ValuePack Update for Samsung Galaxy S with Face Unlock I9000 XXJVU 2.3.6

Value PACK LogoAfter so much of flip flops, Samsung Electronics seems to be in the making of Value Pack for the users of Galaxy S, this Value packs is in lines with their Official announcement that it will be going to launch a Value Pac very soon. So, today we will check out an all new firmware update for Galaxy S GT I9000 which is dubbed as XXJVU 2.3.6 Firmware which is the global leaked version. This update of XXJVU 2.3.6 comes after the most stable firmware till now of Gingerbread 2.3.5 and is truly packed with a host of add on features and enhancements which we will be checking out in the due course of the article. The firmware which we will be checking out is not a fully stable value pack but is a beta version of the Value pack which got leaked.

This update brings In just one improvement compared to the last version. There were some graphic rich games like NFS Shift HD and others which when played used to heat up the phone terribly. This bug has been fixed in this version of firmware. This was an issue with the users of XWJVZ which has been addressed in this.

KIES Information:
This update of XXJVU Gingerbread 2.3.6 is not an Official firmware released via KIES tool and you need to make use of Odin to apply this update.

Also, there is no ETA on exactly when this update will be pushed via KIES tool but as soon as this update arrives, we will cover that one as well if at all there are any changes.

Currently if your device is being detected by KIES then after applying, your phone won’t be detected in Official KIES Tool

Note: Please note that this is not the Official firmware released by Samsung Electronics Ltd. and also after applying this update you will not be able to make use of KIES tool as this is the beta firmware. The only way you can install the firmware is with the Odin which we have mentioned in this article.


Disclaimer: At Android Advices, we have made sure in all respects that all the information regarding the firmware update is mentioned correctly in this article. We hold no responsibility in any manner just in case if any damage happens to your Samsung Galaxy S GT I9000 which is a very unlikely event if you follow the instructions carefully.

Please note that this applicable is only applicable for all the users of Samsung Galaxy S GT I9000 only, this update should not be applied to any other phones apart from this even if they have similar phone model numbers like I9000B or I9000T etc.

Rooting Information:

  • Applying this firmware doesn’t need the device to be rooted.
  • just in case if you have already rooted the device then after applying this update the rooting access will be revoked.
  • We will soon be coming up with the Rooting article wherein you can root Galaxy S GT I9000 on XXJVU 2.3.6 Gingerbread Firmware.

So, let’s head to the next page where we will check out on what are the things you need to follow before following the procedure so as to facilitate safer updation of firmware update.


  1. in the zip file the “s1_odin_20100512.pit,” file is missing.
    where do i get it?

  2. password is in correct can I have the correct one please

  3. password is not correct.. Do Something…

  4. i see that the files is not complete and password isen’t correct

  5. Hi! from where do I donwload the Value Pack to upgrade my Samsung Galaxy S GT19000 handset. Pls help urgent.

  6. As Michael said, the password is -> So the article is either using an outdated shared s/ware link or the articles is very outdated.

    There are only 3 files inside. This means whoever uploaded it only uses 3 files.
    1. CODE_I9000XXJVU_CL851880_REV03_user_low_ship.tar.md5
    2. GT-I9000-CSC-MULTI-OXAJVU.tar.md5
    3. MODEM_I9000XXJVU_REV_00_CL1092175.tar.md5

    That’s about it. Unless the author updates his article, the buck stops here.


    • its an outdated article, that is why the link is dad. you can update with the latest firmwares from GALAXY S SECTION

  7. Password does not work. This is not the password. I’m now trying a brute-force crack it. Pls remove encryption else change to a simpler password if you can’t remember what you uploaded. Thanks.

  8. i’ve tried with both winrar and winzip, with both passwords. Always same error !!

  9. Problems.I downloaded the files and in WNRAR I can see only 3 files.After extracting, the same.I did everything as you said.Help!

  10. and plz dn tell me to extract from winrar again as u said before to “sub.g” …. i knw well :) dn mind.. but plz reply me as soon as possible em waiting.

    1. Password is not working
    2. Zip file only contain three files “Code” “CSC” “Modem”

  11. Hi Neel i have only found three files in zip folder and also the password isn’t working. kindly help asap…
    PIT file is missing as well.

