`` Update Infuse 4G (SGH-i997) with Official Gingerbread 2.3.6 Firmware

How to Update Samsung Infuse 4G (SGH-i997) with Official Gingerbread 2.3.6 Firmware

Procedure to Update Samsung Infuse 4G with Gingerbread 2.3.6 Firmware:

  • Once you have installed the KIES mini software tool in your computer by following the on screen instructions, you now need to proceed to connect your phone to the computer with the help of USB Cable.

KIES mini 1

  • Once you connect, you will be prompted to select the USB Mode as shown below. Select “KIES” as shown in the below screen capture.

Select USB Mode

  • After this, you will get to see that the drivers will start updating and once all the necessary drivers are installed you will be prompted with the below shown message.

Installing drivers Ready to use

  • In your KIES mini, select the option of “Phone Upgrade” as shown below.

Phone Upgrade

  • Up next read over the Caution statements. Check “I have read and understood the preceding information”. Click the Upgrade button.

Current and Upgrade version

  • After this the device will be upgraded automatically, all you need to ensure that computer has high speed data connection so that the update can be downloaded and applied faster.

Upgrading Phone

  • Now, once the update is finished, the phone will be rebooted automatically and then Android idle screen will be displayed on your phone. Please note that just in case if there is any power failure or interruption, then you need to re follow the procedure mentioned above so that the device can be updated successfully.

Phone Updated

  • Once the device is updated successfully, you will see a message as mentioned in the above screen capture.

So, congratulations you have now successfully updated the device with the help of simple instructions. Do let us know in the comments section if you face any issues in the process of firmware update as we will try to address the same at the earliest.


  1. how to get my phone back after update went bad from computer got shut off now phone blinks on samsung

  2. hi. i hav an infuse but still have not updated it. ive downloaded kies mini but on my phone i do not get Kies as an usb mode. SO what do i do??

  3. I can not access on Gmail .

  4. Perhaps Samsung or AT&T should mention that this upgrade is BEST done on a 32 bit OS…NOT a 64 bit system…like Win 7 64bit or XP 64bit!
    The update tends to “hang” forever…there is, apparently, no relief until you get to a 32 bit machine!!
    That’ll take me till about the middle of next week!
    Thanks for the notice, guys…really needed to be without my phone for a week!! ;)

  5. When I connect my phone with my pc and then I got kies window but phone update button is disable. Can you please suggest what should I do. I have samsung infuse.

  6. I downloaded the version of Kies mini , and when I connected my Infuse it said, “Firmware Version: Latest Version” “Version Upgrade: 12/02/09″ and doesn’t allow me to upgrade. Did the upgrade get to the New Orleans area yet?

  7. Hi, what if I buyed the at&t unlocked version?
    I’m trying but it says “Firmware Version: Last Version” , “Firmware Upgrade: 12/02/09″

    Will I be able to upgrade??

  8. Do you know when it will be available in the Dallas, Tx. region? Thanks!

  9. u mean wt i do tell me steps

  10. no not any issue ? only issue is kies not mention avelable upgrade i dont know y its not display new upgrade. tell me kies version .

  11. I cant get it please explain again

  12. thx for reply how i update kies new version ? when u get update ? please tell me a link. current my firmware version.2.2.1 n basedband version 1997UCKD5 , kernel version build number FROYO.UCKD5
    i download that file \Kies_Mini_For_ATT_I997_Infuse4G_11011_4\ but its auto updated
    that version (v .

  13. thx for reply how i update kies new version ? when u get update ? please tell me a link. current my firmware version.2.2.1 n basedband version 1997UCKD5 , kernel version build number FROYO.UCKD5
    i download that file \Kies_Mini_For_ATT_I997_Infuse4G_11011_4\ but its auto updated
    that version (v .

  14. I have infuse 4g phone. i was download kies file in ur link . first i install n run kies update kies that version (v after i was connect to the phone. get phone but display Firmware vision – Latest version, firmware upgrade -11/10/13 . why i cant upgrade? Please help me

  15. I have updated…thanxs buddy….
    but there is a problem with it…touch response is slower than before nd device also gets slower while playing hd games.

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