How to Update Samsung Vibrant to 2.2 Froyo with Kies Mini

Samsung VibrantNow, if you have Samsung Vibrant then you have got a reason to cheer as the new version of Android operating system 2.2 in the form of update has been arrived. As you all know that Froyo 2.2 has its own set of advantages compared to Eclair 2.1 version. The new version comes with host of capabilities like Wi-Fi calling, USB / Wi-Fi tethering, and various other software enhancements. The previous build number of the update was T959UVJFD (JFD), now the new Froyo 2.2 build number is T959UVKA6 (KA6). Please note that this upgrade is not Over the Air (OTA), for updating the device you will need to connect your phone to PC and then by using Samsung Kies Mini Software. Please note that before proceeding for updating the device, make sure that you disable firewall or antivirus on your computer, Vibrant should be fully charged and also you should have admin privileges on your computer which will be required to install various drivers and also most importantly ensure that you have the latest Kies Mini for Vibrant.

Before upgrading the firmware, please ensure that you have taken a back up all information of your phone, as after upgrading with the new software, data may get lost.

Procedure to update Samsung Vibrant to 2.2 Froyo:

  • You need to first download and install the Kies Mini on your computer.
  • Next up, on your Android phone, press the Menu Key Menu Key and tap on the Settings, Applications, USB Settings and choose Ask on Connection option.

Android Phone Settings

  • After that you will need to tap on the Home key Home keyto exit the settings menu.
  • Now, connect the Samsung Vibrant with your computer via USB cable and choose Samsung Kies when it prompts you in your phone. The computer will first recognize the device and then the required drivers are installed, this will take few minutes of time.
  • From your computer, open the installed Kies Mini software as shown below.

Kies Mini

  • Wait for some time after opening the Kies Mini till a software update message is indicated

Phone Upgrade

  • As soon as you see a message of Phone Upgrade as shown above, click on the same to proceed

Select Upgrade

  • Now, after reading the Caution statements, click on the Check box to accept the terms and proceed to click on upgrade as shown in the below snapshot.
  • Downloading FirmwareNow, as soon as you click on Upgrade button, Kies Mini will contact the server and will fetch the update file which will be downloaded as shown above.

Upgrading the Vibrant

  • After successfully downloading the upgrade files from the server, now Kies Mini is all set to update the device, now while updating the phone’s screen may change the state or may reboot during the updating process. So, don’t panic and remove the USB connection in the process. Wait till the process gets completed which will be intimated on the screen.

Upgrade successful

Now, as soon as the installation completes, click on OK to finish and wait till Samsung Vibrant device reboots and shows the android home screen. After this, disconnect the USB cable and you will see that the device has been successfully updated to the Froyo 2.2 Android version. Do share with us if you come across any problems in the updation of the firmware in the comments section.

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