  12. Neel, when extrcting the same, it showing only three files, the PIT file is not there…how it can be sorted out???

  13. WHAT ABOUT PASSWORD??? i tried both passwords mentioned

  14. What about password ????

  15. only been learning about flashing firmwares about 4weeks now and i have i9000 on 2.3.6xxjvu(rooted)with semaphore kernel?. and have recently flashed back to this as the dark knight ics4.0.4 rom i was using had problems with the tv out and fc’s. is there any ics roms that are as stable as the jvu? why cant i find any honeycomb roms for the i9000 and is it true that its not a good idea to use them on the i9000. other than that the value pack 2.3.6 is one of the best roms ive used and is the one i keep going back to. can i get a ics theme for it and how do i apply it?(can i use rom toolbox or suchlike?)ive tried about 20 or so roms in last month but think the 2.3.6jvu rom is my favourite.

  16. Did the above
    while extracting would show error box with name and destination and with “corrupt file or wrong password” :/

  17. tried youre link to hotfile to download the pack, extract, enter pass. after this it starts unpacking but halfway it gives an error.
    Bad block: “I9000XXJVU_I9000OXAJVU_OXA\CODE_I9000XXJVU_CL851880_REV03_user_low_ship.tar.md5″
    File fails CRC check: “C:\Users\Ventus\Downloads\I9000XXJVU_I9000OXAJVU_OXA\CODE_I9000XXJVU_CL851880_REV03_user_low_ship.tar.md5″

    is ur download broken or is it me?
    i tried it 4 times now


  18. Hi,

    Using the password, I have systematically a “wrong password” error message when decompressing the rar file with winrar or winzip. I download many times the file and use a pro access.

    Can you help me ?


  19. Hello,
    I downloaded the rar-file from the link, but the password supplied in this article does NOT let me unpack the files. I get prompted with “wrong password”. Any suggestions?


  20. Does this update method also work for Korean Anycall version of Galaxy S

  21. OK, I was following this update step by step but then i noticed you have written that ticking re-partition might brick your phone. I was on cm7 before following this guide and I ignorantly ticked the re-partition box. And it worked. So I don’t know how it can be dangerous.

  22. I did the odin thing.
    It did it succesfully
    Phone wont turn on.

  23. hi plz help me,,
    after extracting file i went into download mode and wen i open odin the id;com section was not going into yellow. where from i download the require conecting driver download.i am using samsung galaxy s .i am waiting for your answer.
    thank you

    • You have to install KIES to install the drivers. After that stop all KIES-Applications, start Odin and connect your phone again –  the divers should be loaded now and ODIN should find your phone now.
      Keep in mind that you have to run ODIN with administration rights.

  24. I need helpp!! I successfully upgraded my firmware 2.3.3 to 2.3.6 bt unfortunately the bluetooth stopped working..what should I do??please help me…thanks :)

  25. please Help,
    i tried it and now my phone doesn’t work. it is completely dead. doesn’t even show any sign of working. can’t be turned on. what may i do ?
    many thanks

  26. please Help,
    i tried it and now my phone doesn’t work. it is completely dead. doesn’t even show any sign of working. can’t be turned on. what may i do ?
    many thanks

  27. please Help,
    i tried it and now my phone doesn’t work. it is completely dead. doesn’t even show any sign of working. can’t be turned on. what may i do ?
    many thanks

  28. Hi, I folowed the step you explained, and it did not download anything so I waited for long time, nothing happened so remove the usb cable and switch off the phone, but then I tried to start the phone its not working, I am so sad, what should I do now, how can I solve this issue.

  29. Hi neal, currently i am using android version 4.0.3,based version i9000xxjvt,kernel version 3.0.8-neo-3.0teamicssgs-257174-g197c9al-dirty.
    I want back to GINGERBREAD Value Pack 2.3.6, What step need to do and my model number is galaxy GT-I9000
    Thanks plz give me replay

  30. i just wonder why i cant get update sdcard:…. !??! i dont see this option anymore on my phone

  31. I have I9000XXJVT ver 2.3.6. Can I upgrade to this one.Phone is slow and I have problems with market,phone was in service and they put I9000XXJVT,on original 2.3.3 I have no problems with phone.

  32. i have wi-fi issue on xxjvu every time i use wi-fi it will turn off automatically after certain interval of time :(. can you provide me fix for this small issue. :)

  33. It says wrong password :s

  34. Boo yu didn’t post any update for svmsung galaxy M100S ……………………………………Plz post anything…………!!!!!!!!!!!

  35. helloo i tried this way but my device is now dead there is no way i can get it back ON (did anyone has this issue or only me because it happened with 2 device so far)and is there is any solution?????????????

