Galaxy Spica I5700

How To Update Samsung Galaxy Spica I5700 to XXJH7 Enhanced Eclair 2.1 Firmware

Galaxy Spica LogoFor all those who are owning the Samsung Galaxy Spica i5700, we would like to re iterate that we haven’t forgotten you and in a bid to the same we will see on how you can update your phone to the latest version of Android that is Froyo operating system for your Spica. Like this handset was one of the most early Androids and we understand that since Samsung has stopped the support completely to this phone, we would like to treat you by providing an easy and simple procedure to update your Galaxy Spica. There will be no what so ever problems with this firmware as we have made sure that all the instructions are mentioned clearly. This Eclair 2.1 update is dubbed as XXJH7.

So, in the due course of this article we will see on what are the things you need to look upon so that you can easily update your phone with this firmware update. Though this is the Eclair 2.1 version of firmware update, we will soon come up with the Froyo 2.2 for Galaxy Spica but for that you need to first follow the instructions to update your phone with this Eclair 2.1 firmware. Please note that this firmware is not the official version which was released by the Samsung Electronics but is the beta update, though there are no bugs which were found by us but there might be some minor bugs which will be sorted out when we bring the next update of the Froyo operating version for your phone. Since this firmware is of the European built, it’s one of the stable builds ever.

Since this one is the Global beta release, anyone with their Galaxy Spica i5700 handset can go ahead and can apply this update on their phones. The only condition being is that you need to follow the instructions carefully. For your convenience we have broken this article which contains Pre Requisites which you need to follow before proceeding to apply the update and then followed by the instructions to apply this firmware update on your Samsung Galaxy Spica i5700. Soon after the froyo release, there will be Gingerbread version of firmware too will be released for the Galaxy Spica which we will be coming out only on, so stay tuned for it.

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