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Asus Padfone – Tablet Phone on Android 4.0 Ice Cream Sandwich

Asus PadfoneGoogle during the 2011 Google I/O summit said that it’s engineering the upcoming version of Android named as Ice Cream Sandwich and official release would in Q4 2011. Android 4.0 would be named as “Ice Cream Sandwich” which is a combination of Gingerbread and Honeycomb into a cohesive device on whole would soon become reality.

I was wondering why Asus (ASUSTek Computer Incorporated) has not launched any new phones in the past few months. And here I get the answer for that as they were gearing for the future of mobile phone business and so they have shifted their smartphone strategy.

The hottest news from Asus, which will turn your heads is the new Asus Padfone which would be the first device released with Android much awaited Ice Cream Sandwich OS. It would be released in the end of 2011 or the early 2012.

Launched by Asus, Padfone is a cohesive device consisting of one smartphone and one tablet. Both the device would have their own operating system and their own batteries. When your phone is docked-in, you can dynamically switch between the tablet display and the phone screen.

The tablet would have 10.1 inches screen size and the smartphone with 4.3 inches as the screen size. The users will be able to play videos and see photos on tablet from the 4.3 inches smartphone. When the mobile phone is docked with the tablet, it uses the tablet battery. It has only one cellular connectivity option which is present on the phone with 3G capabilities through a SIM card slot. The tablet can use 3G through mobile phone and get the data connectivity. The mobile phone comes with dual camera one of the front and other on the rear side. The tablet will come with Honeycomb and the mobile phone would run on Android 2.3 Gingerbread. One would be wondering why is the necessity of dock? As far as I can tell you, it’s all about combining and sharing mobile phone and the tablet for cohesive use of 3G dongle, video and photos sharing and other uses.

Asus Padfone Mobile Asus Padfone Mobile Asus Padfone

There is no further announcement from Asus regarding the hardware specifications of the device and the pricing details though we tentatively have release dates.



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