  36. Figure out its becoz of sim, you have to remove sim.

  37. Added!!
    Odin v.3 engine (ID:7)..
    File analysis..
    Enter CS for MD5..
    Leave CS..
    Enter CS for MD5..
    Leave CS..
    Enter CS for MD5..
    Leave CS..
    Get PIT for mapping..
    Firmware update start..

    after this it won’t go ahead, tried several time, couldn’t get success, any idea to fix it?

  38. Hi Neela,

    I am currently on 2.3.2 firmware


    Build number GINGERBREAD XWJV1

    When I put the phone in download mode and connect it via USB the ID COM box won’t turn yellow. The USB works fine. I guess I need the correct drivers to install. Do I need to install them on my phone or my computer or both and can you tell me where to find them.

    Cheers mate.

  39. can you please send me the link to the update

  40. Hi Neela,
    My GTI9000 current Baseband : I9000DDJV5 and Kernel version : Can i upgrade my firmware with XXJVU 2.3.6?

  41. Hi guys… I really want to upgrade my Galaxy S GT-I9000 with 2.3.3 to Value Pack,but…something keeps me back… Maybe I prefer to do this via KIES,that’s why…? Is there any news from Samsung about this? I dont’t belive that they will put this for Galaxy S on the Kies,but the same time I’m still waiting…
    What you will suggest me? Shall I try to upgrade with instructions above? Is that really no risky to damage the phone?


  42. Excellent! Thanks for that. Worked first time.

  43. Hi!

    I get the following message:

    Odin v.3 engine (ID:4)..
    File analysis..
    Enter CS for MD5..
    Leave CS..
    Enter CS for MD5..
    Leave CS..
    Enter CS for MD5..
    Leave CS..
    Can’t open the serial(COM) port.
    All threads completed. (succeed 0 / failed 1)

    What do I do wrong? It seems to me that I have done all the things I was supposed to do…


  44. i need your help .
    i was on DARK KNIGHT 4.0.4 version.
    I DISLIKE that and decided to downgrade to XXJVU 2.3.6.
    i first cleared the ‘DELVIK CACHE’ , ‘wiped the partition’ and ‘cache partition’.
    then i entered in DOWNLOADING MODE
    but when i selectED START in ODIN but my cell gets off after few seconds…..after reinserting bettery i tried again its now not going off but showing nothing and stuck to ‘boot.’(something)
    plz help me out how to resolve this and plz suggest me the best official firmware yet

  45. i need your help .
    i was on DARK KNIGHT 4.0.4 version.
    I DISLIKE that and decided to downgrade to XXJVU 2.3.6.
    i first cleared the ‘DELVIK CACHE’ , ‘wiped the partition’ and ‘cache partition’.
    then i entered in DOWNLOADING MODE
    but when i selectED START in ODIN but my cell gets off after few seconds…..after reinserting bettery i tried again its now not going off but showing nothing and stuck to ‘boot.’(something)
    plz help me out how to resolve this and plz suggest me the best official firmware yet

  46. i need your help .
    I DISLIKE that and decided to downgrade to XXJVU 2.3.6. BU REFLASHING IT AGAIN
    but when i select START in ODIN but my cell gets off after few seconds….. now plz help me out how to resolve this and plz suggest me the best official firmware yet …….

  47. I`m on cm9. I put the phone in download mode. I put the USB, but odin, didn’t get yellow? Hoew cab i co back to xxjvu?

    • all you need to do is to just follow the instructions mentioned in XXJVU ARTICLE

      • Please read carefuly. My PC don’t reconize my phone. I only can lock on it with total commander, cp told me that can’t log with pc.
        Thank you!

  48. EAL HELP
    leave CS
    Enter CSfor MD5
    leave cs
    get pit for mapping
    firmware update start


  49. pradeep sir my cell model is gt-i9000 wid firmware version 2.3.3 , baseband version i9000DDJV5,and BUILD number – GINGERBREAD.DDJV9 .. my phone lags too much and i want to upgrade it so what would u prefer … i am new to android world so dont knw much … HELP !
    - regards :)

  50. need help sir regarding android os..

