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How to Simply install the Voodoo Lag fix on your Galaxy S

voodoo logoIf you are bored with the slow response of your Samsung Galaxy S GT I 9000 device then let’s check out how you can install the latest Voodoo Lag fix after installing the latest firmware on your Samsung Galaxy S GT I 9000 device which promises to speed up your device without doing any harm to your device. Please don’t try installing this on any other device as it may brick your device. It is also highly recommended to try this only after reading whole procedure as if not followed this procedure which is mentioned below may even brick your device.  The main reason to install the Voodoo Lag Fix is to increase the speed of the Galaxy S as there is a huge increase in the Quadrant scores. Before installing the Voodoo Lag Fix, the Quadrant score was 1150 on just stock XXJPY 2.2.1  but after installing the Stock + Voodoo, the quadrant rank was recorded as high as 1450.

Before proceeding to install the Voodoo Lag fix, firstly you need to download the latest Voodoo lagfix and make sure that you are on the latest version of the firmware of 2.2.1 on your Samsung Galaxy S 2.2.1 XXJPY. Please note that for Voodoo Lag fix its not necessary to root your device.

Procedures to install Voodoo Lag fix on Samsung Galaxy S GT I9000:

  • First, you will have to switch off your device by taking necessary backups and then you need to enter into the Download Mode which can be activated by pressing the down volume button + Menu button, continue holding both and then press the power button holding the other two buttons (volume down + Menu button).
  • Now, you need to Open ODIN 1.3 version and need to select the downloaded tar file which is the Voodoo Lag Fix tar file in the PDA option.
  • Now, other options like Re-partition and keep the PIT should be unchecked and should be kept blank as it is.
  • Now, connect your device to the computer with the help of the USB cable and then after which you will be able to see the yellow bar on the screen and then click on the Start button and then your phone will restart in a few seconds of time. Don’t panic if screen blanks out for some time for say a minute or two as it makes file system changes in your device. Also, most importantly make sure that you don’t plug out the USB cable or tamper with the connection between your phone and the computer as this may interrupt the installation of the Voodoo Lag fix and may even brick the phone.
  • Now, your phone will restart, if it asks for any cache wipe then do the same and select the option to reboot the phone. Always read the instruction on your device before you proceed to select. Now, you have successfully installed Voodoo Lagfix on your Galaxy S.
  • Now, you can check the Quadrant scores, you can download the Quadrant.apk and can install the same in your device. You will find that the quadrant scores will be around 1450-1500 unlike before 1150 to 1200.

Do let us know if you encounter with any sort of problem and if the Password is asked after downloading any files which are downloaded like Voodoo Lag fix tar file and also the Quadrant apk file, then enter to unlock the file.



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