How to Get Google Assistant on non-Pixel Android Phones – Guide

Google had made remarkable upgrades to the Nexus lineup earlier and introduced all new family in lieu with Pixel brand. So, for all those Android users who liked the concept of Google Assistant which is almost similar to that of Siri for iOS can now install this feature in non-Pixel phones as well. With Android Assistant, one can ask questions and then Google will help you out with the answers.
Like if you search for the capital of Botswana or find translations in over 100 languages. Ask your Assistant for your flight status, and what the weather’s like when you get there. Let’s check out on how you can install Google Assistant on non-Pixel devices.

Google Assistant


Guide to Install Google Assistant in non-Pixel Android Phones:

  • Download Google Assistant ZIP file ([arm] [arm64] [x86]) in your device and place the same in root folder
  • Reboot your device into the recovery mode
  • In recovery mode, select option of “install zip from sd card” to install Google Assistant in your device.
  • Once its installed, select “reboot system now” option with the help of volume down button to reboot the device.
  • Note: In case Google Assistant is not showing up, then wipe the app data of Google App. Also, Make sure that “Search assistant” or “Now on tap” is set as long-press action for home button. For One Plus 3 users, to start Google Assistant you need to hold the fingerprint scanner for 1sec.

    Do let us know in the comments section in case you need any help so that we can assist you better.

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