  51. Is this version already officially been released?
    Like the final of the final version for the Galaxy S (Value pack)?

  52. March 15,20012

    Hi Neela,

    I have Samsung Galaxy S GT I9000; Firmware 2.3.4 ; Baseband version I9000 XXJVR ; Build no. Gingerbread XXJVR ; Kernnel Version I9000XXJVR – CL 425308 se.infra@ SEP-63#2

    I was having force close issue so I carried out hard reset and went through the procedure and lastly reeboot. Then I backed up. I connected to Kies and saw there was an update so I did that. On the Kies it recorded that the firmware version is now PDA: JVR / PHONE: JVR / CSC : JVR(SWC)
    However on the phone the firmware was still 2.3.6

    There two things that I have observed.
    1. If say I uninstall an application like Skype and turn off the device at night for charging, when I turn on the device next day this application re-install automatically.
    2. If I copy say music via Kies on to the device and turn off the device at night for charging, when I turn on the device next day the music copied has been deleted.

    Well the normal phone functions work all right but the force close problem is still there particulary with Skype, Whatsup, Bible and AVG anti virus.

    Please advice and help soonest.

    Thanks in advance,


  53. hi Neal,

    I tried XXJVS,XXJVA, and XXJVU ..In all this attempts my wifi is not stable. It is getting disconnected every now and then. Is this common or is it specific to me. My Wifi was working without any issue earlier

  54. So I had XXJVT and upgrading XXJVU. XXJVU runs well. I rooted XXJVT with CWM so i backedup with the CWM. I rooted XXJVU with CWM as well then I restored my backup. My phone showed that it is already I9000XXJVU but the android version still says 2.3.5 and the face unlock feature somehow disappeared. Can you help me here to restore it successfully without having the features gone or something? I appreciate it that this update runs faster on my phone and uses less memory which means I can play games without lag, but really miss face unlock feature. Can you help me here somehow?

  55. i need help asap. i bricked my phone tring to root it. its the xxjvu value pack. please help

  56. where do i find the download link to get this value pack???

  57. hay neel
    after updating, some times i see my home screen “process stoped” force close. in this time my mobile network block. after force close network back.
    what is the problem? u gyz must fixed this issue. Please help me.

    • go to recovery mode and clear the data and cache!

    • hay neel
      im entered in recovery mode, select options Wipe data/factory reset and also select Wipe Cache partition and dont find the option of “Clear Dalvik Cache” after these im done reboot my device by selecting reboot system but im fached same problem. plz help me.

  58. Hi, I updated my i9000 with 2.3.6 xxjva yesterday and now i m facing a few problems, my bluetooth dont detect my plantronics backbeat 903+ bluetooth headset. netTALK dont install on my phone, please help

  59. Hi, i am updating/flashing SAMSUNG i 9000,
    Firmware version-2.3.6,
    Kernel version se.infra@SEI-22 #2
    1) IS it a latest stable updated firmware for 2.3.6 ?
    2) some tymes it said “process stoped” force close. in this tym my mobile network block. after force close im back.
    Please help me.

  60. hi neela!
    i upgraded my samsung galaxy gt 1900 to xxjvu 2.3.6 and also rooted it following your instructios.. i made a back up pf phone using the cwm manager. the prob is i can’t connect to the internet so i restored using the cwm manager..after restoring my phone is stuck at the galaxy s screen. i can’t put the phone to recovery mode but i can still use the download mode. how can i fix my phone? should i download the xxjvu firmware again? pls help.. this is my first time doing such procedures..

  61. hi i need help please i got my Samsung galaxy s gt i9000 in download mode but when i connect it to my computer and open odin3 the comm box doesn’t light-up yellow……please help what do i doo

  62. Hi neela, i followed your instructions and successfully installed I9000XXJVU. But i can’t connect to wifi. any idea? pls help me. thanks. also i can’t see the option for ‘Clear Dalvik Cache’. is my wifi problem related to this? thanks in advance.

  63. Hi Pradeep,

    the link doesn;t work.
    it downloads as a single rar file. there is no option for extraction of files.

    any advice?



  64. Thank you, and this will be available here?
    I also want to ask when I want to update again with kies to the original). Which version do I have to install with odin then to use Kies again? I am from holland.

