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Watch Full TV Shows on Android with Stream Show

TV Shows StreamWith the arrival of3G and WiFi in place, you would surely would like to make use of your Android Smart Phone in a much more better manner and if you are a regular TV Show viewer then you can easily watch almost all your favorite shows right on your mobile screen. So, let’s check out with what application, you can easily stream the videos easily.

This application requires a minimum of Android 2.2 version and also an Adobe Flash player 10.2, but with the Arrival of latest Adobe Flash 10.2 version you can install this easily with more inbuilt graphics capability. The application searches over internet for hundreds of tv-shows episode links which are capable to be played directly on your device, with full screen support using mega video and other hosting services.

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Basically, the streaming of the TV shows is great in an app as it provides the full length tv experience right on to your Android phone. The videos which are streamed are from the popular internet sources like Megavideo, Frogmovz and Karambavidz  and are rich in quality which perfectly streams on a 3G network or on WiFi network. While the free version provides a free viewing experience of 12 pre-selected shows the paid version provides the liberty.

If you have a look at the features then this one has got many features like Video players, Lite version shows, search capability of the shows, top rated shows and can also book mark the shows so that you can quickly view them whenever required. Though on EDGE network the videos might not stream well, but the streams works perfectly on a 3G or a WiFi network. With the  ease of simple interface and simple to understand keys and options, you can easily stream all your favorite shows and videos. This app can be easily downloaded from Android Market Place for Rs. 221, while the Lite version comes for free.

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1 Comment

  1. Bri

    July 15, 2011 at 8:21 pm

    Tv Shows Stream no longer exists.

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