Can i Upgrade my Android Mobile to Ice Cream Sandwich 4.0 OS?

Android Ice Cream Sandwich UpgradeQuestion : I have a Samsung Galaxy Mobile and wanted to know if i could update my phone to the latest Ice Cream Sandwich version or not. Is it very easy or should i visit a Service Center to get it upgraded. What the the available options and how could i know if this is compatible with my device or not.

Answer : After the recent Ice Cream Sandwich launch there have been many questions from our readers, whether their mobile phones can be upgraded from either Eclair, froyo or gingerbread to ICS or not and if yes what would be the process. Before we start discussing we need to actually understand that whenever there is a new software available, it does not mean that it could be compatible with your hardware of the device. Hence its important to first ensure about the compatibility of the same by just comparing the minimum specifications of the new software vs the current hardware you have.

Upgrade Android Ice Cream Sandwich

As you can see above most of our Galaxy Ace, Galaxy S, Galaxy S2 etc users have been sending us questions on how could they upgrade and the same options apply which were discussed above. Now lets discuss more on what are the actual hardware requirements before we can upgrade to the Android 4.0 version. There have been many speculations that this update is going to ‘run all on devices’ means its designed in such a way that it would work on any device be it a tablet or a mobile phone with any screen size but there are two basic and important requirements.

  • Ram : The Ram of your device should be of a minimum of 256 Mb which would handle the large applications.
  • GPU : There should be decent enough GPU on your device to process all the queries in the background.

If your android device does not meet these demand’s then the chances of you upgrading your device are less. We have had recently published a article on Upgrading Galaxy S to Ice Cream Sandwich which was only possible because of the hardware match for the I9000 mobile.

The CyanogenMod team which has been released awesome firmwares for Google Nexus S, Dell Streak, HTC Sensation, HTC Wildfire etc have also informed about the above hardware requirements after testing the CM9 which will be specifically for ICS and would be released within 2 weeks of the code availability. As of now other manufacturers are also getting ready with the customizations availability on their devices in the form of Sense, Motoblur, Touchwiz etc and are going to release the same in around two months once the Nexus Prime is released. This ensures that the Google’s official phone would get first preference followed by other handsets which is why the Motorola Droid Razr also could not get the ICS and was released with gingerbread software.

Especially Samsung as we talk is much concerned about the perfect working so that users don’t complain in the future. Some manufacturers like Asus and Acer release the updates quickly but issues of Wi Fi and force closes comes up and later on they release the patch updates for the same but this process leaves you with time waste.

Samsung with most of their high end phones are nearly about to receive updates while some of them have received it the following are the updates confirmed for the devices -
AT & T Customers : Galaxy S II (SGH-i777), Galaxy S II Skyrocket (SGH-i727), Galaxy Note (SGH-i717), Captivate Glide (SGH-i927) and Galaxy Tab 8.9 (SGH-i957).
Sprint Customers : Nexus S 4G (SPH-d720) ICS Update is Available! and for Galaxy S II Epic 4G Touch (SPH-d710).
Verizon : Galaxy Tab 10.1 (SCH-i905) and Galaxy Tab 7.7 (SCH-i815)
T Mobile : Samsung Galaxy S II (SGH-t989), Samsung Galaxy S Blaze 4G (SGH-t769), Samsung Galaxy Tab 7.0 Plus (SGH-t869) and Samsung Galaxy Tab 10.1 (SGH-t859)

Back to the original question, we will keep you updated if your phone can be upgraded to this latest software release or not, while you can yourself do your homework by cross checking your device’s hardware configuration. The upgrade instructions would be similar to what you have been experiencing for Android 2.1 Éclair, Android 2.2 Froyo, Android 2.3 Gingerbread or Android 3.0 Honeycomb and you wont have to go through any different procedures. Google has not announced any specific instructions regarding the hardware requirements for ICS but the above ones are for better and smooth performance on your device. The availability of the same would be completely dependent on the manufacturers of the respective devices because they need to test the same and then make it available for their users.


