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How To Update Samsung Mesmerize i500 to Froyo Firmware

Samsung Mesmerize LogoWhat does Mesmerize means? It actually means to get hypnotized! So, would you like to get mesmerized in Froyo? Ok, now let’s unwrap the mystery, for all those who are having Samsung’s Mesmerize here’s a great news for all you guys as a new firmware Froyo 2.2 has arrived and you can update with the same from your Android’s 2.1 version.

Make sure that you go through the list of Pre Requisites which is a very important this to follow before you proceed to update your device so that you can have a smooth and hassle free upgrade.

Pre Requisites:

  • It’s highly advisable to have a backup of all the data which is present in the phone which ranges from Phonebook to Contacts to Applications and Music along with the Videos and images as while upgrading the information like Music settings, Buddies now info, all share settings, Hot spot settings, Google account and Google Talk and Mail settings will get lost.
  • Ensure that your phone’s battery is charged more than 75% so that your device doesn’t shutdown or experience any interruption in the updation process,
  • Make sure that the device which you are updating is only Samsung Mesmerize and nothing else,
  • Ensure that you have USB cable for your Mesmerize, Mesmerize Android Phone handy.
  • Most importantly in your computer / laptop which runs on a XP, Vista  or Windows 7 OS the firewall and other antivirus programs are disabled and also you should have admin privileges to download and install the software including the drivers and also along with this you will be requiring the USB port on your computer which supports USB 2.0.

Samsung MesmerizeFor all those who are not well versed with the upgrade procedure, we will guide you in a systematic and simple step by step procedure below, also it’s advised that once you go through the procedure carefully and then second time follow the instructions carefully and then go for updating the device.

Step 1: Get KIES Mini

First of all you need to uninstall any previous versions of Kies Mini from your system and then you need to download this Kies Mini for Mesmerize in your system

Step 2: Install KIES Mini

  • After downloading the Kies Mini from the above step, you will now have to double click on the downloaded KIES Mini file and then the program files will be extracted to your desired location, preferably on “Desktop”. Please note that if the password is prompted then you will need to enter the password as “” excluding the inverted comas “” after which the extraction of the files begin as shown below,

Extracting KIES Mini files

  • Now, next up you will have to select the location as well as the language by default after which just click on the “Next” button to proceed.

Select language and location

  • After hitting the Next button, you will be presented with the on screen license agreement wherein you will have to click on the “I accept the terms….” After which straightaway click on the Next button just like as shown below,

Accept terms

  • Now, after accepting the terms, the KIES Mini will begin the installation process which doesn’t require any action.

Installation in progress

  • Now, as soon as the installation is finished, click on the “Finish” tab and restart the computer / laptop so that installed files are ready for the process.

Restart the computer

Step 3: Install and Configure device drivers

So, now while the system is being restarted let’s see quickly on how you can configure your device so that the drivers are installed properly so that your phone will be detected by the Kies Mini software.

  • Press the Home Key Home keyfrom your phone and simply press the Menu KeyMenu Key, tap on the Settings as shown in the below screen shot.

Tap on Settings

  • Now, after this you will have to tap on the “USB Settings” as you can see in the below screen shot.

Settings USB Menu

  • Now, after this you will have to tap on the “Ask on Connection” option and simply press on the Home KeyHome key.

Ask on ConnectionNow, you will have to make sure that you insert the USB data cable into your phone and then in the USB port of your computer. Now, in your phone it will prompt for choosing an option, all you need to do is to simply choose “Samsung Kies” from the list. After the process gets over, unplug the data cable.

Step 4 : Update the firmware

Before proceeding to this process i hope that you have backed up all your data ad ensure that you remove the SIM card along with the SD Card if any for safety of the data

  • Now, open the KIES Mini software from your computer and simply plug in the USB cable into your phone and select the Samsung KIES when it’s prompted in your phone.

Kies Mini

  • Next up, click on the Phone Upgrade option,

Phone Upgrade

  • After clicking on the Phone upgrade option, you will see that statements will be presented, read the same (optional) and click on “I have read and understood…” and proceed by clicking on the Upgrade button as shown in the below screen shot.

Caution Statements

  • Now after this, the KIES Mini software will contact the Samsung’s Server to fetch the binary files which are required to update the device and will take quite a sometime to update as depending upon the file size and speed of internet the time will vary.

Binary files download

  • As soon as the binary file download gets finished, the device updation process will be kicking off and here it’s highly recommend to not to plug out the USB cable or else serious consequences may arise.

updating the device

  • Now, after this all you need to do is just simply click on finish option to finish the installation process as shown in the below screen shot.

update finished

Now, there you go now all you need to do is to just simply pull of the USB cable and then the phone will get restarted after which you will find that the device is on the Android’s 2.2 version of Froyo. Do, let us know if you face any sorts of problems as we will help you in regards to the same.



  1. Fone Savvee

    September 8, 2011 at 8:58 pm

    Will this work from a mac computer?

  2. Exalted Ruler

    June 9, 2011 at 2:57 pm

    Update went without a hitch. Problem is AFTER update, now my much loved (100% stock) Mesmerize is no longer reliable. I have sporatic loss of internet access until power-cycled. I see the roaming indicator sporatically. The built in mail application only sporatically works with Hotmail, now. The built-in browser locks up the phone on certain web pages, leaves the screen in a strange state, power button is not recognized, and requires pulling the battery. The built-in clock application, when using the Timer function, will drain the battery in about 4 hours; shuts down. The power button sporatically is frozen-out. Can only turn off display or power-down the unit by pulling the battery.

    So, how about instructions for reverting back to Eclair so I get a GOOD phone back without rooting?

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