Xiaomi releases Beta Version of MIUI Launcher for Android Devices – Details, Download Link

The Chinese manufacturer Xiaomi has come up with a new version of its own MIUI. This new version is not a full Android ROM but is a home screen launcher for the non MIUI smart phones. It also comes with its own dialer, Phonebook apps and much more even though not being a fill Android ROM. This new version is still in beta and support the non MIUI devices with at least Android 4.0 and 1 GB RAM.

Earlier last month we have seen that Xiaomi has released its custom ROM for the Nexus 7 device that made the possibility of an Android Tablet from the company soon. However this MIUI launcher is ment to be used by almost all the smart phone in the market today and can be installed easily as other home screen launchers.

MIUI launcher

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This new MIUI launcher has bought up many new features along with that let you to manage your home screen, widgets and all other shortcuts. There are launcher specific settings like downloading and many themes can be applied along with wallpapers. Moreover there is another feature to set a lock to open an app that gives the user more security so that no one else can use the app.

This MIUI launches has its own dialer, SMS, Phonebook apps and many cloud services from the company. With this MIUI launcher you can arrange your home screen apps in a group or in to a folder and it also has its own lock screen. Swiping the screen to the top initiates the t9 function and by swiping down opens the Android notification panel.

As for now this MIUI launcher is marked as a beta version with Chinese language popping up now and then and the supported device include the smart phones running on Android 4.0 or more with atleast 1 GB of RAM. The official supported devices included are HTC One, Samsung Galaxy Note 3 and the Sony Xperia Z Ultra. The APK can be installed from downloading from the link here. Stay tuned for more information and updates.

Download MIUI Launcher: Link


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