gt i9003….i am from india…what i want to know is if i update it with xxxkpn will i be able to further update it with kies…also if sumthng goes wrong will samsung svc ppl be able to repair it….as my phone is still in warranty…or updating to xxxkpn will void the warranty….also if ddkpg is official gb version for india y isnt it coming on kies…nd wat bugs are still there on xxxkpn version???…nd does this version eat more ram???as my stock froyo takes 240mb ram…also plese give me the link for rolling bck to stock froyo :)

  81. Hi Neal Sir !
    when I m connecting my phone to odin in download mode the ID:COM block is not turning yellow. please help me out. Thanking You in advance.

  82. Thank you very much for you’re help! This worked out perfect. I’m very happy :).
    I read about the version I9003XXKP9, do you know that one and is there a big difference between the two?
    Again, thank you!


  83. Hi ,
    can it use in chinese language after update?

    Thanks .

  84. I upgraded to XXKPM two weeks back and now am seeing that XXKPN is the new one and official…

    is XXKPN the version that is available thru Kies or a different one?

  85. Hi Neal,

    I have upgraded my phone today through Kies and the virsion it is showing is 2.3.5 Gingerbread XWKPG

    1) Should i upgrade it to XXKPN manually
    2) what is ROOTing ?? is it required after the upgrade.??

    Thanks for your help and its a Great site with lot of information.

  86. Dear Neal,
    What do you mean by update manually by ODIN? Please explain me how to use it.

  87. Please help me… after updating to XXKPN my phone keeps restarting. I don’t see the homescreen were I can choose my language. There is the word Samsung on my screen with the startup tune and after a few seconds the phone starts all over again. I can’t do anything. Is there anybody who knows what to do? Thank you.

  88. Is that update 2.3.4 or 2.3.5 available in India-Gujarat(Rajkot)?

  89. How long will this update take?

  90. after updating i cant connect to kies. so how can it solved? i bought it from qatar. please help.

  91. sorry dude but i post 2 comment and in 1st i explain all things but dont know why u didnt accept that. anyway in that i cleary sait that 1st i updat ddkpg and then xxkpn from this site. both were good bt after updated XXKPN when i connected my phone to kies, it shows latest version of firmware now available. then i updated via kies nd now my phone shows 2.3.6 XXKPQ. i want to know that is 2.3.6 XXKPQ more latest than XXKPN. is kies send more latest version in india. i am from india and i have update XXKPN BUT after dis kies update my phone to XXKPQ 2.3.6. I THINK THIS IS LATEST THEN XXKPN.

  92. Hi Neal.

    i am using 2.2.1

    Could i apply this update you show us here ?

    thx a lot. alex

  93. sorry abt some mistake..
    i want to know that which is latest, XXPKPN OR which i updated from kies over xxkpn, “XXKPQ”

  94. hey neal. 1st i updated my sl i9003 with DDKPG firmware from this site, den i updated the xxkpn. it shows firmware version 2.3.5 in my about phone. but after this when i connected my phone to kies, there shows latest version of firmware is available now. then i updated from kies and now my firmware is showing 2.3.6., basband- i9003xxkpq, build number- gingerbread.xxkpq.

    is kies send latest version of firmware of gt-i9003 in india,i am from india.
    i want to know that which is latest, xxkpn aur which i updated from kies over xxxkpn “xxkpg”
    please reply

  95. Hello does this procedure require prior root access?

  96. Hi:
    I have a Thailand bought i9003 with the original Froyo.DXKB2 firmware still installed.
    Will I be able to update to Gingerbread XXKPN directly, without putting any other updates in first?
    Will I have to do any special steps to update it?
    Thank you.

  97. dear neal ji
    i am in india, which is best for me xxkpn or ddkpg for my galaxy sl i9003. i frequently use my phone as a usb modem via kies would i be able to do it after update. i am currently on jpkp5.
    please let me know soon. i am very exited for 2.3.5 I REALLY LIKE AND APPRECIATE YOUR WORK.

  98. Hi neal
    i updated my phone with xxkpn today every thing is ok and work fine only problem i face incoming call ringtone volume is very sslow after upgrade i keep all volume in full please guide me how i can increase volume

  99. Hi Neal,
    I am from India.
    I have update my phone to XXKPN version. When i connect with Kies,it shows there is a new firmware to be upgraded(XXKPQ). I have clicked the “upgrade Firmware ” button, and then the new firmware is downloaded ..but after that it shows “Firmware Upgrade Stopped working”.

