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Samsung Galaxy SL i9003Question :
Dear Mr Amit
I am an regular reader of your Android advices & updates . Its great that we are updating ourself with your advices etc . I have purchased Samsung Galaxy S GT-I9003 (Firmware version 2.2.1 ) last month . I liked the phone but facing problem while playing HD videos on the same . Recently , i have downloaded some videos from YouTube on my computer and transfer the same to my phone but none of them worked .

I have also transfer some HD videos from my brother’s Samsung Galaxy S I9000 via bluetooth which also does not played . I have compared specifications of both I9000 & I9003 but no difference between the two phones was noticed by me . Please help me and advise that how can i play HD videos on my I9003.

Eagerly awaiting your reply. Thanks,

Answer :
First of all we really thank you for showing your interest in asking this out on AndroidAdvices site about your issue related to video playback. Like as you compared the I9003 along with the I9000 model in your query in the video playback, we would like to tell you that Galaxy S GT I9000 comes along with the Div X support and also is a certified device which is why the reason on why it can play the HD videos and I9003 can’t as it’s not a DIVx certified phone. For a complete list of phones which supports the HD Videos and are DIVx certified, you can refer the list here. Do let us know if you need further help from us regarding Android.

To play HD videos, you will have to convert all videos in the .mp4 codec format and the you can view the same in your Galaxy I9003 smartphone. Do check out our other videos related to your handset – Fix GPS on Samsung Galaxy SL i9003 for Accurate Location and Update Samsung Galaxy SL I9003 to Gingerbread.

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