  65. You know when the original release come from this value update? Or a newer version?

  66. Hi! I apologise for my English.

    I bought my GSG GT i9000 in Portugal, by TMN.
    When I came back to Brazil, I brought it. Then, I made unlock of NETWORK
    If I’ll select \Wipe data/factory reset\ in \Recovery Mode\, I’ll have a problem?

  67. n when i switch on my phone then it turns yellow

  68. hey when i set my phone into download mode my laptop shows that no drivers found n now it is not detecting my phone
    n odin is not turning yellow

  69. I have found that the recovery didnt start for me either. I ran the firmware upgrade part again from Odin.

    Then disconnected the usb.
    Then Turned off the phone. Held power button, the clicked power off.

    Nothing happened. didnt go into recovery mode. the phone just turned off. (as per instructions)

    Assuming, i have to turn it back on again I did. Still no recovery mode?

    can anyone explain, i’m flashing from standard rom.

  70. When I hit the start button it says

    MD5 hash value is invalid
    CODE_I9000XXJVU_CL851880_REV03_user_low_ship.tar.md5 is invalid.

    what should i do????

  71. Hi Neal,

    I have 2 galaxy s gt-i9000 and plan to update its firmware to XXJVU 2.3.6. below are the details of the 2 units. can i just go straight and update to this firmware without going through with the other firmware before this latest one? appreciate much your advice and thanks in advance.

    unit 1
    FW: 2.3.4
    Baseband: i9000XXJVP
    rooted with installed CWM

    unit 2
    FW: 2.2
    Baseband: i9000HVJP
    not rooted

  72. Hi!

    Which is more stable… 2.3.5 xxjvt or 2.3.6 xxjvu? Im just wondering should I update my phone to this or keep it just XXJVT……

  73. Hi, I’m in the process of updating my firmware at the moment, but my phone is stuck on the first screen when I turned it back on after I disabled Voodoo. I got the robotic voice telling me it was working, but now it has been about 3 hours and it is still on that screen. Could you tell me if this is normal (I do have a lot of apps), or if something is wrong, and if so, is there anything I can do to fix it?



  74. Hi, I am currently on XXJVP, so I’m just wondering if I can update straight to this version or do I need to put on another version first. If so can you please tell me which version(s) I need to use first.



  75. Hi,

    I updated to this value pack & its working great but it does not support Arabic, is there a way to fix this or should i go back to JPJV6 froyo 2.3.3?

  76. Dear Pradeep,

    After this firware update, time to time i face reboot problem. I there anything I can do to fix the issue?

    Abdul Ghani,
    Riyadh, KSA

  77. Dear Neal,

    My SGS i9000 was nearly bricked. Fortunately managed to Odin flashed it. How it’s back to stock ROM
    Firmware version 2.3.3
    Baseband version i9000DXJV9
    Kernel: root@SE-S604 #2
    Build number: GINGERBREAD.DXJV9

    Can I just Odin follow instructions as above to upgrade?

    Thanks in advanced.


  78. After applying this version and alo rooting the system, my bluetooth connection becomes very instable. The connection is often not made, or after 1 call broken. Is this a known issue?

  79. hello guyz,

    i have been trying to update to the valuepack. I am currently on 2.3.7, XXJVK, CM Mod 7 (Nightly). However am having issues, my PC does not recognize my device any longer except it is in data-storage mode. Both Kies and USB debugging mode are not recognized despite having the latest drivers and kies installed.

    Another issue noticed is that my IMEI has changed to 004999010640000.

    Please any assistance rendered in this regard will be highly appreciated.

  80. hello guyz,

    i have been trying to update to the valuepack. I am currently on 2.3.7, XXJVK, CM Mod 7 (Nightly). However am having issues, my PC does not recognize my device any longer except it is in data-storage mode. Both Kies and USB debugging mode are not recognized despite having the latest drivers and kies installed.

    Another issue noticed is that my IMEI has changed to 004999010640000.

    Please any assistance rendered in this regard will be highly appreciated.

    thank you.

  81. Hi Neal,
    Thanks you for your wonderful work. I have Gingerbread.2.3.3 for my galaxy GT-I9000 and i am from India. I am happy with 2.3.3 factory firmware.I want to update my phone with any of the latest android OS with good stability, no wifi issues, no foreclosure issues, good battery back up.