    Please advise me on this…

  100. Dear Neal,
    I bought gt i9003 from qatar and when Iam not getting any upgrade via kies. Can I do it manually? If so will I loss my warranty nd connection with kies? Please gv me a specific answer for both. Iam really confused. Thanks in advance.

  101. i had followed all the instructions carefully and the update works fine..i also successfully rooted my phone and it works perfectly until at some point,my phone starts to restart again and again..this thing also happened while i was using 2.3.5 XXKPM firmware..after i root my phone,it works perfectly but then after some phone will just start restarting again and again..any advice?

  102. Mr. Neal,

    I must thank you for this beautiful post with proper screenshot and guidance. I really dont like to experiment with new gadgets that i buy, but after reading each and every step i felt i must updgrade my phone to Gingerbread.

    Every thing works fine.! and thanks a ton. Readers just follow what he says and believe me you will get Gingerbread install without any issues

    Cheers !


  103. Hi Neal….the XXKPN update was fantastic!!! Hats off to you and keep up the good work!
    But I still have a problem that my all previously installed applications have gone missing even after storing them in an external SD card. How can I get those back? Please reply and help.

  104. hi neal,when are u going to show us how to update to xxkpq?

  105. Does Gingerbread doesn’t recognize the External SD Card of i9003 or they forgot about that? I think my apps are only moved to the Internal SD Card(which is still an internal phone memory) and not in the External SD. >..<

  106. I tried, it works. Rooting Too! Thank you boys!

  107. HI!
    Im Austrian, can I update directly from I9003XXKPE ? If not, than how should i proceed? Im expecting trouble with WIFI.

  108. Hey Neal
    in the recovery mode, the “Wipe data/factory reset” and “Wipe cache” options give errors. Not sure how to resolve this problem. Can you help me out?

  109. hey neal.. looking forward to I9003XXKPQ version..

  110. Dear Nea,

    I am not being able to go to donwload mode.
    My screen is showing POWER RESET OR UNKNOWN UPLOAD MODE instead of DOWNLOAD mode.

    PLease help, my current update is i am using XXKPE, na dhad updated it long back.

    Please help.


  111. Hi Neal
    I have a problem while updating to XXKPN from my Froyo 2.2.1 out of box version.
    After following all the steps my phone gets update by Odin with green box, after that it keeps on restarting again and again.

    Never got into standby mode, but keeps restarting itself. I took off the battery and tried to update again with complete steps. Still same problem.

    Please advice me what can i go ahead to do with my phone.

  112. hi neal

    thanks, i had a successful update but there is still one big problem.

    after the update i was not prompted to set language and google account and credentials.
    now my phone’s language is not english so because of this language barrier i am unable to make complete use of my phone , i cant set settings, keyboard and every language display is not in english.

    please help me out. ASAPplease!!!

  113. Dear Neal,

    I think you may have missed my question above hence copying it here:

    Dear Neal,

    Thanks. And sorry to bother you again.

    (Bakground: I was xxkph based cranium and on upgrading phone went into boot loop. I tried flashing twice with same result. I couldn’t even go back to xxkph. I had to first flash full xxkpe and then flash xxkph -fortunately this worked)

    I am now on xxkph and rooted using cf-root package.

    Can I upgrade directly from this OR is it necessary to upgrade to xxkpm first? (I see that in xxkpm procedure latona file also has to be checked in odin whereas in xxkpn it only the kpn file)

    Please guide.

    Thanks in advance.

    • no, you can directly apply the update of xxkpn,no need to apply xxkpm first!

      • Thanks! I will try and let you know what happens.


      • Dear Neal,

        I could update my xxkph phone with xxkpn without a hitch.

        My guess is I faced boot loop problem last time because I did not put usb in debugging mode. (settings > applications > development > usb debugging (check the box). This is just my guess.

        I rooted xxkpn using your guidelines. This to was smooth.

        xxkpn is good -haven’t faced any issues so far. Good gps and wifi. Will report battery life and benchmark test asap.

        Thanks again.

  114. Neal,

    1)How to upgrade my android version which supports further Kies update (INDIA).
    Currently my phone is in DDKPG version which i have updated as per your previous articles.
    2) What is the difference b/w XXKPN and DDKPG version (Any advanced features)? and pls advise me which is better for INDIA?
    3) How can i get google video chat in my phone ?

    Please answer…

  115. Hi Neal,

    No matter how hard I try with these instruction, I’m not able to take my phone to Dowanload mode (by pressing Volume Down Key, Center button, and holding both simultaneously press the Power Button).
    Is there any way to take phone to download mode.
    Thanks in advance.


