UpdtBot Malware Infects 160000 Android Devices – How to Secure your Phone

Another malware hits the Android system, as the UpdtBot malware claims itself as a bot for the automatic update of your Android operating system, and which instead does a lot of other stuff like setting up the entire system to make automatic calls and SMS to other contacts to make the name of “viral” a valid one. The SMS is sent to other contacts, the message in the SMS says that there is an important update available, and you would be asked to click on the link but the link would take you to download a malicious application file, as claimed by the NQmobile U.S. Security Research Center.

The UpdtBot registers a Command and Control server which makes all the automation of the calls and SMS, but we haven’t seen anything of the former but there are around 160000 phones that were infected and SMSes have been sent from those many devices. AndroidManifest.xml is the file where the trigger actions ar done by the malicious file, and the actions include BOOT_COMPLETED, BATTERY_CHANGED, CONNECTIVITY_CHANGE, and MEDIA_CHECKING and along with all this, on the background the remote command receiving option is switched on automatically.

UpdtBot Server Connection

One of the most threatening issues with the UpdtBot malware is that it keeps itself remotely connected with the author of itself and that’s the reason for all the continuous suspicious activity. There is always a trouble to the phone if the malware has entered the phone through any source, may that be any application or that be the SMS which you received from any of your friends’ mobile, you should keep yourself safe from the the malware.

updtbot propagation

Here are a few steps and tips on how you can keep yourself protected from the UpdtBot:

  • First off, try to be genuine and download the applications only from the trusted sources. The ones that are made from the Android market are usually the scanned and trusted ones which won’t be having any malicious threat on the devices. You better check the reviews of any applications before installing the app, as some times the users report about some suspicious activity after installing the app.
  • The applications that you install in your phone would need some of the permissions from your side, and those are of different priorities. You need to have a check on this and thoroughly check what permissions the app is asking from you, before proceeding with the installation.
  • Use the anti-virus programs, such as the NQ Mobile Security, Norton Antivirus, McAfee Mobile antivirus for your Android phones which would be one of the best savious for your phone as they keep themselves updated from time to time and the updates bring out the protection from the latest threats to the phone.
  • Do not fall for any untrusted SMS messages or mails, which contain the links for any activity required from you. The updates for your phone OS would usually come directly from the network and you would not be notified through SMS for the same.
  • One of the ways you can even find out or feel suspicious about the malware attack is the sudden reduction of your account balance which is a result of the various activities done by the malware in your phone.


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