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Deal: Buy Moto X (for $399 Original Price) and get free Google Chromecast from Motorola

The pricing cut for the Moto X was not long ago, but Motorola is making it seriously better with time. The new deal is, with no price change, Motorola is offering the Moto X with a free Google Chromecast for the same pricing of $399. How good is that? We know it’s just the $35 Chromecast, but that is quite a useful accessory, and that is one of the very frequently used options for companies to include in offers.

Moto X with Chromecast offer

Motorola had recently priced Moto X at $399 off-contract permanently, and there was the recent addition of the Bamboo customization which had actually made the Moto X look interesting since its announcement, and that would cost you $100 extra but again it was worth it. Now, comparing all this with the earlier price of $549 at one time after the first price drop, Motorola has gone down a lot with the pricing, and to attract more buyers, they have come up with this new Chromecast offer. And again, Motorola is not totally under Google and they might have bought loads of Chromecasts from Google to sell them at their own stores, and now the stock isn’t selling out that well, thus they came up with yet another idea.

Moto X was one of the very well appreciated smartphone in the year 2013, firstly for the reason that it is now a product managed by Google and thus you would not have to wait for the Android updates, and secondly, it’s made in U.S. with the special crafting and that easily takes away the tag of “Made in China” which many buyers would take as a strong reason.

For those who already bought the Moto X after the recent price drop, it should be a news they would not be happy about, for the reason that they might have to shell out the extra money for a Chromecast dongle if you wanted one, and Motorola isn’t doing anything to compensate. If you are looking for a cheaper alternative to the Moto X, the company did release the Moto G recently, with the price tag of $179, a very impressive device for that price and it already has the Android 4.4.2 KitKat OS update, just for those who wanted to boast about running the latest OS version in their devices.

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