How to Lock & Wipe your Android Phone with Device Manager

The Android Device Manager, an official tool from Google has been made available for all the regions around the world, and it does more than just locating your device. There’s features like remotely ringing the phone, deleting the data and restoring the device to the factory settings. It’s all possible with the Android Device Manager which can be accessed online from this page.

For you to activate this service for your device, it should be added to your Google account and that account should be added in the device too. The location is set by Google itself through its location services, and thus this is how the device would be shown with the location in the Device manager:

Android Device Manager Location 3

The other options that are available through this:

  • Ring the phone
  • Reset the phone

The ring feature helps at least when you haven’t lost the device but are not able to locate it around you, and here the feature would ring the device for 5 minutes continuously, and there’s no phone calling but the phone would keep making a sound until you hit the power button to turn the voice off.

How to Erase Phone Data with Android Device Manager

Erasing the device would need the administrator access in your device, for the Android Device Manager app, which you can do that by prompting the device manager to send a notification to your device, upon receiving which you can go to the page where the access is requested.

Android Device Manager Device Administrator Android Device Manager options

Once you have given this access, the Android Device Manager will activate the option of erasing phone, which is the option just beside the “Ring” option and once you do that, without any confirmation all the personal data will be deleted and the phone would be restored to the factory settings. now, after the month of this launch, Google has also added the password functionality to make sure that once you click to Lock the Phone,  it will prompt you the password for securoty reasons.

Earlier: August 8th 2013, by Pradeep Neela
With Official Android Device Manager from Google, you can now safeguard your Android phone from getting stolen as it will allow you to track, locate and Wipe the data in your device remotely. Just like Apple’s iCloud Service which allows you to locate the iDevice, Google too will be offering soon this tool for users later this month as per the Official Google Blog. With simple features and easy to use interface, you would love to locate your Android device. So, let’s check out in detail about all the features which Google has announced till now. Benjamin Poiesz is the Product Manager for this app from Google Inc.


Locate and ring your misplaced device:

Just in case if you forgot the device in your home or in office inside your car or say in any of the bags or inside the cushions, then irrespective of the device is in Silent Mode or in the loud Mode, you can make the phone ring loud that you can easily find the device.

Protect Personal Information and Data:

Now, keeping all your personal information Safe will never be easy again with this feature in Android Manager as just in case if your phone gets lost, you can remotely wipe the data. If your phone can’t be recovered, or has been stolen, you can quickly and securely erase all of the data on your device.


Starting as early as this month end, you will be able to download the same. This tool will support the Android 2.2 version, you will have to be signed into your Google Account to be able to use this tool. To start using this tool with limited functionality, you can head over to the web url “”. Do let us know your thoughts on the same.



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