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Upgrade Galaxy S Froyo Update in any Country – GT-i9000 Tutorial

The official news is that – Android 2.2 Froyo Update for Samsung Galaxy S is out but for a few countries only. In this article we are going to show you how you can quickly start the upgradation process of the Android Froyo update on your Samsung Galaxy S device. This is possible with the small trick listed below.


Normally once you complete the setup of the Samsung Kies software and continue with the upgrade option, you will get the following message on the ‘Firmware Upgrade’ page. It says that – ‘The latest version is already installed on connected device’. Along with this the ‘Upgrade’ button is disabled because this update is not yet available all over the world and is limited to a few cuntries only.

Firmware Upgrade Samsung Kies

Next click on the ‘Cancel’ button and proceed back to the home screen, but dont close the KIES application. This will just keep it running and at this moment you will have to open the ‘Registry Editor’ on your computer.

For this you will have to click on the Windows Start > Search programs and files > regedit.

Next under the Registry Editor you will have to access HKEY_CURRENT_USER > Software > Samsung > Kies > DeviceDB. Here you will get a list of different sub folders in numerical order.

Windows Registry Editor

Under these folders you will have to click on each of them and try to find the folder where you will find the Entries like SoftwareRevision, Product Code, HIDSWVER etc.

Windows Registry Editor Entries

Next to all these entries there is a small ‘ab’ icon. Double click on these and change the value data of the corresponding entries to the ones listed below.

Value Name – SoftwareRevision
Value Data – I9000XXJF3/I9000SWC/I9000XXJF3/I9000XXJF3

Value Name – ProductCode
Value Data – GT-I9000HKDXEE

Value Name – HIDSWVER
Value Data – I9000XXJF3/I9000SWC/I9000XXJF3/I9000XXJF3

Once these changes to the entries are made, you will have to click the Registry Editor and move back to the Samsung Kies application which is still running in the background.

Firmware Upgrade Kies

Click on the ‘Firmware Upgrade’ button and proceed with the installation process. You will now find that the ‘Upgrade’ button is activated and you will be able to perform this Upgrade now, even if you are from a country where its not available yet. Do make a note that if you perform this upgrade, you will loose the rooting of your device.

Installation Demo :


  1. Please tell me whether this will work for Galaxy Tab,Wi-Fi version, Model No.SHW-M180W, Firm ware version 2.2.1,Kernal version When itried to update through Kies a Time out message appears and the procces is terminated.
    M A Khan

  2. Hi Bro, sorry this recommendation did not work for me, kies says this version of Samsung Galaxy GT I9000, PDA:J58/PHONE:JPK/CSC:JS5 (021) cannot be updated, what do i do, i try to change the value as specified above but no joy.

    Do i need to change the value back to the original, pls advice,
    thanks man

  3. Hey whn i tried to upgrade it says This device cannot be upgraded please can someone help me out.



  5. i did everything it says, but it doesnt work. can someone tell me y plz :)

  6. Could you please send me step by step instructions on how to install adobe flash player, ive been waiting for this for ever. Its crazy this phone should of already came with the flash. You guys in your hard instructions…do this, do this, and that, cant you just send me a simple link to fownload…..

  7. HI, i did this long back and since then im facing battery back up problem its draining fast plz help me

  8. Didnt work for me too :(

  9. lol my phone only change the boot and the shutdown screen… in the past i got telcel splash screen and now get telecom screen but still on 2.1.1 lol..

    in the next try when my phone are installing the update my lap reboot !! lol now i stuck on black screen lol !!!!

    the fail-phone is now on guarantee… 48 hours under observation… i just say …

    i was transfering files with kies and my phone reboot… a construccion android appeared and then boom!! black screen… next..the face of the tech guy…what a noob..

    lol !!!

    Epic fail …..

  10. Hi there, what Kies will do if i ll change, update to 2.2 and then go back and change all values back to default one in registry, like i had before ? Will Kies showing to downgrade 2.1 version or what ?

  11. December 12, 2010 at 6:51 am
    will this crack result in my phone becoming a brick in curently using Firmware version 2.1 update 1 and my baseband version is I9000UGJH2 on bell mobility.
    Please help.

    thanks in advanced.

    also my device is not rooted.

  12. Excellent, it worked for me very well. Thank you so much for the help.

  13. i am not getting the ab icon

  14. @Pumpesku try a 3 button recovery.

  15. I did everything as been told in tutorial but then I pressed UPDATE and did it but I’m still on 2.1 :(

    So You wrtoe down that version:

    is goin to be updated to

    I did everything correctly with :
    But then the Update window come out I’ve got information that :

    is going to be updated to

    What gone wrong ? Any comments ? I’m located in England near London.

  16. you forgot to mention that your phone NEEDS TO BE UNROOTED!!
    else it does not work.
    also JM1 at update is NOT froyo 2.2.
    so if you have that message, you should wait for the official update.
    if you’re in norway or some other country, you have a modified phone.
    that won’t work too.

  17. now i real mess up i did 3 button sysmtem reboot, my phone will not load up stuck to some blue screen saying to me Sorry app Twlauncher has stoped, i can’t force close the screen, guess i have to bring back to bell mobilty and hope then can fix it or my warranty cover sit

  18. Hi
    I follow the steps got to upgrade but I’m having same problems Like MC. still shows 2.1 , apps have been removed and the version now canot be upgrade. how can I correct this please

  19. I tried to upgrade it AGAIN..but it won’t let me to..It says there..Current Version: PDA:JM2/PHONE:JM1/CSC:JM1 [This device's version cannot be updated]

    please…I’m begging for the solution!


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