Viber is offering free calls from the U.S to the Countries affected by Trump’s travel ban

The free messaging app Viber is now allowing users to make free calls to offer a helping hand towards the people affected by the US president Donald Trump’s immigration order. Viber has announced that the user will be able to make free international calls from their Viber Out app. The users can make fees for calls to landlines or mobile numbers between the U.S. and the seven countries impacted by the travel ban, including Syria, Libya, Iraq, Iran, Somalia, Sudan and Yemen.

Google announced that it is donating $2M to the organizations working to assist the refugees and will also match employee donations up to a further $2M. Airbnb is also supporting the people by offering free housing to the refugees and to the people prevented from returning to the USA. Viber says’ that it has always been committed to enabling people to connect freely and securely whenever and wherever they are. It also said that under these circumstances, they feel obligated to enable the users to remain close even when apart.

Moreover, Viber isn’t providing the help to the people stuck in other countries as this free calling to the landlines and mobiles are restricted to the countries as mentioned above and the U.S. The ban is affecting many tech companies and have already prompted action from them. Uber has established a $3M defense fund to help its drivers by covering legal, immigration, and translation costs.

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