Why do App downloads in Android fail? how to fix it?

Market FixMany times you might have come across this problem that you are unable to download applications from Android Market place and encounters with some sort of error due to which download gets failed. It feels very irritated when it happens regularly, so let’s check out how you can avoid such kind of situations by using some simple tips which we will be discussing in the further part of your post. The main reasons of failure are the conflict between the Android Market and the other applications which have been already downloaded. Also, the

Fix for the failure of app downloads from Android’s Market place:

The Standard Android Fix
First and foremost let’s check out the basic fix which you need to implement if you are unable to download applications from the Android Market place. Old Android 1.6 devices are just as likely to develop the problem as compared to the newer versions of 2.1 and 2.2 powered firmware handsets, so the likelihood is that this is either a software conflict between a third party app and the Android Market or some sort of malware would have hit your device. So, to solve this simply, you need to clear the MARKET CACHE. Go to Applications >Settings > Applications > Manage applications > Market > Clear cache.

Market place

Restart if Clearing Cache didn’t work
If the above step didn’t work then this step may just help you in solving the problem. First, you need to restart the device. After the restart you first need o open the Google Talk where you need to enter your Username and Password after which you again need to try downloading an application from the Android Marketplace after which you will be able to download the applications successfully.

Guaranteed Fix when Android Downloads Fail

If still you are unable to download the applications from the Android Market place then this is the last option which will solve your problem for most of the users as this is the guaranteed fix for the problem of unable to download the applications from the Android Market Place. You need to reset your device by taking necessary backup of all your data.
One way you can get your Android to start downloading from the Market again is perform a factory reset on your device.

If you use Google Mail and your contacts are synced along with Google Calendar data then you should have nothing to worry about as these can be quickly retrieved. After resetting the device, you can easily retrieve the data back into your device. To perform an Android factory reset, go to Applications > Settings > Privacy (or on older devices Settings > Storage) and tap Factory data reset. To confirm your choice select Reset phone to continue. Your Android will restart and then login into the Gmail account and then you will be able to successfully download the applications from the Android Market place.

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