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How To Transfer your Files & Pictures on NFC Enabled Android Phones

Android NFCMost of you by now would be aware of NFC (Near Field Communication) technology used to communicate or transfer files in short distance. This technology is expected to become widely accepted mode of file transfer and payment option.

The Android doesn’t get back of this and they have the File Expert application available for free download to provide NFC communication between the two NFC enabled smartphones. The File Expert app will use the NFC technology to transfer files from one NFC enabled device to another one. Technically in NFC, files are sent without any connection and so it doesn’t require device searching and pairing process and its complete zero configuration solution for transferring files and folders. But there are certain limitations of this technology as its still under development and better results can be expected in near future, this technology works for devices which are located in lesser distance say 1cms to 4 cms and the data transfer rate is very very slow. Infact you can call Infra Red way better than this, but why NFC technology is in much talk and craze? As I said you, going in the future this will certainly improve.

Transfer your Files & Pictures Between Two Android Phones using NFC Concept

Using the File Expert application for transferring files, importantly it should be installed on both of the phones not necessarily be Android phone. Once you are installed that you are ready to send files and open file on one phone and send to other. File Expert is an amazing file manager apps supporting various options like Wi-Fi sharing, SMB sharing and other sharing options. This apps not necessarily require to have NFC enabled device and can be setup on any phone, however NFC enabling adds extra advantages.

This tutorial will show you on how to transfer files between the two Android smart phones using the File Expert. Complete process step by step is mentioned here.

  • First of all you need to download the apps called File Expert, install it on both the phones.
  • Now as you know File Expert had various options of sharing files between two devices. It has Wi-Fi sharing, SMB sharing, FTP sharing and Bluetooth sharing.NFC Sharing Options
  • Now navigate to the folder which you want to send from the File Expert navigation and send the files accordingly to your requirements. Please make sure that the other phone should be located in the near vicinity.File Expert Network Share

File Expert Download

The File Expert Android App can be downloaded free from Android Apps Labs.

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