  1. hi i have q.
    if i update my phone(dell strek) al my apps will gone?

  2. hey i am talking about Samsung GT S5302

  3. how can know Ram and gpu of our phone?

  4. is update available for SGH-T769 now?

  5. I hav got GT S5302 android 2.3.6 with 289MB ram but dont know whats GPU… i want upgrade my phone to ICS….Can anyone tell whaats GPU??

  6. Hi there!my phone is celkon A86 android 2.3(Ginger bread).I want to upgrade it to Ice Cream Sandwich…my question is:Can I able to upgrade with my android version which is ginger bread(2.3) ?if not what will be available to my phone??plz kindly answer me….thanx in advance.

  7. Hi i want to upgrade my karbonn A7 android 2.3.66 version to ice cream sandwich version more than 4.0

  8. I Wan’t To Update my Galaxy y s5360 who i can do (to jelly bin Or snadwich)

  9. I want to upgrade my htc explorer (Android 2.3.5.) To ICS…………..IT IS POSSIBLE? If Yes then HOW?

  10. hey , i’ve galaxy tab 7.0(p1000) , can it be upgraded to ICE CREAM SANDWICH ?????/

  11. I own an Samsung GT-I9220 phone and this seems to run on Gingerbread.XXKL3. I want to upgrade to Icecream sandwich (ICS). How can I do it. Also There are a lot of factory installed applications that I don’t want but I cannot uninstall them as the uninstall option is not highlighted. Kindly help

  12. Can we upgrade galaxy ace s5830 to ics..?? the upgrade officially available..??

  13. hi,
    does samsung galaxy ace plus (gt-s7500) gets ics update ??? am eagerly waiting for it since many months !!! plz reply me ..thanks in advance

  14. plz tell the flash tool password sir please quickly

  15. ICS is awesome, I just upgraded my Samsung GT-P1000 from Froyo to ICS 4.0.4, It looks and feels cool……..

    • I want to upgrate mine also to ICS.. please let me kno the xact steps u went thru or the link u followed
      and secondly is ur cam, wifi and every things are workin fine or any problems are there..?
      thanks in advance.

  16. i have a galaxy y  can i upgrade it to  ICS.  plz help…..

  17. plz help me too 

    i have a samsung galaxy y 
    can i upgrade it to ICS

  18. i have a problem i have samsung galaxy s5363 and kies program say it run,s on latest firmware but can i update it to ICS 4.0 or i can only download themes and stuff?

  19. respected sir i am Jay and i have a phone that is karbonn a1 anrod with 2.2 fryo os and i want to upgrade to any other next version e.g…2.3….can i upgrade it …..sir please help me…….

  20. Khwaja A Muqeet

    I have a Samsung galaxy infuse can i upgrade it to ice cream sandwich?

  21. My phone is Sony Ericsson Xperia Arc S LT18. Is it compatible with the phone if i upgrade to 4.0 or 4.1? . Please help me as i’m planning to upgrade it.. Thanks in advance!

  22. I’m having Samsung Ace GT – S5830 with version Android 2.2.1 can i upgrade this to 4.0 or else?

  23. Hi, As seen from the above article, SGH-T859 is compatible to upgrade to ICS 4. Could you update (when available) the procedure to update the same pls..Krish

  24. Can I upgrade my VPAD7 from android 2.2 to any higher version?
    Memory Type NAND Flash
    Internal Storage 512 MB
    Processor Speed 600MHz
    CPU Qualcomm MSM7227

    If yes please give me the procedure.
    Thanks for you support in advance!