  116. Hi Neal

    I was on xxkph based cranium v3.1 custom rom. As per your advice I flashed xxkpn. All odin process went fine but my phone went in boot loop.

    I had to revert to xxkpe before I could come back to xxkph. I am on xxkph.

    I am bit apprehensive now. Is necessary to first update xxkph to xxkpm?

    Please let me know step by step meethod. Your tutorial doesn’t mention what should be the base version.

    Thanks in advance.


    • just follow the corresponding instructions to update!

      • Dear Neal,

        Thanks. And sorry to bother you again.

        (Bakground: I was xxkph based cranium and on upgrading phone went into boot loop. I tried flashing twice with same result. I couldn’t even go back to xxkph. I had to first flash full xxkpe and then flash xxkph -fortunately this worked)

        I am now on xxkph and rooted using cf-root package.

        Can I upgrade directly from this OR is it necessary to upgrade to xxkpm first? (I see that in xxkpm procedure latona file also has to be checked in odin whereas in xxkpn it only the kpn file)

        Please guide.

        Thanks in advance.

  117. And neel ome more thing I tried to download the zip file as shared but its not downloading…
    Its not incrsng from 0 byte. Please help

  118. Neel is it necessary to store my datas including songs contacts messages?? How long does it take..
    My xams are goin. Is it troublesome?? Please suggest persnly that shall I do I it in between my xams or ots better to wait. Please reply…

  119. when this version will officially launched by SAMSUNG in INDIA???

  120. Neal,

    I am currently on the DDKPG firmware which contains no google video chat.
    1)Can i update this XXKPN version
    2)Can i get google video chat in this version
    3) Will Kies supprot further update from Kies.

    Please answer

  121. Added!!
    Odin v.3 engine (ID:4)..
    File analysis..
    Enter CS for MD5..
    it shows this and takes forever to show anything else.. being a girl, i am highly impatient and waiting drives me nuts… can you please tell me what i did wrong? i am very much sure that i followed all the steps correctly… please,…. i want the update!

    a pop up comes up that says runtime error has occurred and the program needs to be closed.. and then odin3 is automatically shutdown! what can i do now?

    • Sorry to hear that, we request you to check after installing the Samsung usb drivers, KIES latest version!
      do let us know just in case if you face any issues, we will find a way out so that this update will be done!

  122. sir plz tell me the process for applications back up before updating OS. TIA

  123. Sir plz tell me process for backing up all my applications before updating os . Tia

  124. I just wanna share this experience to all those who wanted to upgrade GB 2.3.5 XXkpn Firmware.

    After I upgrade my firmware from froyo 2.2.1 which was the original firmware of my handset to GB 2.3.5 XXkpn Firmware, a lot of problems ive been encountered even during the update. In fact i tried it several times until i made it successfully.

    The last problem ive encountered was the GPS. But after i rooted, my galaxy gt-i9003 now working perfectly.

    My advice to you guys who has little setbacks, TRY TO READ THE INSTRUCTIONS CAREFULLY, everything you need is there, and dont forget to explore a little. maybe the answers your questions is there in the corner of your monitor… :)

    Once again i would like to say THANK YOU to SIR NEAL… and GOD BLESS.

  125. Install application only to usb storage not sd card so,it not have more memory


  127. how long to install this frmware? because dz time im still waiting for over 3 hrs, waiting for the response of successful upgrading and i think I followed all the instruction above.. the message that i got in Odin3 is
    Odin v.3 engine (ID:5)..
    File analysis..
    Enter CS for MD5..
    Leave CS..
    is this still done or not? 3 hrs of waiting and not done?

  128. can some1 help me .i am trying to download xxkpn on my galaxu s i9003 instead of gingerbread xxkpe ,is it better?
    and when i’m turning my phone into dowload mode the phone just turn on .i am pressing the volume down and ok key together and the power button but it doesnt work

  129. Hi Neal:

    When I updated the XXKPM – I was not able to install any application from the Andriod marketplace.

    Is that problem solved in the XXKPN?


  130. Hi Pradeep,
    whats the difference between the XXKPN and DDKPG versions.. which one is latest..

  131. I have rooted my samsung galaxy sl 9003 on xxkpm but now I want to update my phone to xxkpn .Can i Follow the above steps to update to XXKPN.