    In fact i am quite happy with 2.3.3 battery back up and overall stability. There are different OS versions mentioned in your website, namely

    2.3.6 XXJVU
    2.3.5 XFJVA
    2.3.5 XWJVU
    2.3.5 XXJVT

    Out of the above 4, 2.3.5 XFJVA is a global official release pushed is some countries where as 2.3.5 XWJVU is official release for Portugal.

    Please suggest honestly which one to take out of the above 4. I don’t do much experiments with my phone till now and want a overall best firmware.


  82. Dear Pradeep,

    What is easyway to restore everything after installing this firmware? Can i use backup created by CMM to restore all apps data etc?

  83. Sir im still having fc…and battery problem…ive done everything in the instruction..thanks.

  84. can i root this XXJVU?? how??

  85. am having the galaxy s i9000 DDJV5 , can i update to GB 2.3.6

  86. I spent one night and not able to upgrade. Later I found the mistake. Tips is you should open Odin in administrative mode. It would be great if you can add this troubleshoot information in your webpage to avoid their crib.

  87. I have cleared the cache…im still experiencing fc..thanks….

  88. Hi. I am using 2.3.5 XXJVS, and i’ve flashed the kernel Semaphore.
    Correct me if I am wrong: I must install any other firmware, like XXJVT, and then proceed to the Value Pack update?
    Thanks a lot. This site is amazing!

  89. pradeep i cant go further boot.bin in ODIN i followed ur procedure i have rooted again dont twice making sure.

  90. Hi,

    I had a power outage during update, and now I can not start my phone nor can I re-apply the firmware. How can I get this fixed?


  91. I have a big problem.

    During update I had a power outage, and now I can not start my phone, nor update it again. How can I solve this problem?


  92. hi pradeep,i just want to know can i apply darky rom 10.4 in this ? which is released 1 day back????>>>>

  93. Can I apply this update? I have the official version of 2.3.3 DDJV4 applied via kies. should I have to root first? please help

  94. im having force close on music player and other apps

  95. im experiencing force close…with music player…and other apps..

  96. Hi Pradeep,

    Need your help.

    I have recently purchased a Samsung Galaxy S and the specs are as foolows:
    GT-I9000 with frimware as 2.2
    Baseband I9000JXJPE
    Kernel Version
    Build no FROYO.JPJPG

    This is Middle East version which dint have market, but i installed it using *#272*IMEIno#.

    Now when m trying to update the firmware with this latest one, the ODRIN is not detecting my mobile (download mode) ??

    Should I upgrade it to some other firmware ??

    Thanks & regards.

    • yes you can apply this update!

      • Pradeep,

        Whenever i connect my phone to the PC, it gives an error as “USB not recognized install drivers”. I tried installing drivers (which i found on net) I also tried it on different PC but still the same… Can you please help me to solve this issue? or can u suggest any other possible solution? any driver that might help? Is there any particular setting on the phone which is required?


  97. hi, neal.
    how can I clear dalvik cache??? I couldn’t find any option there.

  98. hi, neal.
    I’ve already installed this firmware and it’s working perfectly fine. thanks.
    My sgs benchmark now is 1331 only~.
    I wonder if there’s anything I can do to further enhance my i9000 performance.
    example, lagfix?

  99. well i downloaded the phone and updated the firmware, i was following the steps correctly but when i reached to the point when i have to enter the device into the recovery mood it just didn’t! all what it said in the instructions that disconnect your phone and restart it and it will enter but it did not, the phone is working very well but im afraid if i don’t follow all the instructions that might cause some problems into the phone, please i need some help and thank you so much for your work.

  100. hi, neel.
    after i had applied this firmware, is there any method to make it even better? lagfix perhaps?

  101. Hi Pradeep,

    Need your help.

    I bought this Galaxy S GT-9000 with below mention details
    Firmware 2.2
    Base band I9000JXJPE
    Kernel version root@SE-S606 #91
    Build type FROYO.JPJPG

    This is Middle East version and i downloaded Market by using *#272*IMEIno# and it worked fine.

    But when m updating the firmware with this latest one 2.3.6, its not happening.
    When i connect the phone (in download mode) with my computer, the ODRIN3 doesn’t recognize it.
    I tried on my laptop also but its the same.

    What should I do? any other firmware?

  102. Unable to download Value Pack Gingerbread 2.3.6 Package. GRR.

  103. For me this is a great room.everything is working properly.I upgraded semaphor kernel 2.4.0 and apply lag fix to change from RFS to benchmar is 2340.