  25. how to upgrade android 2.3.6 to 4.0 for my sony ericsson live with walkman
    please tell me fast

  26. update orupgrade my mobilr

  27. Pls tell me the process or whether galaxy fit can be upgraded to ICS. So far it is now running on 2.3.6 gingerbread.

  28. Qqqq

  29. Ankit Agrahari

    How To Upgrade Android 2.2 Froyo to 4.0 Ice Cream Sandwich?
    My Tablet(Beetel Magiq bmq-01) Spec Are As Follow:-
    Processor- 1 GHz Qualcomm Snapdragon Processor
    RAM- 512 MB
    Operating System- Android OS, v2.2 (Froyo)

  30. I would like to know if the samsung galaxy y s5360 will get android version 3.0 or 4.0?

  31. can i update or upgrade my samsung galaxy mini s5570 to ice cream 4.0 or android 4.0??

  32. Naser @ Tech Blog

    My Galaxy Fit is not fit for this upgrade yet. Hope it will be :)

  33. I have a Samsung Galaxy y Duos(GT-6102). can I update it to ICS? thanks in advance, your site is great, I hv learnt many things here.

  34. can samsung galaxy y (ginger bread) be updated to ICS?

  35. I have a Samsung Galaxy y Duos(GT-6102) running Android version 2.3.6. can it be upgraded to Android version 4(officially/unofficially)? please let me know.

    thanks in advance.

  36. Can my lg optimus E400 be upgraded to ICS..??

  37. can i upgrade my lg optimus E400 to ICS?

  38. I am using Micromax A60 with Android 2.1. Do you have any updates for my phone?

    • there are no updates as of now!

      • Hi Pradeep,

        thanks for response. Dose it means it is under process of validation (then i have a reason to be happy) or it means that it is not yet planned… :(((

  39. what will be latest version of android available for samsung galaxy w (GT-I8150 currently running 2.3.5) in the future? what about its GNU info. please ?

  40. Michael Gonzales

    I have a Galaxy S2 SGH-T989 from T-Mobile. Will there be an update anytime soon to 4.0+ ICS ?

  41. I have a Samsung Galaxy Ace Plus (GT-S7500) which has 512 MB RAM, Adreno 200 GPU chip and 1 GHz Qualcomm Snapdragon MSM8255 mobile processor with this specifications can I upgrade to newer versions of Android such 3.0 or 4.0

  42. niko di angelo

    i have a samsung galaxy ace GT-S5830 and it is running on 2.3.5 it has 278 mb ram and 800mhz processor i was wondering if i could update it to ics!

  43. will ice cream sandwich support samsung galaxy 551? it has android version 2.2 froyo

  44. uuhm.. hi. i would like to know if i could upgrade my Samsung Galaxy Q (SGH-t589) it has an android 2.2 OS. i just wanna ask if it can be upgraded to ice cream sandwich 4.0.?

    thanks in advance. :D

  45. i hav a dell veneue with Android 2.2 Android 4 suitable for my cell phone to be updated… if not which better version suits it..if yes were can i get it updated.. do i need to get it done from a service centre o i can do it myself

  46. I have htc explorer with android 2.3.5 gingerbread …..please tell me whether it can be upgraded to honeycomb or ics?? waiting for reply asap..???

  47. I upgrade my Mini to Gingerbread with Kies… In the middle of prcess, Its still working but there’s an alert said ‘Firmware upgrade is stop working’ Woaaaa… Help me T.T I can’t even upgrade my android.. Asap… Thanks~

  48. hi, what firmware is latest version for galaxy i5510? can galaxy i5510 upgrade to 3.0 or 4.0?

  49. hi i have htc droid incredible 2 currently runing froyo.
    can i upgrade to ICS ?

  50. Is it possible to update galaxy ace 2.3.6 to 3.0 or 4.0 version?

  51. is it upgradable galaxy y os gingerbread to ics?

  52. what will be latest version of android available for samsung galaxy y in future/can u p/s give information on its GPU ?

  53. i have sony neo v
    there is ics update available for it..
    but i have read somewhere that it runs slow on it..
    should i update my mobile

  54. I am using Spice CSL MI 410 right now OS 2.2.2
    hardware : 1GHZ CPU, 512 ROM , 4INCH screen.
    Can i Upgrade os 2.2 to 4.0 or 4.1 ICS
    Please Reply me

  55. I have a HTC Explorer running Android 2.3.5 and wanted to know if it can be upgraded .Please let me know.

  56. I have a Samsung Vitality running Android 2.3.4 and wanted to know if it can be upgraded AND if there is a version it cannot be upgraded past due to HW limitations? Please let me know.