  132. Hi Neal,

    Following your posts I upgraded from

    Froyo to GB xxkpe

    xxkpe to xxkph -got better GPS with kph

    I rooted kph

    I flashed custom rm cranium v3.1 (based on xxkph)

    Can I now flash xxkpn over cranium?

    Through all these upgrades I haven’t seen battery performance improvements.

    Is there any advantage of going to xxkpn now?

  133. I use the i9003 then up through the 2.3.5xxkp kies kies, but I do not see a new firmware that’s what it is or not.

  134. yes, it works perfectly outside but once i get inside my car, i lost the signal… I remember, in froyo 2.x.x. you can open the LBSTESTMODE by dialing the *#*#3214789650#*#* and from there you can change the settings. This could no longer work in GB 2.3.5 xxkpn.

    Some says, after they upgrade their firmware, their GPS locks Satellite even if they were inside the building.

    Is there any work around to solve my GPS problem?


  135. thanks for this one :)
    works like dream :D
    but not any changes to homescreen & menu icons too :P
    thanks again :D

  136. Just updated from XXKPM to XXKPN quadrant scroe decreased from 1210 to 1039. very bad 3d performance in this rom.

  137. i have samsung galaxy sl and i was trying to upgrade it……but in between i removed my cable and after that my phone is restarting again and again….plzzz help me what to do…plzzzzzzzz

  138. will it effect the warranty

  139. Neal i ran into a very serious problem……plzzzzz can u give me ur contact number i want to talk to you plzzzz it’s urgent……plzz dear i want to contact you????

  140. Hi Neel ,
    I am currently running my i9003 with XXKPH 2.3.4 SER Europe , I downloaded the ROM of XXPPN 2.3.5 which has only the PDA file . Can i use ODIN directly to update . If i do , do i loose all my data and apps . does the version incluse Samsung walk and drive like XXKPH was having .

    Thanks once again .

  141. How do I open lbstestmode in xxkpn version

  142. Just done updating to Gingerbread 2.3.5 xkpn firmware… Thanks all of you guys especially to you Sir Neal.

    So far… working fyn… the only thing is the gps problem still persist. How can i open the lbstestmode with this version of firmware?

  143. Hey Neal, I am using Kies 2.1 which is supposed to be the latest version. I thought first of updating my GT through Kies, but my Kies is not showing any update for my phone. I am on the default Froyo. Any reasons?

  144. Hi Sir Neal,

    Thanks for your recommendation. but before i proceed to update, i have some doubts regarding my unit. Mine is a Galaxy S GT-I9003, is this the same with SL GT-I9003? if not, can i still update my unit to XXKPN?

    You did mentioned above that XX is Europe official release can i use it here in Philippines?

    Thanks in advance.

  145. my phone is not booting. samsung logo is reappearing again and aagain …enter in recovery mode wipe data and repartion……then it will boot up

  146. hiiii everyone :)
    i have a samasung galaxy SL I9003 with froyo 2.2.1 .
    i neever updated my phone before with ODIN or somekind of tricks .
    i dont have a memory card too :(
    so i just want to know that can i use this update XXKPN ?????
    and how to apply this update ?????
    thanks in advance , great site :D

  147. Wifi keeps on disconnecting after DDKPG update. Please fix…

  148. hey help me … i updated with gingerbread 2.3.4 for ,my samsung galaxy sl I9003 every thing is functioning awesome bt my phon gets hanged after some time, due to wich i hav to restart my mobile several times.i followed all the procedures , wiped the cache partition still facing problems & also tried to update with the same again . plz reply fast wit som solution

  149. Hi Neel,

    Thanks for the update. Its working great…. When can we expect root for this firmware?

  150. could you please replay on this?

  151. hi

    i have a galaxy sl gti9003 handset n i am really excited to see the official release of gingerbread.
    if i were to upgrade my firmware to 2.3.5 directly, will it be possible? i have never upgraded since my purchase.(2.2.1)

    i also have the problem of switchin off the phone by itself and the internal sd gets removed all by itself which leads to forceclosing of all applicationwhich i open, which is very annoying. do u think upgrading will be possible with this kind of problem?

    please let me know! ur concern will be appreciated. :-)

  152. Can it be shown chinese character?

    • No, it doesnt support chinese!

    • how would I go about addding Chinese to this? I have the GT-I9003 from China Mobile and their customised (or should I say, bastardised version of the android sucks (no Google accounts working, hence no Android Market, no Gmail, no Latitude etc…)

      So I am looking to put some standard software onto it. Updated through KIES to 2.3.5 but still the same – I assume thats the homecooked version for the Chinese market from Samsung.

