{Working Trick} How to Increase Internet Speed in Reliance Jio

Reliance Jio, the only telecom service provider to provide 4G services in India with over 100 Million users can now benefit from this trick to speed up their internet browsing experience. In India, most of the services offered by Internet companies are still on IPv4 and only a handful of them are on IPv6. IPv4/ IPv6 settings adversely affect the browsing speed/ experience for some of the devices. Please note that this will only work in Android devices and not on iOS devices as Apple devices manage APN (IPv4/ IPv6) settings automatically.


So, its always preferred to set this to IPv4 only and lets check out on how you can make sure that this setting is set to IPv4 and not IPv6 or IPv4/ IPv6.

Procedure to Change APN Settings to IPv4:
++ Drag down from the notification status bar.

++ Tap on “Settings” and and then to “Mobile Networks” and/ or to “Access Point Names” depending upon your phone.

++ Tap on Jio’s APN and make sure to set “APN Protocol” and “APN Roaming Protocol” to IPv4 only. Once these settings are modified, tap on 3 dots/ ellipsis on top right to “Save” the settings.

Once these settings are saved, restart the device to enjoy enhanced internet browsing experience. Do let us know in the comments section just in case if you need any more assistance on the same and yes, don’t forget to recharge your Jio number with Jio Prime offer for continuing Unlimited internet experience for 1 year.

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