  57. will ever besamsung galaxy y be upgradable more than that of gingerbread..or it will use the same boring gingerbread interface..:(

  58. Hi Yogesh,

    can i upgrade my HTC Desire Z to ICS?

    If yes can u tell me the procedure???

    awaiting for ur reply

  59. i have a question!
    i just bought my first android a couple of days ago and its the Samsung captivate glide. now i know for a fact it is be compatible with ICS but is there a way that if it doesn’t come preloaded that i can update it to ICS?
    its coming in the mail tomorrow.
    please reply

    • No, Pre Upgraded ICS phones doesn’t come now and Captivate Glide will never come with that, you need to do it at your end.

  60. AndoidXCommunity

    Please dont ignore this?…▐▐▐▐▐

    Any ICS Update for Following Phones::::?????????????????

    Galaxy Y S5360 (290 MB RAM, 830 MHZ ARMv6, Android 2.3.5)


    Galaxy Y Duos S6102 (384 MB RAM, 832 MHZ ARMv6, Android 2.3 )


  61. how can i update my mobile(galaxy pop) andriod os in official way plz tell me thanks in advance

  62. Hi,

    I currently have android 2.3.5 (HTC Desire) and I want to upgrade. Can any1 please let me know how do I do that?

  63. can i change android operating system in my htc desire s please sugest me other newer & better for me …

  64. I have Sony Ericsson X10 mini Pro with android 2.1.
    I have been using this phone since one year and now i want it to upgrade the version of android it supports. Can you guys help me on this?

  65. can i upgrade android 3.0 in my samsung galaxy I5510

  66. can i upgrad 3.0 on galaxy y ?

  67. I am using SonyEricsson Live with Walkman WT19i
    can i upgrade its 2.3 Gingerbird android software to latest 4.0???
    plz let me know :)

  68. I have galaxy W, Can I upgrade my samsung galaxy W to android ICS??

  69. can i upgrade my galaxy y into icecream sandwich 4

  70. can my samsung galaxy s2 be upgraded from gb to ics? if so how and what benefits will i get from this?

  71. mine is alcatel Ot-980 , can i upgrade my 2.2 froyo to 4.0 ICS?

  72. I am using Spice MI 720 Tab in which 2.2 installed.
    Can you please update me any possibility of using Icecream Sandwitch.
    I would really appreaciate for your expert comments and advice.

  73. I have HTC wildfire S. can i Upgrade Android os to Honey comb or Ice-cream sandwich?
    Is it free to upgrade Aos i gallery?
    if you have any site then tell me
    Thank You.

  74. Deep Umesh Dwivedi

    Hii. I use galxy pro gtb7510. It has a hardware conf of 256mb ram and 800mhz processor can my phone run ICS if yes fromwhere can i get its rom? Thanx

  75. is it possible to update my os from gingerbread to icecreamsanwitch? my mobile model Galaxy ace….

    pls reply me…

  76. Any news about upgrading samsung galaxy note to ICS ?

  77. could I upgrade my android gingerbread (galaxy fit ) to ICS 4.0,?
    I’m so interesting about it,please tell me the way to do it!!

  78. i am thinking to buy coming soon samsung galaxy ace 2 ,but i don’t know that it will support android 4.0
    can u please help me abut this

  79. samsung galaxy y w/ support for flash?

