Ways to Uninstall Applications from Android Phones

android logoSo many people like me must have upgraded to Froyo from some other phones like Symbian and all. So let’s check out a quick guide on how to uninstall or remove the applications from your Samsung Galaxy S or in any Android device. With some simple steps you can easily uninstall the applications from your Android device. You can use one of the two methods to uninstall or remove the apps, one being using the Application manager and another one directly from the application list. So, let’s proceed to the procedure for two of them.

Procedure to Uninstall or to remove the apps:

Using Application Manager:

  • First you need to tap on the Menu Key which is located on the left side of the phone and then need to tap on Settings.


  • Now after selecting the Settings option, you need to tap on Applications option from the list.


  • Now, click on Manage Applications from the list as shown below.


  • After clicking on the Manage applications option, click on the Application which you want to remove or uninstall. And then select Uninstall option as shown below.

Application Info

That’s it after selecting the option of Uninstall, the process of uninstallation will begin and the selected app will be uninstalled within seconds depending on the application size.

Uninstalling directly from Application List:

  • For uninstalling directly from the application list, go to home screen, click on Application icon and select the application to remove and click on the left tab option and select Edit option.

Application view

  • So, after clicking on Edit, you will find a small red “-”mark on each icon. Just click on the Application which you want to remove or uninstall the application from your Android device.

So, by following simple steps which are mentioned above, you can easily uninstall the apps from your Android device.

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