Galaxy S III

Verizon Samsung Galaxy S III Developer Edition Now Available

How much did you pay for unlocking your device last time? What if your device comes up with unlocked bootloaders? You will be overjoyed but everyone is here to do business. There have been some rumours that Samsung will provide bootloaders unlock tool in the future, but this discussion from Samsung remained unconfirmed.

You might be aware that few top companies like Samsung, Apple send device to the developers to come out with different ROMs and ideas from the user end. Galaxy S III being a top end smart phone, Samsung has decided to offer Galaxy S 3 to the developers but only limited to developers in United States via Verizon only.Galaxy S3 developer edition

Verizon has come up with a brave decision to launch Samsung Galaxy S III with developer edition. As of now only the Pebble Blue color variant is only available with different storage option of 32 Gb and 16 Gb. The device is available in the subsidized editions so that it can interest the developers. $ 600 would be the price for the 16 GB variant and $ 650 will be the price for the 32 GB variant. Developers can make use of this device try out new ROMs that they are currently undergoing the development.

These two editions can be ordered directly from the manufacturer’s site. So it left to the consumers that they want to get the developer edition or go with the fully loaded Galaxy S3. Last week this deal from Verizon was available with status as “coming soon” tag but within a week it’s now available for purchase. One can order it from Samsung site.

So the choice is now yours whether to purchase the discounted Galaxy S III developer edition or purchase fully fledged device and wait for the unlock tool to arrive.



  1. Kanaka Reddy

    September 23, 2012 at 8:18 pm

    I need one… <3

  2. abc

    September 23, 2012 at 11:46 am


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