  80. Well you ( moderators ) come to point that you got spear minute to answer me – can you please shoot out answer.

  81. Hi.. i have samsung galaxy S wifi 5.0. can i upgrade my android OS From Froyo to ICS? Thanks before..

  82. what is the latest firmware for galaxy ace s5830?…

  83. well, i want to get adobe flash player into my galaxy ace ( android 2.3.3 ) to be able watch video does here are any chance to upgrade my gingerbread to be able download adobe flash player and watch video? if here are any upgrades available post link please IF HERE INST ANY UPGRADES AVAILABLE tell us and state why we ace users can not upgrade, coz for upgrade requirements you stated :
    Ram : The Ram of your device should be of a minimum of 256 Mb which would handle the large applications.
    GPU : There should be decent enough GPU on your device to process all the queries in the background.

    and i got decent enough GPU and more than 256 Mb ram

  84. Hi can i upgrade my samsung galaxy ace s5830 2.3.3 gingerbread version to Ice Cream Sandwich 4.0 OS? or other newer version which are compatible with adobe flash

  85. Thanks a lot for your information. Excellent help

  86. can i upgrade to Ice Cream Sandwich 4.0 on the samsung galaxy prevail??? O.o

  87. I have a google nexus s and it currently is at 2.3.7 and rooted with one click root. im trying to get IC but when i go to system updates it says that my system is currently up to date. How do i fix this?

  88. can i upgrade my galaxy Y to honeycomb

  89. Hi

    How can i upgrade my samsung galaxy note Android 2.3.6 to 4.0, is it an offical one.

    Thanks in advance

  90. I want ask, Can Samsung Galaxy Young upgrade to honeycomb ????

  91. when it come to i9003 ??

  92. zeepad containing
    ram 512mb
    processor 1gh
    using os 2.2 android
    can be upgraded to 4.0 icecreem cake
    reply please i need it

  93. Any news about a possible ICS Update for Galaxy W Wonder?

  94. can i upgrade my galaxy Y which is presntly runnimg on 2.3.6 to ICS???

  95. what about samsung galaxy mini..? where i can find the link to download Ice Cream Sandwich 4.0 firmware..?

    best regard

  96. what about galaxy mini…? where i can download that Ice Cream Sandwich 4.0 firmware.

    thanks for the advice

  97. i want the upgrade to 4.0 ice cream sandwich for samsung galaxy s plus

  98. hiiiii . wanted to know whether my galaxy R I9103 is eligible for the ICS update. is yes then when can i expect the update to be coming. and the ways to update my fone. as of now my fone has got gingerbread 2.3.5, is this the latest update untill date or am i lacking behind? please help…. thanks in advance

    • yes its eligible unofficially but there is no word on official ICS Update! we will be covering the ICS for Galaxy R very soon as in when it arrives unofficially!

  99. hi, i just bought a Samsung Galaxy ACE and it come with Android 2.2, waths the newest os e can upgrade it to?

  100. i have xperia mini pro can i upgrade it to Android 4.0 ??

  101. i have sony ericson xperia mini pro can i update to android 4.0 ? and is it avaiable or not ?? …thank you

  102. i bought a Galaxy ACE i will recive it on thursday, its my frist android mobile (i have de Nokia N95 8G). it comes with android 2.2 to witch latest software i can upgrade it to, where i can find out how to do it?

  103. How I install android 4.0 on my galaxy ace

    • No ICS for Galaxy Ace.

      • everybody with a samsung galaxy ace this ‘yogesh patel’ guy has been lying to you! the samsuntg galaxy ace is compatible with ics and it works perfectly, i have seen it first hand on my buddies galaxy ace which was previouly 2.3.3! to update the ace you will need to root your device (see youtube on how to) and reset/reboot your phone and a few other things and voila you will have ics on your samsung galaxy ace!

  104. Can I update my HTC Mytouch 4g to ICS… If yes thn how can i do it.

  105. Hi!
    Can I upgrade my Motorola Pro into Android 4.0? It has Android 2.2.

  106. Hi,

    I have galaxy s plus with 512 Mbof RAM and 1Ghz Processor speed. Can i upgrade it to ICS?

    • no, not as of now as the update is not yet available!

      • Hi,

        Thanks for your reply.

        But I can see from this document that, samsung s can be upgrade to ICS. And the configuration of galaxy s plus is higher than galaxy s. Can you please tell me whether its technically possible to switch galaxy s plus to ICS.

