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Best Ways to Track your Lost Android Phone with Apps

As smartphones get more feature-rich, they also get more dearer to us. As time sinks in, we begin to start using them for every single activity in our day from scheduling an appointment to processing tasks with more and more social apps that keep us connected. And when things might go the wrong way, there’s a good amount of chance of losing your phone or you might just leave it at the fast food counter at a restaurant outside probably too.

This situation, being the same even before the usage of smartphones, has necessarily evolved, with multiple ways to track your lost smartphone device. We’ll be looking at Android applications and services which will help in the tracking of smartphones which have been lost.

Where’s my Droid

Where’s my Droid is an application that is available for free from the Android Play Store. This application can be downloaded and installed directly on your Android smartphone and it enables your phone to be remotely controlled from elsewhere. When the user discovers that his/her smartphone has been lost, through any internet enabled computer or smartphone, the user can give a Remote Wipe Signal, an Alarm Sound, A flash message on the screen and much more. Adding to the feature list of the app, one can directly wipe the contents of the phone and the SD Card too.


The application also tracks the phone down using GPS, provided the lost phone is outdoors or picks up GPS signals and displays the live co-ordinates of the phone to the user on a map, which can further be used to track down the lost or stolen phone.

Where’s my Droid is available as a free application on the Play Store. There’s also a paid version with some extra features.

Plan B

Plan B is an application that’s been known for its unique feature – not needing to have it installed on the phone beforehand. Explaining, all smartphone tracking applications require to be installed on their phones with a couple of settings enabled to have them tracked at a later stage when the phone gets lost, but Plan B isn’t so.


When the user discovers that the phone has been lost/stolen. The application can then be launched which will ask access to your Google account the phone has been associated with. Further, it uses the Google Account to find and track the device down and sends emails continuously upto 10 in number, with immediate and timed updates about the whereabouts of the phone. This is done using GPS Location tracking on the smartphone and is sent through Plan B’s email system to the user, intimating him about the exact location of the phone at that moment as accurate as possible. Further, a location command can again be given to the lost phone by sending an SMS from some other phone with the keyword “locate” to the original number and it again triggers the email location sending action.

This is a useful application if an Android Phone that doesn’t have any tracking application software installed is found to be missing. Plan B is available on the Play Store.

Contact Owner

Contact Owner is an application that adds the details of the user directly onto the lock screen of the smartphone. The phone when is locked with the password or PIN of the user, does not allow the person who has found the lost phone to gain access into it.


Here, the person is put in a situation where only the lock screen is visible and Contact Owner adds the contact details, email and phone number of the original owner here so that they can directly contact the user of the lost phone, when found.

Contact Owner is available as a free download on the Play Store.

Antivirus/Antitheft Services

Antivirus applications for Android now come with remote phone tracking as well, along with antivirus protection and internet security.


These applications also provide a complete interface where one can configure the alert system, SMS keyword and GPS enabling which can be saved onto the smartphone within the app. Later, the phone’s alarm can be triggered by sending an SMS or the GPS location of the phone can be emailed to the user real-time too, however the user would wish.

Some of these applications are AVG Antivirus and Lookout Security & Antivirus and are available in the Play Store.

These are some of the methods that can be used to track down your lost Android Smartphone. However, if the GPS or Internet signals or weak in the area where the lost phone is currently situated at, tracking does become tough as most of these applications rely on GPS strength to update the location of the smartphone. But then, having a tracking software installed on your smartphone would be a better choice to go for, now for it could help in some way or the other if at all your smartphone gets lost in the near future.

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