AndroidAdvices is looking for Contributors – App Reviews Team

AndroidAdvices is looking for contributors and authors for our blog, where you would be reviewing the hundreds of thousands of Android applications, and the prime requisite of it is that you need to be totally passionate to write about the Android apps, and have stacks of knowledge about the same.

What we expect from you:

Fully written, original and the best quality Android application reviews, which was not copied from elsewhere, and the App needs to be well used by you before you write the review so that each and every aspect about the app is written about. The app reviews need to be totally conceived and written by you, and not outsourced to someone else.

Requirements you need to fulfill to be entitled for this job:

  • Knowledge of WordPress blogging platform, so that you can draft the app reviews directly in the blog admin interface and our editors check before publishing it.
  • Passion and thorough knowledge about the Android OS and the applications.
  • Not a necessity that you need to be a native English language speaker, but you should have great English speaking capabilities, not just to write but also speak directly when given a chance.
  • Dedicate enough time and knowledge to write at least 15 Android app reviews a week.

Want to join in? Here’s what you need to do:

  • Write an original App review, or any Android app that you love and have used. You need to capture a few original screenshots of the app and write the review of the app, and send it to us.
  • Fill the form, and include a good bio of yours explaining about your experience in the field of technology, and especially Android. Do let us know your interests, and tell us which Android phones you own or have used in the past.
  • Let us know how much you can contribute to AndroidAdvices, i.e. the amount of articles you can write every week, all in the form of Android app reviews.

Why to join in? *The Benefits*

  • Working in AndroidAdvices would get your chances to be on the brighter side in the form of a curve. Based on your work dedication and quality, you would be promoted from the basic Author initially to the editor-in-chief in the Android apps category later on.
  • Unexpected perks at any time, if we keep getting impressed with your work. We have gifted Android phones, tablet devices and lots of stuff to the best contributors in our team.
  • Trips to several technology events and conferences. We have taken our best teams to the bloggers meets, and the latest one is the Mobile World Congress 2012 where you would see AndroidAdvices contributors in Barcelona attending the event, without the contributors having to worry about any expenses.

All in all, we look at just the work dedication, quality and the passion in writing for AndroidAdvices, in people who would apply. If you feel you fit into one of those positions in our team, fill the form and let us know.



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