        Thanks advance.


      • Hi,

        Thanks for your reply.

        I can see from this document that, galaxy s can be upgraded to android 4.0 . The hardware is more advance than galaxy s then can you please tell me, whether technically is it possible to upgrade the galaxy s plus to android 4.0?

        As well as is there any possibility that samsung will include the support for android 4.0 with galaxy s plus?

        Awaiting for your reply.


  107. i had galaxy y dous witch come with android 2.3.7 , it had 384 MB RAM and 832 MHz ARM6V cpu could i update it to ICS ???

  108. I have samsung galaxy ace…..the os is android 2.3.4……Can it be upgraded to any other version???
    Thanks in advance

  109. hi .. can my sony ericson xperia mini upgrade to ICS v4.0?please ans. thanks..

  110. hello update for samsung ace to ….4.0 ?

  111. anything out for samsung galaxy fit?
    help plz…
    i saw that custom roms are out for it…but with some bugs….

  112. Is the hardware of the Samsung Galaxy Y compatible with ICS?

  113. will an official ICS update will be available for Galaxy ACE?

  114. how cn i update my samsung mini S5570 to android 4.0 ?/

  115. Is Android 4.0 ICS OFFICIAL update available for Smsung galaxy SL I9003 ????? If yes when??
    and if not will a custom ROM for ICS be available ??

  116. Samsung Galaxy Mini will get an update??? or will not?

  117. Hi Yogesh, can i update my MICROMAX A85 to android 4.0 ice cream sandwich

  118. please guys help me wit my question ????

  119. can i update my SAMSUNG GALAXY FIT to android 4.0 ice cream sandwich

  120. Hi Neal
    I’m Using Samsung Galaxy SL I9003..Can I upgrade to Ice Cream Sandwich??

    If its possible please give me link and instruction for that. Waiting for u r replay Neal.

  121. hey friend one boy install demo of sandwich ice cream in samsung galaxy y young i think it may be work with it ….

  122. yogesh one boy was install demo of ice cream sandwich in his samsung galaxy y young ………it may be work with samsung galaxy y yong……

  123. i think first we should upgrade owr phone to 2.3.6 which was released i am installing this software in my samsung galaxy y young many people installed in samsung galaxy y young see video on youtube …

    • as galaxy y has got a powerful 832Mz processor it does support ICS 4.0 and also i asked my big bro / (uncle- his nick name) he said that yes it will be .
      so be patient and dont upgrade to 2.3.6 unofficially as it will cuase trouble Upgrade from official site/kies actually my bro is one of the software developers team of samsung and he only said so !!
      although samsung will hav to work on making this ics to work on galaxy y but they will as in history of samsung it is 3rd or 4th best sold device and has got a higher trp than s specially in india!!!!!

  124. I am using samsung galaxy GT I5510 with android 2.2froyo. will ICS 4.0 be available for my smartphone.

  125. can the Galaxy gio. can you please tell me if the ICS will work on it when it comes out

  126. Hi,
    I am having Galaxy Y with Gingerbird 2.3.6, want to update.
    Please let me know the uddate.
    Will ICS works?

    • ICS willnot work for Galaxy Y phone.

    • it will but be patient as galaxy y has got a powerful 832Mz processor it does support ICS 4.0 and also i asked my big bro / (uncle- his nick name) he said that yes it will be .
      so be patient and dont upgrade to 2.3.6 unofficially as it will cuase trouble Upgrade from official site/kies actually my bro is one of the software developers team of samsung and he only said so !!
      although samsung will hav to work on making this ics to work on galaxy y but they will as in history of samsung it is 3rd or 4th best sold device and has got a higher trp than s specially in india!!!!!

  127. hi, ive got Samsung Galaxy Note, can i upgrade it to the latest version (Ice Cream Sandwich), if yes, is it available now and how to do it? i have no plans changing my note to nexus just because the latter has its ICS version, i dont think its practical.

