How to Backup Stock Rom with ClockworkMod ROM Manager

ClockworkMod ROM ManagerHappy news for all those who are eagerly waiting for the generalized procedure to get back to their original stock ROMs. Finally, we are ready with the detailed steps which helps you to restore the original stock ROM on the mobile. In this article, we are providing the restoring technique using the nandroid backup. It is always advisable to make a backup of your original stock ROM, so that it will be very helpful to you, in case of any damage to your phone because of any custom ROMs or any firmware updates. By making a backup of your OS, you can restore it at anytime you need.

Disclaimer: is not at all responsible in case of any device damage, so we kindly request you to follow the process carefully.

Root the phone:
The first and most important point to consider is, in order to backup the stock ROM, your phone should have root access. So, first of all root your phone and then start this process of backup. Rooting has many advantages and only thing to worry about is, it voids the warranty. So, root your phone and get back to this procedure to move further.

Download ROM Manager for nandroid:
Once your phone has got root access, you are ready to start the process of backing up your stock ROM. We use nandroid application for the backup process and there are various methods available for nandroid and we use “ClockworkMod ROM manager” application. This application can be used only in the rooted phones. So, rooting is a mandatory step to create a backup of your stock ROM using this process. To get the ROM Manager, just search the market and download it on to your phones.

Install recovery Image:
Once you done with the downloading ROM Manager, you need to install Recovery Image for your phone. ROM manager searches the specific Recovery Image for your phone and for that you need to tap on flash ClockworkMod Recovery as shown in the figure below. Just confirm your specific model and move on to install the Recovery Image.

Backup your phone:
After finishing the installing of recovery image, you are ready to make a backup of your phone. Tap on the “Backup Current ROM” as shown below, then the phone will reboot and starts backing up of your phone on to the SD card. Once all the backup is done, the phone boots into normal mode. You can find the backup in your SD Card under the path of clockworkmod-backup. Now, you can store this backup anywhere you want.

Restore Your phone:
So, now if some thing went wrong in any of the custom ROM you are running, then you can restore this original stock ROM very easily. To do this just open the ROM Manager on your phone and select “Manage and Restore Backup”. Then click on “Restore”, the phone boots and you will get back to your original stock ROM.

If you got any issues in the process, kindly mention them under the comments section below and we always try to provide the best solutions for it.



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