      Baseband version: I9003ZCKP9

      Kernel version:
      se.infra@SEP-68 #1

      please advise… thanks

      • xxkpn doesnt support chinese!

        • Thanks Neal, I understand that. However….

          1. could you (or anyone else) let me know if I can ‘add’ Chinese language support to this or whether I have to wait for some other firmware.

          2. Can I install this software on my GT-I9003 (Baseband version: I9003ZCKP9, Kernel version: se.infra@SEP-68 #1) regardless, and just not have Chinese?!


        • Thanks Neal, I understand that. Maybe I am being a bit thick!? Sorry for that. Where do I find this Chinese z series firmware? I have searched your site, but seem to miss it… of course I alraedy have 2.3.5 on this phone now, but this leads me backt o where this conversation started – a rom that has been crippled to restrict access to Google accounts for the China Mobile users….

          So, here it is again:

          How can I find a ROM (the newer the better I guess) that has both Chinese language support and non of the China Mobile imposed restrictions!?!? (even the one from KIES, has the Google restrictions)

          Thanks, your help is appreciated (as are your replies!)


  153. Hi Neal.. what are the significant changes/fixes in this update from the XXKPM update

  154. hello neal
    thank you very much for constant updates.
    I am from India and currently on xxkpm and rooted…does this version better than xxkpn and if yes does the same rooting procedure mentioned for xxkpm works for this version also?
    thank you once again

  155. hi neal is this version upgrade will make any change in outlook of my gt i9003

  156. Hi Neal, Can u help with answering below doubt

    1) If I update with this procedure then phone warranty will still be valid? or it’s valid only if i am going to update firmware by Kies only?. Is advisable to update newly brought (just before 4 week) phone with respect to warranty.

    2) I am basically updating for video call on skype as 2.2 doesn’t support front camera, will that work with this update. Thanks for continuous efforts.

  157. does this version work in lebanon ?? (middle east)

  158. Hi Neal,
    I am on DXKB2. Can i update the firmware with same process mentioned above or do i have to do something different. Also does this firmware has WIFI bug too in which WIFI keeps disconnecting. and What about the sms time stamp issue (it shows received time instead of send time if phone is switched off). Thanks


  160. Hi Neal!
    I’m from India. After i flash with XXKPN, will i get kies updates if i install the european version of Kies?
    I tried the Indian version of Gingerbread, but battery getting too hot. So gonna try this one now.
    Thnax a lot,btw for ur cool works.

  161. Neal,

    I’m just wondering, what is the difference between a custom rom and an official rom?


  162. Hi Neal, i am currently using i9003jpkp5. my question is, is this new version better than i9003jpkp5?
    and secondly, can i directly update from i9003jpkp5 to this new one?
    and are there changes in outlook of both the firmwares?

  163. Hi Neal. I am currently using i9003jpkp5 and iwas wondering is this version better than this?
    and secondly, can i update directly from i9003jpkp5 to this version?
    Also, is there any changes in the display/outlook of this new firmware. Please reply.

  164. Hi Neel,

    Thanks for the update.. I’m from India.What is the difference between XXKPN & DDKPG?… Which one is more stable?
    Also can i go directly to XXKPN from DDKPG?…..

  165. hello bro. in previous all upgrades there are not any changes in look of this upgrade going to make such a change.(i mean to say waallpapers, icons etc)

  166. After updating and getting XXKPN . Will be able to get updates via Kies? If no then how will we do it.

  167. Hi Neal, I am using XXKPN and working fine. except skype/Paltalk video call (in skype i can see others video but mine just blank black screen for them), when autorotate is enable Video showing not working in Paltalk. cam preview screen goes to green, do you have any solution for this please?


  168. as I didn’t like DDKPG, now i am using XXKPN again. I think. its the latest and stable, All ok. except my skype video calls. stille same probem.


  169. hi neal…

    dose this update supported with arabic language…

  170. Hi dude!

    How can we be able to root this version?


    • we will soon come up with the rooting article!

      • Godspeed! Thanks!

      • sorry to say that but its the worst rom i have ever used….i think the maker of ythis rom is very very dumb with no brain……u didnt use any sense in making this rom….after i moded ur rom all of my apps got formatted and my sd card toooo….faced difficulty in your rom at the core…..

      • @NeaL Pradeep, no one should use this rom…..the worst rom ever…..experienced this rom persoonaly…erases everything form ur phone…..0 on 5 is my rating……….