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To help you advertise your app, game, product, or service we have a number of options. Pricing is very affordable and there’s no long-term commitment. We will make every effort to plug your app, product, or service where we can, and in the right capacities (Twitter, Google+, or Facebook). We cannot promise full-on reviews for anything but will certainly consider something for you.

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As much as we love to share the findings, thoughts and news about the phones, we expect the same from our readers and your contribution can keep us even more into this stuff than we are already in. Tip us about any detail you have found, may that be about a software update, about a phone leak or anything else which you feel is important to the fellow readers as much as it was for you.

If you wish to be named, you are sure to get a special mention from us but if you wish to be anonymous, you can always ask us to hide your details.


If you would like to meet any of our editors or team leaders then you can always fix an appointment and have a chat at our office. We are also looking to meet up android start-ups, android app developers, product teams, public relation agencies etc.

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