How to Compress and Unzip Files and Folders on Your Android Phone

With smart phones getting smarter and smarter everyday resembling personal computers in terms of memory features and usage there is a absolute necessity of having an app which can easily compress any big file or a complete folder into a file of smaller size which is called a .zip file, it is better and easy to send and receive a smaller sized file or folder instead of a larger file.

 In our laptops and PC we all are used to winrar which does, most of the work, but you can do the same with this Androzip file manager app from your android device be it a tablet or a smart phone.

Zip2. So it lets you compress, and unzip files from the comfort of your android device. Along with this options Androzip also lets you email a certain file or folder directly from the app and also lets you move, copy and delete files and folders. Androzip also acts as an background app killer where in you can select and kill apps running in the backgroundAndrozip file manager helps you to copy, unzip/unpack, zip, compress organize and delete files and folders in your device and it also accepts formats like Zip, Rar, Tar, GZip, B

How to install and use Androzip File Manager on your android device:

  1. Androzip is a free application which can be downloaded and installed directly from “Google Play”.
  2. Go to Google Play Android Apps –
  3. Type the respective “App name” “Androzip File manager” in the Search bar which can be seen directly on the right of the Google Play logo.
  4. You can see a list of Apps which are similar to the App name which we have entered in the search but the app which you should be installing is the first search result.
  5. Go to – Androzip
  6. After the App page opens we can see the logo under which there is a “Install” button.
  7. After the app is downloaded is gets installed automatically and an icon can be seen in your icons list.
  8. Click on the icon which launches the app and you can use the features directly

You can see all the files on your device when you launch the application as seen in the image below. As you have downloaded this app for 2 main functions.

  1. To unzip or unpack compressed files
  2. To compress and zip files and folders

How to unzip or unpack files in android using androzip:

Open the folder where the compressed file is located which belongs to the above mentioned formats.

 The compressed file can be seen having the icon of the app as seen in the image below.

Click on the zip file which will open a new pop up window as seen in the image below giving you the options Extract file here(lets you save the decompressed files in this same folder), Extract to (lets you save the uncompressed files in your desired folder), View Archive, Send and Cancel.

Clicking on Extract files will decompress the files.
Now if you want to compress files into any of the formats mentioned above you need to press and hold on the folder or file which you want to compress which will show a pop up window with the following options Create Zip (lets you compress the files into desired format), Properties, Delete, Rename, Copy, Move, Cancel.

The zip file will be saved in the same folder along with the original file.
If you want to compress multiple files at once you have an icon named “Multi” in the top icons list which on clicking will show you the following options Multiple zip, multiple Encrypted zip, Multiple Delete, Multiple Move, Multiple Copy. Here we can see that this app also lets you move, copy and delete files and folders.

When you click on the CPU icon beside the Multi icon you can see that this app now dons a new role by letting you kill apps running in the background to help speed up your android device, which is very useful as we do not need another for this purpose. We can see in the image below the options given to kill apps.
With androzip you can have the functions of 3 different apps in one app, this is a very productive app which is available for free in the google play store.
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