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Fix Download Mode & Recovery Mode Bug in Galaxy S

Galaxy S LogoWe got several comments that some of the users of Samsung Galaxy S GT-19000 are unable to get into the download mode and the recovery mode which is a must before updating with the new firmware. Though this problem is normal and there is no need to panic if you too are experiencing this issue with your Galaxy. Many of them have experienced this issue, but since Samsung doesn’t allow you to flash, so even if you take your phone to the service centre of Samsung they will not solve this problem as flashing your device with the firmware of your choice is not yet allowed by the Samsung.

Actually many users are unable to put the device in the download and recovery mode by using the 3 button combo and due to which users are unable to try the leaked firmwares and also some of the mods like Cyanogen mod etc. Please note that the below procedure will work for most of the users but the below procedure is not advisable for those whose Galaxy S GT I9000 is locked by their operators. Most importantly, we take no liability for any problem arised after following the below procedure. So, lets see how you can get away with this problem. It’s also recommended to take a backup of all your data as in an unlikely event you may even lose all the data in your phone.

Make sure that you have the following things before proceeding to the procedure,

  • Make sure that you have all the drivers installed on your Galaxy S which can be done from Kies PC suite.
  • Also, make sure that you install ADB on your system and also USB debugging mode should be turned on which can be done by going to Settings>Applications>Development and select USB debugging.

USB Debugging

  • Now, without plugging in the USB cable just type in *#0228# in the phone dialer, and ensure that Voltage value is at least 3800 (mV).(This must be done WITHOUT plugging in the USB cable).
  • Now, download the Odin and also the Modified SBL tar file. Ensure that you have removed your SIM and external microSD card before initiating this process

Now, after this ensure that you are having the admin rights to the PC from which you are accessing it. After downloading the Odin, click on the PDA tab and select the SBL tar file which you have downloaded. Most importantly ensure that you have unchecked the option of “Repartition” and checked the option of “Phone Boot loader Update” as shown in the below screen shot and apart from this no other option needs to be selected like Phone, CSC, Dump or also don’t check mark any other options as this may completely mess up your mobile which may eventually lead to  bricking of your device.


  • Now, after selecting the options as mentioned above, you will now have to start a command prompt and need to go to the location where you have installed the ADB. After this you will have to enter the following command,

“adb reboot download”

  • Now, you will see that your device will enter in the download mode, please here don’t pull out the device from the USB as this may do a serious damage to the device, now if you check the screen, you will see that the “ID:COM” block will turn yellow as shown in the above screen shot. If it doesn’t turn yellow, repeat the whole procedure again till the block turns yellow. Now, after checking all the options as shown above you are now ready to proceed.
  • download mode

  • Now, just click on the “Start” button in the Odin and wait till the whole process gets finished as it will take some amount of time after which your phone will be rebooted automatically.
  • recovery mode

So, that’s it after the reboot, you can now check that the download mode and the recovery mode in your Samsung Galaxy S GT I9000 will be working fine. Actually in some of the batch phones this problem is there, though most of the handsets are OK and doesn’t require the above procedure for activating the download mode and recovery mode combo.

Now, as both the download mode and the recovery mode are activated, you can download the latest firmware for Samsung Galaxy S GT-I9000 which is one of the most battery efficient and also one of the smoothest firmware.




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