  128. hi uhh is the galaxy note getting the update? if so when is it coming out and how do u do it?

  129. How about for Samsung Galaxy Y GT-S5360?Is it upgradable to ICS?

  130. Of course that’s the answer to “bharat” and NOT to NeaL :P

  131. Hey, NeaL!!!

    (Link removed by moderator)

    There you can find some easy fixes for your SGZ….

    I had battery drainage like You, before but now my battery lasts about 3-4 days :P

    Solution… Rooted the phone and UNINSTALLED most pre-installed apps with Titanium Backup…

    I also have a much more responsive phone…
    My \quadrant\ score now is about 4K.
    Before ROOT(and app removal) it was about 1,5K….

    Hopefully that helps you a bit.

    Good Luck, friend…

  132. When can we expect ICS (Custom ROM or Official) for Galaxy ace S5830?

  133. i own nokia 701..
    it satisfies the 2 basic requirements of ice cream sandwitch (android 4.0)
    it has 512mb ram,and GPU.. can i install ice cream on my device???
    how and where can i install android os???
    will android market works there after for my mobile with android 4.0????

  134. Hi,may i know will Samsung Galaxy S Wonder can update to ICS?What is the diff if we custom rom the OS to ICS and with the official 4.0 OS released by the Samsung.Thanks

  135. i have a samsung galaxy pro b7510 . it has android 2.2 but the samsungs manual has ginger bread written on it . it has 279 mb ram 800 mhz processor and Adreno 200 GPU. It should be compatible with ICS. i hope samsung releases a firmware update .

  136. Will Samsung Galaxy Gio get 4.0 update?

    Thanks in advance!

  137. i am using Samsung Galaxy Pro B7510!and tq fr reply!!!!

  138. hy can any1 tell that can upgrade my os that is 2.2 froyo to any other version like 3.0 ginger bread or 4.o if avalable to my samsung galaxy pro.and what is
    GPU plz tell! Plz reply to me i would b very thank full..

  139. Anybody knows how i can donwload the android 4 because i want to upgrade my samsung s2


  141. Is ICS ready for Samsung Galaxy Tab 7 yet? Thank you for all your attentions.

  142. Hi! May I ask if I would be able to upgrade my Samsung Galaxy Young’s OS which is Gingerbread to Ice Cream Sandwich?
    If yes, what would be the processes? Another thing, where can I find the info regarding my phone’s GPU and RAM? Thank you!

  143. ICS for galaxy551? Or cyanogenmod?
    It has 286 mb ram Andreno 200 gpu and 667mhz processor.

  144. Can i upgrade my samsung galaxy y android version 2.3.6 with latest version 4.0?

  145. my galaxy ace can be upgraded into 4.0??
    please reply fast..thnx in advance..n by wen v will have 4.0 on iur phones??

  146. Can I upgrade my galaxy tab froyo 2.2 to ICS

  147. Hi,

    Can i upgrade my Samsung Galaxy S II GT-I9100 to ICS 4.0?

    If Yes, Please let me know…..

  148. can i upgrade my samsung galaxy fit to ICS 4.0?
    Please let me know.

  149. Hey.. Hav u got any info about the upgrade of SAMSUNG GALAXY FIT to ICS . Bcoz it has a ram of 280 and decent gpu (i guess).

  150. I want ask, Can Samsung Galaxy Young upgrade to ICS?

  151. thanks alot .. time to upgrade my galaxy ace to galaxy S .

  152. Will the update be available for Samsung Galaxy mini? If so can you give me a link to the rom?

  153. Im thinking of buying Galaxy W. Can it be upgraded to ICS? Is it confirmed yet, or at least a hint it will receive the upgrade.

  154. I have bricked on Galaxy Tab 7″ and now has anyone or does anyone know of any kind of update for Froyo 2.2 Firmware,
    but it has to work on a Tab P1000NUBJM2 Kernel Version root@SEI-27 #1

    Thank you so very much as I cannot afford to brick my Tab 7″ again! Very expensive to repair !!!!

