App to Find Default Password of Router on Android Device

Good news that Android Market has crossed half a million apps. It has all varieties of apps available mostly for free download and the paid apps too are even worth.

For the person who manages a lot of network devices it would be hard for him to remember the passwords. However it would be easy if he sets one common password for all but mightn’t he will do that. So in order to provide the network passwords, the Router Passwords will help him. Router PasswordRouter Passwords is an application which will manage provide you the access to know the password of any network devices. Don’t be excited that it would give you the complete WEP, WPA passwords so that you can crack them easily but this application will fairly allow you to know the password of the routers you have.

This application will display the Brand, Model, Username, Password, protocol and additional information. The app allows you to add or delete routers which you have added to the list.

Router Password Router Password

Router Passwords Download

This Router Passwords application can be downloaded for free from Android Market and don’t use this to gain access on to another people’s router without their permissions.

Android Advices Apps Rating : 4 / 5.

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