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Best Ways to Maintain Android Phone & Increase Performance

increase android performanceAndroid phones powered with quad core and dual core processor makes it as a powerful device for various operations. But with aging the device might become slow and lack of proper care or maintenance would make it more slow and clunky. If you happen to be an Android smart phone owner then you would slowly notice that your phone became slower in performance from time to time you use it.

Tweaking your phone is quite important especially for those phones which has single core processor and phones which comes with mid range specifications.

There are several reasons why this happens and in this context we would explain you how can improve the device performance and there by make it like that you have purchased from the store.

Simple Method to Increase Performance

If you device is sluggish and slow in responding then simple and two minutes way to increase the performance of your phone is to have a factory reset on your device. Now go through a factory reset might an easy option and it will certainly make your device feel like you have just purchase the device. But important thing is that you will lose all the data present on your phone memory and you have to reconfigure your device again. So on Android smart phone, once you go through factory reset then you need to set up your Google Account, apply necessary settings, root your device to make sure that you can install various apps which requires administrator rights and importantly you can install Cyanogen Mod 9 and other Stock ROMs. Moreover your device once done with factory reset would be going through the process of synchronizing Google Contacts on to your device, synchronizing and restoring the existing Android apps and other content such as SMS, Google Calender and lot more.

Now going through factory reset would easily consume a lot of time for you and that is why this option is not recommended.

Task Manager

Your device always runs several task all the time and its quite important for the users to know which task there are running and close the necessary ones to improve the performance and also to extend the life of battery. This is why the task managers are available on all the stock ROMs but we would like to recommend you to go with third party task managers so as to kill those processes which are of no use. I use Advanced Task Manager and alongside you can install ES Task Manager or any other applications which is reputed one available for free download at official Google Play Store.

Uninstall Unrequired Apps

Since its your Android powered smart phone you would be making use of various Android applications available for free and paid download at Google Play Store. Ofcourse this is why Android OS is famous than its counterparts. Application can be anything of software, widgets, tool or game and there is no limit on how many applications that you can install on your device. I wouldn’t recommend to have thousands of applications installed on your device just for show off but if you don’t use them, then it’s better to uninstall them. Uninstall apps

So applications which you don’t use or don’t find handy enough, spare time to uninstall them by going through Menu > Settings > Applications and from the list of applications tap on which ever you want to uninstall. You can also make use of third party applications to uninstall multiple apps all at once.

Have the Latest Firmware

The next big thing which matters is that I would suggest you to have the latest firmware release installed on your device. Ofcourse I am talking about the official ones. Better example for you is the latest Google’s development of Android 4.0 Ice Cream Sandwich operating system which makes the design minimalistic and provides an easy to understand user interface alongside increasing the performance.

But we have seen minor updates to the firmware’s comes to the devices very often and I would suggest you to install the major firmware’s upgrades if you find difficulty all the time with these minor updates.

Clear the Cache

If you find an application which always crashes and gets your force close errors or doen’t uninstall then you would probably need to clear its cache. This is the simple way by which you can resolve most of your applications issues. Now to clear the cache you need to open Settings menu under your phone and then click on Applications. Now you need to tap on Clear Cache to do it. Now you need to select Manage Applications and then finally tap on the apps that you have the problems.

Don’t worry as all of your data would remain still intact as you are just clearing the temporary files or the cache.

Move Apps to SD Card

When you install an Android application, it will install on the internal memory of your phone or the phone memory. Always try to ensure that your phone is not overloaded with maximum amount of phone memory or the internal memory and try to push things into external memory card. Moving the Android applications to your micro SD card is the best thing to do. Now not all the Android application can be moved to SD card but certain of them can. To easily analyze this you need to install the App 2 SD application which allows you to move installed apps to your SD card but those apps which are on SD card can’t be moved back to the internal storage. We have gone through complete tutorial on how you can move installed application to SD card.

App to SD card

Have Security Protection

Since your smart phone is more often like an all in one computing devices, it has become essential to require an anti virus protection for preventing your phone from phishing, malware, anti virus, trojan horses and various security protections. Several antivirus have come up in the market and we have also put down the best practices for mobile safety and security from malware. We recommend you to download Eset Mobile Security for free.

Manage Google Services

Android smart phone are so designed to automatically access and includes Google services like Calendar, Books, Contacts, Currents, Gmail and Google+, Picasa web album. These always try to sync with your online account so that your phone stay up to date. If you don’t use of any of these services, its recommended that you should turn of these to prevent synchronization.

To do this you need to go through Settings and then head to Account and Sync. Now untick the services that you don’t need for each of your synced email.

Install Recommended Apps

We have gone through 5 applications reviews on how they improved your device performance. You can check out the applications which improves the Android device performance.

By ensuring all these important aspects, you can tweak your phone to always provide a better performance. Do let us know if your phone lacks the performance issues.



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