ZTE Grand S EXT Android Phone Leaked Ahead of Official Announcement – Details

The Chinese based ZTE is one of the leading manufactures in the world is rumored to be working on ZTE Grand S EXT. ZTE that showcased its flagship model in the CES 2014 is striving for a success outside its home. Few images of this latest flagship model from the company have been leaked.

This ZTE Grand S EXT leaked ahead of its official announcement and not much is known about the handset except it uses nano molding technology (NMT). In theory, this manufacturing process allows plastic to be injected directly into a metal such as aluminum and by doing this it gets the strength of metals and can still be formed in different shapes. NMT means that plastic and metal are injection molded together. The images of this device have shown up on Red-Dot 21 design directory.

ZTE Grand S EXT 1

From the image we can see the headphone jack is on the top with the volume rocker and power button on the left side and the SIM card slot on the right. So the USB / Charging port should be at the bottom of the device. The text from Red-Dot 21 also states that there is a smart dock with wireless charging, but there is nothing mentioned about the specifications of the device. The device will be lighter and at the same time the production cost will also be cheaper compared to full metal body featuring handsets so we can expect this device to come in an affordable range.

ZTE Grand S EXT 2

No details on the launch date or the pricing of the device has been mentioned by the company. Lets what and see what this device has in it when its gets officially launched. Until then stay tuned and be updated with more information. Do comment for more details.

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