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Download Free ooVoo App for Cross Platform HD Video Chat for Multiple Parties

Oovoo Android AppSkype by all means the best video calling software which allows all national or local calls for free. But the big problem is that your friend must be on Skype. There are no applications or software which allows video chats on cross platforms – something like I am using Skype and I want to make a video chat with my friend who is on Android tablet. Apple FaceTime provides the features of calling on different products but only those which runs Apple exclusive operating system.

OoVoo has launched a free social video chat application available for download on various platforms. OoVoo offers free video calling to any one regardless of the platforms or media they are using. It can support calling to any computer, any Android phone, and iOS device. You can easily make free video calls between a computer and a mobile phone.

The ooVoo for Android supports audio and video call to three contacts at a time. With this app you can text chat with upto 6 friends at once something called as group chat. For the friends who don’t have ooVoo they can video call using their web browser. Amazing to me ooVoo versions allows the desktop sharing of your documents and photos with maximum file size set to 25 Mb per file which is available on PC only.

OoVoo apps supports 3G connectivity for video chats on go. The free version of ooVoo includes many desirable features. The below are the listed features of the ooVoo –

  • 6 Way Video chat – You can video chat with multiple friends at once on your PC or Mac or ooVoo mobile apps.
  • Phone Call – You can audio call or video call on mobile and landlines phones available for both PC or Mac or mobile apps.
  • Text Chat – Text with up to 6 friends at once.
  • Web Video Call – People can make use of ooVoo video call feature with their web browser.
  • Desktop Sharing – This software allows sharing of the documents and photos with the file size of 25 MB per file.
  • HD Resolution Video Chat – The video chat can be improved to HQ quality with ooVoo.
  • Upload Video Messages to YouTube – With ooVoo you can directly record video calls or recorded video call directly to YouTube from ooVoo. Once you have recorded a video on your mobile phone then you can click on Send, ooVoo will ask for the YouTube login and post it directly.
  • Set Privacy Control – You have total control in your hands who operates ooVoo. You can set video to start automatically.

While the video chat services of Skype is famous there is worthful features of ooVoo to be checked out.

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