Best Ways to Close Android Apps on Phone & Tablets

As applications in the android market increase, we can see an increase in the number of apps an average user would have on his phone these days. Though android phones are beginning to have more powerful processors and larger screens, task management has become quite an important thing these days to handle the background apps which might have some tasks running or the whole app running. Killing a task altogether is different from allowing it to run in a suspended state. If there are quite many options in task management in Android, handling them properly is indeed essential.

In this post, we’ll be going through couple of apps which handle tasks really well and how to make the best use of the stock task management system in Android Ice Cream Sandwich.

  •  If your phone runs Android Ice Cream Sandwich :

In Ice Cream Sandwich, Google has built a great task manager in built and is easily available to access by long pressing the Home button.

By pressing and holding the Home button on your phone, a screen very similar to this would pop up showing the latest used apps with a small box showing the live preview of what is running within the app. To close the apps now, all it takes is a flick. To close the app you want, just flick your finger over the app to the side and the app vanishes with a neat animation indicating that it has closed and is not running in the background now.

  • If your phone is not running Android Ice Cream Sandwich

Though older versions of Android have their own task management setup , it might not be as efficient as Ice Cream Sandwich’s task management capabilities. For this, we use some third-party apps Advanced Task Killer Free.

Advanced Task Killer Free is a free app which can be downloaded from the Play Store here . The app has options to kill apps one by one or all together.


Killing apps is simple. The user has to select the app that is needed or multiple apps that are needed and those specific apps shut down on their own. The app doesn’t do just this and has multiple options in its settings tab where a user can do anything from setting the amount of space an app takes in the running app list to the security level which is used to display apps.


Customizing your settings here isn’t mandatory, but gives total independence to the user to have it the way he/she likes. Advanced task killer free does what it has to really well and puts it in a complete package.

While handling of tasks is taken care of in a very easy to use mode in Android Ice Cream Sandwich, users on Gingerbread and Froyo can use the Advanced task killer application to handle their tasks on their phone. We feel that Advanced Task Killer is among the top best Android task management apps and recommend it to all users who want to manage their background apps efficiently.


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