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The 11 Best Sony Xperia Z Tips & Tricks for Better Peformance & Battery

The Sony Xperia Z smartphone does get a lot of appreciation mainly for its waterproofing, which can be taken advantage of. But the interface is a Bravia powered one, and there’s a lot of doubts new users would surely have, while using the Xperia Z. Below are some of the best tips for the better usage of the Xperia Z.

Best Sony Xperia Z Tips & Tricks

Sony Xperia Z Smartphone 26

Save battery in the Xperia Z

Although the device is so excellent in looks and the user interface, it’s a battery drainer and you don’t have an option to remove it and replace with another battery during an emergency, so better learn how to save the battery life. First thing you need to do is to adjust the brightness and the sleep mode settings. Set the brightness to low, and go to Settings > Display and set the sleep mode after 30 seconds, because the screen kept on for a longer time even when you are not using it, would just eat up some battery.

Sony Xperia Z Battery Tip

Turn on the Stamina Mode

The stamina mode is the one like the connectivity in the iOS devices, where the mobile data and connectivity is turned off when the screen is turned off. To set that up, go to Settings > Power Management. There’s even a low battery mode which would let you select the connectivity which you want to inactivate when the battery levels are low, i.e. below 20%. Some of the connectivity options include Bluetooth, Wi-Fi, Mobile Data and Auto-Syncing.

Transfer content from Xperia Z to Computer easily

The PC Companion tool from Sony is the one that makes stuff easier for people to transfer the files from the device to the computer, and this includes photos, video and other content. And if you previously owned another Sony device, the transfer gets even easier from the old to the new Sony smartphone. Once the contacts are stored into the computer, you get an option of “Import” when you click on the Contacts section, and the transfer would be done in a swift.

Back up my dataBackup Data on your Sony Xperia Z

The Sony Xperia Z data backup can be done through several 3rd party apps that are available via Play Store, but why choose them when you have a direct option in the Settings? Go to the Settings > Backup & Restore and there select the option “Back up my Data” and the data that would be stored includes the photos, music, ebooks, apps, digital magazines and the personal settings.

Editing Documents on the Sony Xperia Z

The doc files such as the Microsoft Word, Excel documents can be directly opened from the device because it has got the Mobisoft Office6 pre-installed and that would do a good job in opening the doc files.

Sending Phone Content to the TV Screen

Taking the advantage of the NFC feature, you can push the content, or call it, mirroring the video content to the TV. Go to Settings > Xperia > Mirroring and then make the device search for a suitable NFC-enabled device. For most of the TVs though, you might need to use the Settings > Throw feature because the mirroring is mainly for the Bravia TVs right now, because of the NFC tagging.

Managing your Apps on the Xperia Z

First off, the app lists can be sorted based on the alphabetical order, the most used, or the recently installed ones. You can sort them by going to the dropdown list just above the app lists. To manage the currently running apps, you may go to the Settings > Storage where all the installed applications and the currently running apps are listed. To increase the access memory, you can stop the currently running app by selecting the app and choosing “Stop” which switches the app off until you restart it.

Transfer Data from Internal Storage to an SD card

Transfer Data to SD CardThe internal storage issue stays with almost every smartphone, not just the Xperia Z. But for the transfer from the internal storage to the SD card, we aren’t talking at all about the AppstoSD or some other apps, because the transfer of applications is not at all needed. You just need to go to Settings > Storage and there in the bottom you would see the option to transfer data from Internal storage to SD card, and you get to select whatever you want to transfer.

Backup your Camera Photos Online

The camera captures never end, and the option you are left with, when there is a limited storage is backing up the photos so that you can delete them from the device to free up the memory. One of the best options here is the Dropbox app for Android.
The dropbox app would upload and backup your captures in a separate Camera Uploads folder when the device is connected to Wi-Fi, and once these are uploaded you can delete them from the Xperia Z.

How to tether your phone using the NFC Xperia Link

The Xperia Link is a pre-installed feature in the latest Xperia devices which does a good job of tethering the data between them using the NFC technology. Activating the Xperia Link would start the camera on the Xperia Z which would now search for the other Xperia devices with a Barcode to scan. Once the scanning is done and confirmed, the tethering starts with the NFC doing the job.

How to tether data other than NFC?

NFC actually is something new for tethering, because there’s always an option to tether your Xperia Z using the Bluetooth and USB tethering option. For the Bluetooth tethering to happen, you need to pair the Bluetooth devices, i.e. the Sony Xperia Z with the device which needs the data. After that, go to Settings > Tethering & Portable Hotspot and ensure that the option of Bluetooth tethering is selected.

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