  104. For me this is a great room.everything is working properly.I upgraded semaphor kernel 2.4.0 and I apply lag fix to change from RFS to benchmark is 2450.

  105. Hey..can I apply any lag fix to change from RFS to EXT4 as after applying this update,i still have benchmark result as 1409..i haven’t rooted this firmware root soon..but I want it FAST!!!

  106. Hi

    I’ve been trying to download the Value Pack Gingerbread 2.3.6 Package for a while now and have been unable to do so… Is it a problem with the server?


  107. Hi Neal,

    Shall I choose ICS 4.0.3 or jvu 2.3.6?
    Which one would you recommend?

  108. are the files still available?? not able to open the link

  109. Dear Neal,
    Some time earlier you told about an application named Mobile Odin which can be used to update FWs on SGG GT I9000. I have already installed the App. Can I download this FW package as it is directly to my phone and update it using the Mobile Odin? Or, should I unzip it and need copy only the .rar files to phone? Could explain the procedures to update this FW on my SGS GT I9000 using the Mobile Odin?

    Thanks a lot for your usual support,
    Mahmud K

  110. Not able to open the download link! are the servers down or have the files been removed???

  111. can anyone send me the file via email or something? im soooo eager to update now but the site has been down since morning =(

  112. Hello,

    Is there also a update available for the Samsung Galaxy S I9003?

    Thanks, regards,

  113. Hello,

    Does somebody know when the update for this valuepack will be available for the Samsung Galaxy S I9003?


  114. I also think that ram memory is very less also need to have more memory i think in the next version i want the batterie and wifi improvement with along 353ram

  115. well.. the download link is not working!!!

  116. Hello Neela,

    There is no working link for downloading the firmware. Is the development site still working?

  117. hey Neal the link is not working… not able to download the firmware…

  118. Hello Neela,

    The link for downloading the firmware does not work… where can we download it from?

    Thanks always.

    P.S. What is the best ROM in your opinion?

  119. hi neela
    i have a 2.3.3 rooted jxjv6 can i proceed directly with this update, and r there any problems posted with this value pach till now, what will be the best for me update or wait for the offecial value pack
    thanx android advices

  120. hi neela i am now on 2.3.3 rooted jxjv6 can i proceed directly with this value pack , what will i gain
    and plz is there any problems posted with htis update thanks……

  121. the link “Download Value Pack Gingerbread 2.3.6 Package in your computer” won’t open

  122. Neal please you guys also can make an option in camera when recording take an photo but take the photo pause on video recording i don t want to take phone seoerately i want to take the photo in the video break photo please add this beautifull option in the camera ?!!!

  123. download link not working~ please fix. thanks.
    btw, what’s the changes in this update?

  124. Neal also there an big probleme with along batterie and wifi when i go to the dowmload package is not downloading and with xfjva and xxjvt that?!:-( worked please solve this issue

  125. Dear Neal,
    Some time back you told about an app Mobile Odin that I had downloaded. If I want to use that App to update my SGS GT I9000 with this FW, what should I do? Can I download the same package as it is,copy to phone and try to update? Or, should I unzip the package and copy the .rar files only to the phone before updating with Mobile Odin? Could you explain the procedure, please.

    Thanks a lot,
    Mahmud K

  126. unable to download i am facing “Request timeout” error, please help

  127. link doesn’t open.

  128. I’m trying to proceed to the next page but i can’t find the bottom where do i click to go to the next page please and sorry for my questions!

  129. Sorry one more question, as seen from my current version it is 2.3.7, if i update to this version does that mean im downgrading?

  130. Is the developer site down? i cant get to the site =(

  131. hello there i can’t download anything from your site, probably server down?

  132. If i updated it and the official KIES didn’t detect the phone, is there an unofficial Kies that will work, and if there is, can u tell me where i find it?

    Thanks in Advance

  133. what’s difference between rooting and manually applying update via odin,does rooting void warranty, how to bring back original firmware or how to unroot the phone??

  134. hey neal om on MIUI version now. should i upgrade to this or stay with MIUI?

  135. how to wipe dalvik cache i didnot find any such option in recovery mode.

