Download In-call Recorder to Record all Incoming & Outgoing Calls in your Android

There are many apps in the Google PLAY Store which claim to be the best in call recorders, but unfortunately most of the apps are ineffective and doesn’t record properly or some apps requires the root access.  A new app has arrived which is developed by Senior XDA Member zakiancel. This app presents itself with an intuitive user interface which is logical and straightforward elements. The best part of this recorder is that it records the calls in mp3 format and also it records in high quality nature. Also, there is an option in this app wherein it has a capability to record all the calls without needing to start the recording every single time. Also, the ‘In Call Recorder’ lets you manage all the audio files conveniently and efficiently. You can refer to the list of features which this Call Recorder app comes with.



  • Two options in Call Recording mode: Manually select or automatically record all calls,
  • Recording long periods of time create a small audio file: 1 hour recording ~ 7 Mb,
  • Addition of equalizer to the MP3 player to adjust and repair the audio file,
  • Creating a new MP3 file from existing one after repairing and removal of a specific section of your choice,
  • Continue recording even during incoming waiting call and the transition to her, and identification of the two numbers in the recording file,
  • Adding a comment to any recorded call,
  • Send files using any sharing software (Whatsapp, Gmail, Dropbox, etc.),
  • Select the recording start button placement or activate recording from notification bar (optional)
  • Select the recording source: directly from the phone line or from the microphone (not supported on all devices),
  • Add a contact from a recording of an unknown number,
  • Use voice recorder audio files as ringtones or as notifications sounds.

To Download this Call Recorder app, you need to head over to the XDA Page of whose the link is mentioned below,


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