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Best Ways to Print Wirelessly From Your Android Device

Android Cloud PrintThere is a steep decline in the price of wireless printers in price and at the same time functionality has been increased. Now you can expect more from your printer. So you can ask is the world ready to print from mobile devices like the Android that you have? Yes, the Android phone now supporting printing of documents using cloud and here are few apps which are meant to make your wirelessly printing job easy and effective.

Here are the best Android apps which allows cloud printing straight from your Android smartphone –

Google Cloud PrintGoogle Cloud Print

A complication of wireless printing was made easy and possible by Google when they launched Google Cloud Print live to the users last year. Soon Google Cloud Print was available on their mobile phone Android OS and that made it possible to print directly from your phone using Google Cloud Print. It make uses of cloud print technology and your documents can be printer from your Google Account with most of the supported printers. With Google Cloud Print you can share printers with your friends, coworkers, colleagues and with anyone.

The Google Cloud Print still in beta stage support printing of files such as PDF, JPEG, JPG, XLS, PPT, ODP, ODS and Docx. Google Cloud Print can be found on your Android phone by installing Cloud Print Android App on your phone. We have gone through in details on how to print using Google Cloud Connect on Android.

Easy PrintEasy Print

Easy Print Android apps allowing you to print documents and email and they make use of Google Cloud Connect to get the print job done wirelessly. With Easy Print app on your phone you can print documents from various Android phones, manage print jobs queue and share printer with other coworkers and friends.

Download Easy Print for Google Android now.


Using the PrinterShare you can print documents, Gmail documents, photos, pics, SMS/MMS text and lot more directly from your device. Various documents which are supported are Doc, Docx, Xls, Xslx, Ppt, Pptx, Pdf, Txt, print photos from SD card directly, call logs and even web pages directly on to your printer to you on anywhere in the world.

The PrinterShare make use of Google Cloud Print and they also have premium app supporting printing via Wi-Fi or Bluetooth without PC.

Cloud Printer Firefox AndroidCloud Printer Firefox Android

For those who make use of Firefox 4 Android browser on their smartphones can enjoy direct wireless printing using Firefox add-ons. This app just like the Google Cloud Connect make use of cloud as the medium to print the file wirelessly and there are a lot of files supporting for printing directly from your mobile like Gmail, Google documents, docx, jpeg, pdf, e-book, jpg, png and lot more. You can also send the print of a website and manage printers too.

So if you are Firefox users for Android phone then download Cloud Printer now.

HP ePrintHP ePrint Home

With HP ePrint app on your Android mobile phone and HP leading the market by 70 % printer sales, this app allows users to print wirelessly to most of the digital content to your HP inkjet or laserjet printers.

For those who have HP Printers, this is a great app to have it for users who print more. This app from HP supports more than 200 HP printers and models. There are lot more thing which you can control or modify under print settings. As usual like other above apps, it supports various supported files for printing.



  1. layla

    November 6, 2013 at 6:35 pm

    eurosmartz print is good too

  2. YesAndroid

    April 11, 2013 at 1:27 pm

    If you are not happy with PrinterShare or EasyPrint, I would like to introduce to you StarPrint – Android printing third app solution.
    It can connect with more than 3000 printers through WIFI, Bluetooth, USB… Print picture,docment,mail, webpage,sms,…
    Download here:

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