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Get Weekly Dog Training Tips on Android with 52 Dog Tricks App

Pets are one’s best friend and we adopt several kind of pets like cats, dogs, tortoise and many more. If you have adopted a dog doesn’t matter if it’s young or old, you should train to make it a better pet. Dogs are capable to learn on the guidelines on how you can train them and this is why dogs are been used during investigation by government official as well. Training a young child is pretty easy because as parents once you have gone through that phase and you also learn it from your near and dear ones but when you come to train your dog you first need training on how to train your dog.Dog Tricks

For various reasons like when your friends are at home, they are scared of the dogs and if your dog is trained and well behaved you can instruct him to go in another room. Or many humans takes their pet dog to stores and outside visit, you hope that your pet doesn’t create nuisance. Moreover a well-trained dog requires fewer restrictions and you can give him more freedom.Dog Tricks

Now, coming to the topic on what should your dog learn, he should be capable to known his name, lay down or stand up or heel when instructed. And I must say that there is a smart way to train your dog using your Android smart phone. You just need to install 52 Dog Tricks Android application available for free download at Google Play Store.Dog Tricks

52 Dog Tricks is a simple Android application which has training tutorial by which you can teach your dog to understand most basic and advanced way to communicate with him. We have already reviewed Animal Translator Android application and this application will train your dog.Dog Tricks

52 Dog Tricks Android application provides your 52 different ways to teach your dog an activity. It’s divided into 52 weeks on the basis of weekly one training session and within a year you can make your dog a well trained one. The tutorial are pretty simple, few of them includes like teach your dog its name, teach your dog on how to sit, stand up, release, heel, leave it, take it. Further tutorial are advanced ones and we recommend you to don’t skip any of those starting tutorial.

Dog Tricks Dog Tricks

The application is so divided prevailing 52 weeks so as to cover one trick every week and train him on the same trick until he gets used of it. So try spend some time for training your dog and with every tricks he clears, you would see him a skilled dog which you can trust. We are sure that once you have gone through this 52 weeks training schedule, your dog would be well behaved, well trained dog, easily understanding what you wanted to say.

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