  136. it have small things in the message send (if use another language than English ) but it been solve in the message send sitting
    other problem is the wireless its increase signal and decrease without reason
    ram use is amazingly tooo much really i have just 80mb free in jvt i have 120
    thats all i know till now
    thanx again master Neela

  137. hey neal hw do i backup my apps because most of them r paid??

  138. thnx for this update hope the stable and official 2.3.6 will come out soon..i successfuly run this update works great..thanks more power androidadvices..

  139. I have updated to value pack. Everything is very very good except the battery life. I was using XWJVZ. It had given me the best battery life so far among all firmwares. With Value pack battery life came down to one third of XWJVZ. This is very much disappointing.

  140. Thanks Android Advice!

    I have done it successfully and I will share my experience regarding this update.

    I just want to know that can I go for one click solutions for tooting available on different forums.

  141. I have CM 7 currently. I entered recovery mode and did “Wipe data/factory reset”, “Wipe Cache partition” and “Clear Dalvik Cache” and rebooted.

    After this, I switched off and tried to enter Download mode, which doesn’t open. The phone just simply boots into CM7 again. How to enter Download mode now?

    Is this because there is no more a download mode after installing CM7? I can enter recovery mode easily though, can this update be applied from the recovery mode by copying into sdcard?

    Thanks in advance

    • please stick to the instructions! we have summed up all in depth!

      • I asked because instructions were not working for me.

        Anyway I was able to enter the Download mode after removing the USB cable and trying again. And then successfully applied the mod. Thanks for providing the files and tutorial. :)

  142. how to activate face unloack????

  143. Excelent firmware. My Galaxy S is a network locked device from Portugal. Everything works just fine, including GPS. Changed from 2.3.3 and I’m completely satisfied so far. Thank you guys.

  144. Thanks for the update !

    I am using XXJVR as of now .. have been planning to upgrade to XXJVT ..

    should i go ahead with updating this value pack directly from XXJVR ?? when can i expect root access for this latest update ??

  145. So guys i wanted you guys need more improvements in battery?with wifi. in official value pack

  146. Now i love and samsung i wait the official 2.3.6(valuepack):-):-) very happy thanks i just love you!

  147. Thanks guys so plase tell me 2.3.5 xwjvu battery is good or xfjva battery is good or xxjvt battery is good?

  148. Thank you for the guide – all flashed and rooted! However when I tried to make a backup with ROM manager it fails – I think because I have Android Recovery 3e and not 2e. Can you tell me how to revert to 2e?? Thanks

  149. I have just successfully updated … we will see how this rom will show itself … Thanks …

  150. first thanx
    second is their any problem in this update
    camera Bluetooth wireless …. etc
    again thanx

  151. What are the additional features other than face unlock?.. Please provide the changelog
    Am currently running the onecosmics ICS on my Galaxy S… Is it worth to go back to this version?
    Those who used please post your suggestions

  152. hi i am on xwjvz 2.3.6 firmware, can i update with this value pack.

  153. Great news is there anything like some apps are not working and all?

    • all the apps which work on your current firmware version will work on this too!

      • Hye neal my question that when will be the official value pack for gt-i9000 after this great update except battery low and wifi so when the official value pack or otherwize will he gt more baeta version or dirct the official after this one?


      • Neal please i have updated with xxjvt ,xfjva,xxjvu when he reboot there are no sound after rooting but before rooting there are sound i don t know why i have checked with the sound setting clear cache but still the same probleme????HELPP

      • Neal after 2 weeks with xxjvu i found 3 problemes one when my phone is not charging but the lock screen say the batterie is charging 2 wifi disconnscting 3 need to improve q lit a bit more batterie life? will all this fixes in the next value pack!?

      • Hi just updated to XXJVU 2.3.6 but can’t reinstall the natwest app from google play it says that this devise is not compatable but it was two days ago on my previos version please help

      • how do i get this firmware onto my galaxy. I really want to update the firmware as my phone is lagging and slow, it freezes alot. I am using the firmware 2.3.3 from samsung kies but i really want a newer update. How do i get this onto my phone? PLease help?

      • when im done with my process everything goes fine , when i restart it to last step so i can root it .. it does not show me ” apply sdcard ” why i cant get this option !? i used to have it on 2.2.1 but not anymore !

      • neal where can i get the extracted fike odin?

    • hi in step 3 i download 2.3.6 did not open and how i unzip it and enter password,it is just in starting please any one helps me
      thank you

    • can you update to this from 2.3.3 xwjvn