  155. Hi, I have a SE Xperia X10i and my friend has a Xperia Play, are either of these phones compatible with ICS?


    • Read the post carefully to know the compatibility.

      • I did, and noticed SE weren’t mentioned, is one to assume that’s my question answered?

        • As I see SE Xperia X10i specifications, the hardware supports for ICS update. The custom firmware should be out soon and we would scribble it here on once it arrives. We are eagerly waiting for Ice Cream Sandwich update for many other models. Keep watching ! Thansk

  156. Can i Upgrade My galaxy ace To ice Cream Sandwich ?

  157. Do you think my wildfire s can be upgraded to ICS? Kindly advice

  158. Will it be available for samsung galaxy s II I9100 ?

  159. Hi. The ICS update will be available for Samsung galaxy S, Samsung galaxy SL and Samsung galaxy ace ?

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  161. will it be available on Samsung Galaxy MINI ?? thx!

  162. does this mean, Galaxy Mini will not gonna get the update??

  163. And I’d really like to know if ICS will ever come to my Optimus 2X… Seems LG have forgotten their (kind of former)flagship… But seriously, the thing has a Tegra 2! Why the hell wouldn’t it get ICS?!

  164. HI yogesh , i have HTC Desire Z with 2.3 os can it will be upgraded with latest os, can you let me know what is battery life of desire z mine battery last for 8 – 6 hours with normal usage just phone call and music for 1hour.
    can u let me know .

  165. Im using samsung ace..Can i upgrade my phone to ICS 4.0??

  166. First of all Great Article and site :) .. I would like to ask if Samsung Mini or Fit gonna have chance in getting Ice Cream Sandwich upgrade because I want to buy one of them but afraid of not getting ICS update ..

    Thanks In Advance .

  167. Awesome article dude……………will it for galaxy s

  168. Android 4.0 interface looks demanding on GPU, CPU and Ram. The new Android devices will have better specs accordingly. In the near future the processor and the ram specs of a smartphone will match with our current PC configs. The only thing to worry about will be the battery backup. :)

  169. will it be there for galaxy ace??

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    Can I know Which is the last version of Android OS apart from ICS (4.0)?

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  173. Hi,

    Since there is no updated in Kies about the firmware upgrade for Samsung GT-I5510.

    Please let me know how to upgrade from Android 2.2 to next immediate version.

    Best Regards,

  174. i want to buy galaxy sII epic but it has ginger soft. when ics comes out you would be able to update it to it? nd be able to use features appropriately ?

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  180. Really great answer,, keep update us with ics 4.0

    • Yes, we will keep you update!

      • what will be latest version of android available for samsung galaxy y in future? and does it support ICS????!!!!!!!

        • no it wont receive

          • ok then p/s say about- what will be latest version of android available for samsung galaxy y in future?will it get any update to honeycomb?

          • No Android 4.0 updates would be available for Galaxy Y.

          • what about honeycomb andrid 3.0 ?
            as i want to play gta 3 on galaxy y and it supports sgy 2.3.7 or higher.

          • oh yes i wished to say u that many samsung employers say that galaxy will get an update to ICS
            actually my uncle is one of the software developers team of samsung and he only said so !! when i scanned other sites they also had same information.

          • as galaxy y has got a powerful 832Mz processor it does support ICS 4.0 and also i asked my big bro / (uncle- his nick name) he said that yes it will be .
            so be patient and dont upgrade to 2.3.6 unofficially as it will cuase trouble Upgrade from official site/kies

          • But officially it won’t come as Android 4.0 hasn’t arrived officially for Galaxy S even though it has good features, then how would Galaxy Y get it. And now word by Samsung on the same.

          • although samsung will hav to work alot on making this ics to work on galaxy y but they will as in history of samsung it is 3rd or 4th best sold device and has got a higher trp than s specially in india!!!!!

    • I would like to know if the Galaxy Tab 7inc will get the ICE CREAM SANDWICH ????